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Splinter group demands tax breaks on tweezers 0
nickb 27.08.12 5:38pm
Police call off the search for the "Essex Virgin". More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 27.08.12 5:34pm
Short film maker takes cushion to screening 1
nickb 27.08.12 5:26pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Neil Armstrong To Be First Man On The Sun

Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon, is also to be the first man on the Sun, it was announced today. This audacious plan is the brainchild of serial British entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson....

Reg Herring 27.08.12 5:11pm
Cameron overheard telling Osborne to go and fuck himself 0
Drylaw 27.08.12 4:12pm
Essex man who claims to have seen big cat admits he was lion. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 27.08.12 4:05pm
Harry gets dressing down from army and dressing gown from grandma 0
nickb 27.08.12 3:44pm
Police call off search as witness found to be lion 0
writinginbsl 27.08.12 3:41pm
Restoration amateur ruins UK economy

A middle-aged Chancellor has stunned UK officials with an alarming and unauthorised attempt to restore a once proud economy. The man, in his early 40s, was reportedly upset at the way the economy...

Vertically Challenged Giant 27.08.12 2:47pm
George Galloway to be forced back to Big Brother after previously consenting

George Galloway is to be forcibly taken up the aisle and into the Big Brother house, under the now established 'previous consent' principle. blah de blah de blah Lorem Ipsum...

ronseal 27.08.12 2:03pm
Jesus Announces He Is A Candidate For US Presidency- Conservatives Have A Fit.

Jesus Christ Himself announced His candidacy for the President of the United States in 2012. Rather than commencing with the long awaited Second Coming, the Big Three (Father, Son and Holy Ghost)...

27.08.12 1:59pm
Jesus Announces

Jesus Christ Himself announced His candidacy for the President of the United States in 2012. Rather than commencing with the long awaited Second Coming, the Big Three (Father, Son and Holy Ghost)...

27.08.12 1:57pm
Hurricane Isaac Bears Down On The Republican Convention. God's Wrath?

HEY, WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!, Where are all the Hellfire and Brimstone preachers at?, Where are they when you need them?, A hurricane is bearing down on the Republican National Convention and you...

27.08.12 1:56pm
Essex Lions Club member 'missing'.

shame-he was the mane man 'Dangerous'Essex Lions club member sought by police ...

writinginbsl 27.08.12 1:09pm
deleted 0
Gerontius 27.08.12 12:58pm
Norwegian judge declared insane 2
medici2471 27.08.12 11:49am
God: tropical storm Isaac is my punishment for Republicans unbiblical behaviour

..well, judge not lest ye be judged....

Waggys Dog 27.08.12 11:04am
Waggys Dog
Naked Murdoch pic to appear on front page of report warns Leveson 0
nickb 27.08.12 10:49am
Kenya police investigating reports of dangerous escaped badger 2
Midnight Dreary 27.08.12 10:48am
Controversy as overturned caravan wins Edinburgh Festival comedy award

An Edinburgh Fringe comedy prize has been awarded to a caravan accident on the M8. The entry ‘Elddis Crusader on its roof’ by Brian Cooper of Basingstoke won ‘Best Improvised Comedy...

Midfield Diamond 27.08.12 9:55am
Naked Prince Harry photographed "roaring like a lion" in Essex countryside.

More soon....

Al OPecia 27.08.12 9:40am
Al OPecia
Deciding which way to release a lion for natural selection?The Only Way Is Essex 0
Perks 27.08.12 9:12am
80s band The The reforms with new line-up as "Teh Teh" 0
Nick McCarr 27.08.12 9:04am
Nick McCarr
Lance Assange 'innocent', but ends fight against charges (news mix)

More soon

pinxit 27.08.12 7:19am
Fresco woman: 'What's wrong with it?'

pinxit 27.08.12 7:18am
US East Coast search for eye of hurricane continues in 'Operation Isaac Hunt' 0
pinxit 27.08.12 7:17am
Police called in to find football manager's 'Lost' dressing room. More soon 0
Mrblacker 27.08.12 7:03am
Isaac a Legitimate Hurricane - Republicans Evacuate

Republicans have recognized Isaac as a legitimate hurricane and are rushing to evacuate Tampa. If it had been an illegitimate hurricane, the Republican National Committee would have gathered in...

Only Me 27.08.12 6:21am
Only Me
Mr Mumford disowns sons for dust bowl dancing on the thistle and weeds!!!

Sons are reportedly hiding in the cave near the family shop. more soon...

rusjonew 27.08.12 12:57am
Essex Police hunt for large predatory loin ended as Katie Price is apprehended. 0
pinxit 27.08.12 12:16am