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Olympic specatators shocked by attire of non-volleyball players 1
Dumbnews 22.08.12 6:37pm
Film director's death result of trying to copy violent action movies.

The recent tragic death of a Hollywood film director is being blamed on trying to copy scenes from action movies. The unbelievable stunts in films such as Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cops 2, Enemy of the...

MADJEZ 22.08.12 6:36pm
Police suspicious as boxes of Transylvanian dirt delivered to Ecuadorian Embassy

Whitby prepares for a late night sailing...

martin.chew 22.08.12 2:47pm
The All New Jeni B
Mel and Sue to present actors career retrospective - The Great British Berkoff 0
simonjmr 22.08.12 1:54pm
Harry pots the pink

then the brown...

medici2471 22.08.12 1:51pm
Florence devastated as the Machine fails PAT test. More soon. 3
dominic_mcg 22.08.12 1:49pm
Quango now rarer than urban fox as 100 more found axed in Whitehall. 0
Boutros 22.08.12 1:28pm
“Palm D’Infatigability” award scooped by Assange

Actor Julian Assange has declared himself “pleased, but not surprised”, on becoming only the second man in history to have been saluted for indefatigability by the prestigious “Institute Du...

SuburbanDad 22.08.12 1:27pm
custard cream
Leeds v Wolves - I don't know much about soccer, but what next?

Leeds v Wolves (last Saturday) I don't know much about soccer, but what next, players from all species, teams of Bears, Lions, where will it all end?...

cobbsy 22.08.12 1:10pm
Rape downgraded to "canola". More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 22.08.12 1:05pm
Mr McGregor being tormented by thieving bastard rabbits

Archibald McGregor, a hard-working 78-year-old pensioner living in a small village in Lancashire, has been brought to the verge of a nervous breakdown by thefts from the vegetable garden he relies...

Oxbridge 22.08.12 1:03pm
Jane Austen 'not that good' says expert

It would seem that generations of bored A level English students have been proved right, as a respected scholar has reached the conclusion that Jane Austen was actually rubbish. Professor Stanley...

ricky33 22.08.12 1:00pm
NHS trademarks "MRSA" brand in order to capitalise on lucrative foreign markets 0
bonjonelson 22.08.12 12:38pm
Bradford Royal Infirmary announce 80% increase in Knocked-Up Syndrome 0
tedweasel 22.08.12 12:34pm
Mars Rover clamped as over zealous parking attendant seeks to meet quota 0
TerribleTim 22.08.12 12:05pm
Olympic legacy boost as London awarded 2012 Paralympic Games

"I said there would be an Olympic legacy," said Lord Seb of Coe...

custard cream 22.08.12 11:22am
custard cream
Lifelong Eastbourne resident

George Slanders 89 has been attacked for the secound time in two months on Eastbourne beach,George recently released from a short stay in Rampton mental hospital had this to say.Its disgusting,I...

De-spair tyre 22.08.12 10:52am
De-spair tyre
Julian Assange pleads innocents on new Dicki-Leaks web site. 2
godly1966 22.08.12 10:47am
and another one
Yes is always yes, explains George Galloway

Yes is always yes, explains our new advice columnist, Agony Uncle George. So when you say, 'yes, dear, of course I love you,' that will always be the case. So says 4-times married Uncle George....

Miss Hegas 21.08.12 11:44pm
Miss Hegas
Statue of Richard Herring to be erected in Edinburgh [Future Biscuit]

Yorkshire born Richard Herring is to be commemorated with a statue near the Underbelly venue, commissioned by Countess Burdett-Coutts. Richard was accustomed to visiting Edinburgh every year, but...

gaijintendo 21.08.12 9:12pm
Assange launches range of alarm cocks 2
cinquecento 21.08.12 8:42pm
Galloway : Failing to clean teeth before morning sex is not rape. 0
MADJEZ 21.08.12 6:43pm
New SI unit discovered: nandoseconds. The time it takes to eat more chicken. 0
dominic_mcg 21.08.12 6:38pm
KP Nuts

More to follow...

apepper 21.08.12 5:40pm
Assange expelled from Embassy as CCTV shows him abusing ambassador's hospitality

pinxit 21.08.12 5:11pm
Commando units complain about not being allowed to enter Parralympics 0
Scronnyglonkle 21.08.12 5:02pm
Chinese judge clarifies; 'Suspended death sentence' actually means hanging 5
Perks 21.08.12 4:54pm
Galloway ignores calls to withdraw 0
medici2471 21.08.12 4:37pm
Senior Catholics explain opposition to same sex marriage

"If sex is always the same in a marriage, then it puts the holy sacrament of marriage in danger. So married people have a duty to dress up in turquoise latex, use knobbly battery driven equipment...

nickb 21.08.12 4:28pm
Panama hat shortage ‘critical’ as Ecuadorian sanctions bite

Only a week into Ecuador’s worldwide ban on the export of panama hats, the sanctions are beginning to bite. President Rafael Correa has said sanctions will remain in place until the British...

Des Custard 21.08.12 3:26pm
custard cream