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Barclays redundancies necessary 'to make room for our big bags of swag' - bosses 0
electrelane 11.02.14 3:57pm
Shirley Temple threatens to hold her breath once too often 0
Oxbridge 11.02.14 3:44pm
"Where is it illegal to be gay?" ask Somerset inhabitants.

Millions of people continue to live in places that outlaw same-sex relationships and prosecute people for being gay. In five countries and in parts of two others, homosexuality is still punishable...

Son of Barnabas 11.02.14 3:10pm
Son of Barnabas
Switch From Cars To Landing Craft….

….A big possibility...

Jesse Bigg 11.02.14 3:07pm
Jesse Bigg
"I'm always confusing Reginal D Hunter with Stephen K Amos"

says Samuel L Jackson...

Son of Barnabas 11.02.14 2:48pm
Son of Barnabas
Bob Crow U-turn on tube results in blocked tunnel. Trains still not running. 0
Son of Barnabas 11.02.14 2:39pm
Son of Barnabas
Lock Gates, All The Rage…..

….For Gardens Down South...

Jesse Bigg 11.02.14 2:36pm
Jesse Bigg
Gove Agrees to Stop Female Genital Mutilation. 0
Ref Minor 11.02.14 2:30pm
Ref Minor
Car smoking ban would have stopped Savile claim campaigners.

He always lit up after having sex with a child in his car...

MADJEZ 11.02.14 2:30pm
Son of Barnabas
Cars banned from smoking. Jaguar Landrover shares fall sharply 0
Bigglesworth 11.02.14 1:36pm
Leaving foul smells before children enter toilet to be a criminal offence

The UK government is to make it a criminal offence to leave the lavatory without using a room fragrance before children enter. MPs are likely to vote in favour of an amendment to the Children and...

Dick Everyman 11.02.14 11:59am
Dick Everyman
Bangladesh Promotes Fund-Raising Concert For British Flood Relief 2
Titus 11.02.14 11:50am
God walks in to a bar, 'I'll have a Shirley Temple' 0
topfotogmw 11.02.14 11:31am

more soon ....

Not Amused 11.02.14 10:54am
Not Amused
Dyslexic seeking "food of the gods" comes back with 50 tins of Pedigree Chum 0
sydalg 11.02.14 10:38am
Canoe shortage threatens BBC coverage of floods

Due to a severe shortage of canoes the BBC announced it is curtailing further coverage of the floods until more shots of brave old ladies being floated through ankle-deep water by fifteen wading...

vulture1 11.02.14 10:27am
Barclays Boss increases Bonus pot to £5.2 billion. Cuts 7000 jobs in uk

Rents atomic space commode to ascend to stratosphere and dump on rest of humanity., More whatthefuck at 1...

blokefromstoke 11.02.14 9:40am
Giraffe Genes To Be Distributed In Future Flood Plans

Danes' late change of heart "too late for some". More breeding soon...

BewsNiscuit 11.02.14 9:34am
Norwich City players celebrate goal with high sixes 0
Oxbridge 11.02.14 9:27am
Vandyke Exhibition Cancelled….

…'Dam it!'...

Jesse Bigg 11.02.14 8:29am
Jesse Bigg
Katie Hopkins hits out at the birds claiming “They haven’t got jobs.”

Katie Hopkins is at it again, this time accusing the birds of scrounging. The former apprentice contestant took to twitter after watching a wildlife program about garden birds. In one tweet she...

carlosmanwelly 11.02.14 8:07am
Spate Of Thefts Of Circus Stilts…..

….mainly down south...

Jesse Bigg 11.02.14 7:45am
Jesse Bigg
Eric Pickles To Be Floated Up The Thames

As London braces itself for a flood of West Country proportions, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government is to save the capital from the deluge by volunteering to be floated down...

jp1885 11.02.14 7:05am
Kevin the Swan
Norfolk looking forward to "quiet family holiday" on Feb 14 0
sydalg 11.02.14 7:01am
Local councillors change name of town to Thames-Upon-Staines 0
DorsetBoy 11.02.14 5:37am
Norfolk Social Services To Hire Danish Giraffe's Former Keeper As Consultant

Titus 11.02.14 12:57am
South west disappears under wave of publicity for south east 0
Not Amused 11.02.14 12:13am
Not Amused
If you can remember your 60s, you weren't there, says confused Alzheimer's man 0
sydalg 10.02.14 11:21pm
Parents retaliate with ban on One Direction while adults are in car. 0
MADJEZ 10.02.14 11:13pm
Orders for driveless cars rocket as government backs smoking ban. 0
carlosmanwelly 10.02.14 11:08pm