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DSK still waiting for room service in Lille police station 0
Duncan Biscuit 21.02.12 11:03am
Duncan Biscuit
LA porn stars threaten to down tools in protest over mandatory condom use 0
Duncan Biscuit 21.02.12 11:02am
Duncan Biscuit
Ryan Air cuts flights from Edinburgh Airport after realising it is in Edinburgh 0
Duncan Biscuit 21.02.12 11:02am
Duncan Biscuit
'Bitter' dispute sees Columbia threaten to turn off 'Espresso Pipeline'

The Colombian government has caused the world to shake in a way that resembles the withdrawal symptoms of a caffeine addict after announcing it is considering turning off the espresso pipeline to the...

Perks 21.02.12 10:18pm
Sun On Sunday reporter caught phoning taps

News has just been leaked that SOS reporter Charlie Johnson has been phoning taps all over England in the work up to the first edition of the Sun on Sunday. Sarah Lancashire's tap was phoned three...

RJWinter 21.02.12 11:47pm
Major Clanger
Ann Summers downgraded from AAA's to AA's 0
charlies_hat 21.02.12 9:45am
'Nothing wrong with taking Jeremy Clarkson outside and shooting him' says OFCOM 0
Stan 21.02.12 9:08am
'How do we sell the phrase chain gang, to the British public?' asks Cameron 0
Immunis 21.02.12 8:14am
Home Office report finds sex offender prisons to be "institutionally rapist" 7
dvo4fun 22.02.12 2:25pm
UK Border Agency split in two; IN and OUT 2
charlies_hat 21.02.12 9:55pm
Government's Work Experience scheme could lead to cotton-picking opportunities 1
roybland 20.02.12 10:37pm
A football pitch 'the size of a football pitch' say scientists

A football pitch is exactly the size of one football pitch, scientists at London's Imperial College have discovered in groundbreaking research. The frequent use of a 'football pitch' as a unit of...

roybland 21.02.12 10:50am
BBC's A. Marr changes name to R. Slicker 0
antharrison 20.02.12 9:43pm
Cameron and Prince of Wales celebrate diamond jubilee as "Chas 'n Dave" tribute

As a moving and respectful tribute to HM Queen's 60th year on the throne, the Prime Minister David Cameron and HRH The Prince of Wales have announced that they will mark the monarch's diamond jubilee...

antharrison 20.02.12 9:34pm
Divorcing U.S. Cavalry Officer expects Custerdy Battle.

So Sioux me. Hat-tip to Seymour Totti...

John Ffitch-Rucker 21.02.12 12:07am
Battery hens lose AAA status in charged meeting. 2
John Ffitch-Rucker 20.02.12 11:54pm
Border agency to get fringe benefits. 0
John Ffitch-Rucker 20.02.12 8:48pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
‘I’ve been living a lie for 35 years’ confesses singer Tina Charles’ ‘baby’

The love-shy long-term partner of pop singer Tina Charles has admitted after 35 years of going steady that his aversion to ‘loving’ is not solely due to his devotion to recreational dance. Craig...

Skylarking 21.02.12 5:16pm
Jeremy Clarkson’s face gets dangerously long

The BBC have been fending off various complaints about Jeremy Clarkson for years now but Mr Clarkson’s face has been getting longer over the years and now looks like it is about to fall off his...

Immunis 21.02.12 9:01am
Ofcom calls for Sarcasm to be taught in care homes after latest Clarkson ruling.

Elderly told not everything said on the BBC is the gospel truth. More soon...

MADJEZ 20.02.12 7:27pm
Controversial Ofcom verdict on Clarkson's comments on "The One Show"

The broadcasting standards body, Ofcom, has decided that Jeremy Clarkson was not in breach of broadcasting rules when, in a November edition of "The One Show", he suggested that striking Public...

Gourd Almighty 20.02.12 7:18pm
Gourd Almighty
Border Agency split in two.. with imaginary line down the middle.

More obvious headline soon...

MADJEZ 20.02.12 7:18pm
Queen questioned after stalking diamond thief

Police have taken Elizabeth Windsor in for questioning following accusations of stalking by Reg Entwhistle, small time crook and diamond smuggler. Described by police as 5 foot 11 inches with curly...

Immunis 20.02.12 7:11pm
Duracell range slashed as they lose AAA status

More to follow...

apepper 20.02.12 6:46pm
Canadian govt accused of "muzzling" its scientists, Brian Cox offered to Canada 1
simonjmr 20.02.12 10:14pm
Synthetic meat grown in Dutch Lab, Kebab shop claims got there first years ago 1
simonjmr 20.02.12 4:59pm
Gourd Almighty
Frozen Swedish Meatballs to feature on Heston Blumenthal's latest bizarre menu 2
Gourd Almighty 20.02.12 4:54pm
Gourd Almighty
Cameron: "Nationwide Health Society safe in my hands" 1
yussle 20.02.12 4:38pm
Health Secretary Angela Lansbury heckled by gang of mad old biddies.

More typos spoon...

MADJEZ 20.02.12 4:02pm
Viola player refuses to take part in benefits fraud.

'I'll not go on the fiddle", she says...

John Ffitch-Rucker 20.02.12 8:01pm