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Nissan Recalled

Harry Tiles, 71, remembers his favourite car - a blue 1983 Nissan Bluebird., "It really was a lovely driver" recalls Harry, "before the steering broke and I drove into a skip."...

NewBiscuit 23.05.13 10:33am
EDL defeats Irony

Like modern day super-heroes, our plucky boys in denim – The English Defense League – took to the streets to do battle with the subtle forces of incongruity and contrariness. Once more...

Wrenfoe 23.05.13 10:26am
pere floza
End of the Line for 3,500 Nokia employees 14
medici2471 23.05.13 8:52am
Mr Target
Faulty steering wheels to blame for so many Government U turns 0
topfotogmw 23.05.13 7:39am
Right wing extremists fear scout leader woman may tick them off and tell parents

The EDL were forced to disperse last night as rumours spread that scout leader woman was in the area. A spokesman for the extreme historical revisionist group denied they had retreated from the...

ronseal 23.05.13 6:45am
Overly secretive Mason advised to get a grip. 0
weematt 23.05.13 2:32am
Alternative therapists hail new wonder drug treatments

Recent advances in alternative pharmacology are revolutionizing the world of alternative medicine, according to a paper in the latest issue of Nature. The University of Nova-Scotia has demonstrated...

bonjonelson 23.05.13 12:11am
owner of intrusive sheep ordered to "get the flock out of here"

Hat tip to Sredni...

Smart Alex 22.05.13 10:31pm
Coalition advised by large, floating fish head

Ministers today were embarrassed to discover that many of their key policies were the result of an extended consultation with a dead shark., , Tory ministers have been taking regular guidance from...

Wrenfoe 22.05.13 10:14pm
Gove, Hammond "had mandate" on gay marriage

Ministers Michael Gove and Philip Hammond have both recommended a mandate before gay marriage legislation is enacted. "We had our own mandate. It was just dinner at a discreet restaurant. We...

nickb 22.05.13 7:44pm
Hmm, yes, a lesbian queen, think men 1
Oxbridge 22.05.13 6:08pm
Discord at Tory Party as speaker turns out to be a woofer

They were unable to hear the higher registers...

blacklesbianandproudofit 22.05.13 5:31pm
Owner of disruptive mallard ordered to shut the duck up. 1
sredni vashta 22.05.13 4:51pm
sredni vashta
UK literacy rates bolstered by interpreters

The Home Office, today, announced a widening of a pilot scheme which has already made significant improvements in “failing” schools. Iraqi interpreters, who worked alongside British troops, have...

Wrenfoe 22.05.13 3:21pm
Jimmy Savile's legacy could ruin Celebrity Charity Runs for another decade 0
ronseal 22.05.13 2:21pm
Eric Joyce to release new single: I Fought The Law And The Law Won 0
John Wiltshire 22.05.13 1:49pm
John Wiltshire
Marrying Lord Tebbit to be outlawed 2
johnnydobbo 22.05.13 1:45pm
MP Eric Joyce admits he is bisexual 2
John Wiltshire 22.05.13 1:41pm
John Wiltshire
Lap dancing club introduces contactless payment 6
Mandy Lifeboat 22.05.13 1:08pm
No pork in halal burgers

The Food Standards Agency today confirmed that there is no pork in halal burgers. "Equally," said the statement, "there is no milk in kosher burgers. Everyone knows that." The statement was made...

Arthur 22.05.13 12:56pm
Cameron: "I would Never Criticise Our Loony Swivel-Eyed Party Workers ... Oops" 0
Titus 22.05.13 12:50pm
Prolonged exposure to Michael Gove linked to lower UK IQs 0
simonjmr 22.05.13 10:57am
Postcode lottery to be televised. Episode 1: Deal or No Deal 0
NewBiscuit 22.05.13 10:32am
Tories Complain To Google........

"You're stealing our clothes."...

Jesse Bigg 22.05.13 9:12am
Apple launches iDontseewhyweshouldpaytax 1
John Wiltshire 22.05.13 8:45am
Google search for "reasons to put something back into society" returns no result

A man who asked Google to help him find a moral framework has reported an incredible run of bad luck with the search engine. The ordeal started when the Tommy Jones turned to the Internet in a...

ronseal 22.05.13 8:34am
NHS starts search for a new incompetent and uncaring chief executive

The government announced today that they have started a world-wide search for someone to replace Sir David Nicholson as chief executive of the NHS. A spokesman said: 'We are casting the net as wide...

John Wiltshire 22.05.13 8:34am
Jesse Bigg
Nation remembers Dam Busters, tries to forget name of Wing Commanders dog. 8
MADJEZ 22.05.13 8:19am
Jesse Bigg
Research identifies 3 rules for the Internet: location, location, masturbation 0
ronseal 22.05.13 8:19am
Touring Tourette's Choir A Big Hit......

in most public toilets...

Jesse Bigg 22.05.13 8:04am
Jesse Bigg