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"Tell them I've got Alzheimers" Howe overheard whispering to aide 0
Drylaw 3 years
2012 Could be a brilliant year for predictions, says social media pundit 2
ronseal 3 years

One of the key trends for 2012 will be a massive wave of increasingly wild predictions, according to the zeitgeist watching community. With attention spans increasingly ooh-cool-shoes, and our...

Cameron to be given a fake veto button with rubber sucker for next EU summit. 0
Al OPecia 3 years
Ed Miliband says 2012 will be 'Year of the Weird' 2
roybland 3 years

2012 will be 'the 'Year of the Weird' says Ed Miliband in his New Year message to voters.,  , 'People are tired of the same old ordinary politicians with the same old ordinary faces,' he said. 'I...

Cameron Promises To Be Useful At Next Euro Meet....... 0
Jesse Bigg 3 years

.Helping out as a cloakroom attendant., "Negotiations? What are they?"...

Love Film to deliver movies directly to viewers’ retinas 0
nickb 3 years

In move that appears to leapfrog known technologies, Love Film has developed the means to deliver 3D images directly to moviegoers’ retinal surfaces. This by passes all the old delivery methods:...

Planned rail upgrades could put an extra two hours between London and Manchester 0
gaijintendo 3 years

Sounds like an old joke, presumably is...

New Groupon deal to feature cut price stable-cations in Bethlehem 0
SimonJJames 3 years

More soon (Three Kings, donkeys thrown in for free)...

New Iron Lady film Reagan / Gorbachev threesome 'Integral to Plot' says Director 0
SimonJJames 3 years

More soon (with free mindbleach)...

Souness, Houllier and Benitez sucessful in the "managed decline" of Liverpool 1
charlies_hat 3 years
Archbishop of Canterbury Regrets Beginning Traditional Christmas Address... 0
SimonJJames 3 years

.with ""You're all going to hell, you heathen cocksuckers". More soon...

New Year Honour For Cameron..... 0
Jesse Bigg 3 years

.."Stage Door Johnny." Obviously, not a main player anywhere. Just a sideline act...

Plan to abandon Liverpool "opportunity missed", says Thatcher 0
apepper 3 years

The 1981 plan to abandon Liverpool was a missed opportunity according to a spokesman for the former PM; "Abandoning it wasn't the answer, we should have sold it to Rupert Murdoch."...

New Blue Peter badges to be issued to combat widespread fraud 0
Captainzep 3 years

New Blue Peter badges to be issued to combat widespread fraud...

Reprise: Director Of New Thatcher Film Inflicts Big Cuts On Cast Numbers...... 0
Jesse Bigg 3 years

..And abandons film locations in and around Liverpool. (Sorry, Sir Geoff Howe, Cabinet papers don't lie)...

Massive increase in chat room use as civil servants return from Christmas break 11
kimllfixit 3 years

Worth a full story?...

Government announces 'Gregorian Tax' on those taking part in 2012 3
dogwheels 3 years

Chancellor George Osborne has announced a new ‘Gregorian Tax’, which will apply to anybody who wants to participate in 2012. The tax has been attacked by opposition parties but the government...

Kleenex World to open Pyongyang branch 0
Drylaw 3 years
"Go on, let me have a turn!" says Pickles 4
dvo4fun 3 years

Eric Pickles, the svelte, popular and much respected Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government, says that the Government will hit the ground running (or at least gently bouncing) in...

Kim Jung-un promises free-style jazz choreography for next state funeral. 1
the coarse whisperer 3 years
NHS Surgeons to provide home treatment service (any time between 8am and 5pm) 1
MT Bucket 3 years
Rest of UK considers 'abandoning London' due to all the problems it has 0
MT Bucket 3 years
Government STD Campaign Goes Viral 5
Immunis 3 years

Somebody must have done this joke before...

Faceless & brainless fish declines offer to join coalition cabinet 0
MT Bucket 3 years
US to complete Blockbusters 'Middle East Gold Run' in 2012 by invading Iran 0
MT Bucket 3 years

You must be 'this old' to understand this one...

Britain to be moved back across the dateline 365 times to fix economy 0
MT Bucket 3 years
Days of Christmas to be cut to 8 by 2015 in latest Government Austerity package 0
MT Bucket 3 years
Nature's latest attempt to reduce Civil List costs thwarted 0
MT Bucket 3 years
'Prince Philip' package to be extended to 49% of patients in NHS hospitals 0
MT Bucket 3 years
NHS staff to 'adopt a patient' to take home with them for treatment 0
MT Bucket 3 years