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Fair Trade Cocaine and Heroin

just an idea, if anyone wants to run with it?...

Ironduke 16.02.12 3:05am
Sex Dreams Involving Royal Family Members Up 80% on 2010 (REWRITE)

A renewed public interest in the Royal Family was confirmed yesterday when a recent poll shows that the sex dreams of 2000 interviewed people were 80% more likely to involve Royalty or Royal themes...

SimonJJames 15.02.12 6:48pm
Delboy Throws His Three Rolex's Down The Drain....

."Too much of me, init?"...

Jesse Bigg 15.02.12 10:03pm
Iranian assassin castigated by Imam for getting legless in Bangkok. 0
John Ffitch-Rucker 15.02.12 5:53pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Appalled feminist theorist demands to have female vote removed

after watching ‘loose women.’ More soon...

John Ffitch-Rucker 15.02.12 5:42pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
But, on the bright side, Rangers score a hat trick of 'tickers'

No more soon...

dvo4fun 15.02.12 4:29pm
Cameron declares war on cheap champagne 0
roybland 15.02.12 3:37pm
Obesity surgery to be rationed. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 15.02.12 3:28pm
Al OPecia
Primary head admits licking lollipop lady

The General Teaching Council’s disciplinary body yesterday heard a head teacher, James Marks, 43, admitting that he licked lollipop lady June Craig, 41 a part time hairdresser. The evidence...

nickb 16.02.12 12:55am
Plan to superscript punctuation raises question marks

More to follow<sup>?</sup>...

apepper 16.02.12 10:44pm
Nick McCarr
'Don't reveal my identity' pleads anonymous witness Terry Jenkins (now 19)

The crown prosecution service has revealed that a record pay-out of £600k was made to the family of a child witness, after his identity was mistakenly disclosed to a violent gang. And now there are...

20.02.12 10:02am
Major Clanger
XXX Olympiad to feature Synchronised Muff Diving 8
Golgo13 17.02.12 11:40pm
‘Romantic’ London Eye becomes world’s first rotating brothel

Visitors to the popular London Eye ferris wheel were last night appalled at the behaviour of the users, stating that the Valentine’s day spirit had gotten unnecessarily raunchy. The Eye had been...

kimllfixit 20.02.12 10:31am
Man found dead at vicarage ‘latest victim of extreme Cluedo craze’

A man found dead at a vicarage near Bristol may be the latest victim of the extreme Cluedo craze sweeping Britain. The Revered John Green, a former barrister, was found dead late last night next to a...

Gary Stanton 15.02.12 7:17pm
Daniel Radcliffe’s tongue trickery ‘still not enough to make him sexy’ say women 0
Duncan Biscuit 15.02.12 10:09am
Duncan Biscuit
Rangers enter administration but get knocked out in qualifying round 0
Duncan Biscuit 15.02.12 10:08am
Duncan Biscuit
Ryan Air to charge extra for service by red hot stewardesses 0
Duncan Biscuit 15.02.12 10:07am
Duncan Biscuit
Leading trombonist's career on the slide 5
Nick McCarr 20.02.12 3:52pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Ryan Air calendar cost more than advertised and didn't reach destination 2
ronseal 15.02.12 10:04pm
its not right, but its ok..........

., ., ., ., ., says whitney houstons pathologist, as he pulls down his trousers. (stolen from someone else)...

arthurminnit 15.02.12 1:02pm
Royal Masturbation Fantasies Up 80% on 2010

A recent poll has shown that of the 2000 men surveyed year on year, there is an uptick of 80% regarding fantasies involving a member of the Royal Family. The poll shows a level of interest not seen...

SimonJJames 16.02.12 9:19am
XXX Olympiad to feature etymologically correct gymnastics 8
Golgo13 17.02.12 4:02pm
Cure for depression hailed as patient pulls himself together and gets on with it 4
cinquecento 15.02.12 5:47pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Sweetener industry develop healthier "Lite fructose corn syrup" 0
Dumbnews 15.02.12 6:11am
Sean Penn's stand on Malvinas backed by Big Bird, Fozzy Bear and Pee Wee Herman

Hollywood's Finest, a troop of crack actor/visionary/world leaders, has thrown its weight behind Sean Penn's campaign to return the Falkland Islands to indigenous Spanish colonialists who first...

ronseal 15.02.12 8:39am
Eric Pickles to require ALL councils to pray before meetings...

on the basis that he won't be given them any more money, so they had better start looking after themselves...

deskpilot3 14.02.12 11:11pm
Cameron to meet with Lewis Moody. More soon. 0
GreenCross 14.02.12 10:50pm
Rangers resigned to finishing 1st or 2nd again after having 10 points docked 1
Qoxiivi 14.02.12 11:14pm
Tonto regrets loan to Rangers 5
JETFAB 15.02.12 3:54pm
Hoops McCann
Mourinho caught sexting with Abramovich on Valentines Day 0
Hooch 14.02.12 8:27pm