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‘Our pay is increasing in real terms’ claim coalition MPs 0
Midfield Diamond 24.01.14 2:05pm
Midfield Diamond
LinkedIn launch dedicated network for the jobless - 'AlwaysIn'

Chancellor George Osborne has strongly criticised business network giant LinkedIn, after the multi-million pound company announced the launch of 'AlwaysIn', a dedicated jobless-to-jobless network for...

Jesus H 24.01.14 12:58pm
custard cream
Clarification: Virgin Experience is an events company not a dating site 0
custard cream 24.01.14 12:57pm
custard cream
Paul and Ringo to Fight to the Death at Grammy Awards

It has been confirmed that this week’s Grammy Awards ceremony will include a very special performance, as Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will fight one another to the death in order to finally...

@spinal_bap 24.01.14 11:45am
‘Chinese takeaways cause global famine’ says Brighton councillor

A Brighton councillor has blamed Chinese takeaways and other food outlets for incurring the wrath of God, who in turn has inflicted famine and disease in third world countries. Cllr. David Goldstein...

Scroat 24.01.14 9:55am
RSPCA alerted as cricketer strikes ball with dead bat… 0
Tripod 24.01.14 9:53am
Benefit Claimants to be Auditioned

Under new proposals from the department of Work and Pensions, future benefit claimants will be auditioned after criticism that some of the participants in Channel 4's "Benefits Street" Just weren't...

blokefromstoke 24.01.14 9:36am
Farage in shock "no idea what I stand for" revelation

In a shock annoucement, Nigel Farage of the UKIP announced that he has no idea of what he stands for, and certainly no concept of what his party stands for. In an interview with BBC2 Daily Politics,...

ionb 24.01.14 9:33am
Entire UKIP manifesto written in green biro

I had that Farage bloke in here you know.more at 1...

blokefromstoke 24.01.14 9:19am
Standard of Living rises : Feeble cheers from a million unheated wheely bins

Gruel and Shonky Stats at 1...

blokefromstoke 24.01.14 9:15am
Collymore: ‘my face should be on £50 notes’

Egomaniac TalkSport radio pundit loudmouth Stan Collymore was today bombarded with thousands of death threats by Twitter trolls after saying his face should be on £50 notes instead of the Queen....

farmer giles 24.01.14 8:58am
farmer giles
Government to do more for hardworking abuse victims

Hardworking abuse victims are to receive more support from the Government under plans outlined by George Osborne today. Speaking at the AGM of the Institute of Directors in London he said, “Our...

Dick Everyman 24.01.14 8:11am
Dick Everyman
Doctors say that cases of HNNNNNNNNNN are not flu.

It's constipation...

deskpilot3 23.01.14 9:42pm
Man dies distraught after missing out "buy a bucket" from bucket list

More to follow...

apepper 23.01.14 8:54pm
Inconsonance Awareness mug urges "_ee_ _a__ a__ _a___ o_ " 4
cinquecento 23.01.14 8:40pm
Plans Announced To Privatise National Audit Office 1
Titus 23.01.14 8:37pm
Fall in crime, despite Lib Dems efforts

An unlikely 10% drop in crime has been blamed on an inability to prosecute Liberal Democrats. Whilst Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce boosted the total by being prosecuted for driving offences and...

Electrelane 23.01.14 8:35pm
Labour plans to lower voting age to 'so young they can't remember Brown.' 1
FOAD 23.01.14 7:52pm
78% of crime statistics are bullshit, claims ONS 0
Electrelane 23.01.14 7:43pm
78% of crime statistics are bullshit, claims ONS

More to follow…...

Electrelane 23.01.14 7:38pm
Rennard to cover 'The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get'.

Charities reject proceeds...

Electrelane 23.01.14 6:43pm
IDS - PMQ's is 'the tragic reality'

Ian Duncan Smith has waded into the controversy over the reality television programme 'Prime Minister's Question Time', stating that it represents 'the tragic reality of a lifetime wasted in...

Electrelane 23.01.14 6:02pm
Not Amused
'I can't do this on my own' warns Bieber

Singer Justin Bieber has warned fellow musicians that he needs more help in trying to make today’s music scene appear even remotely relevant or valid., Despite looking about as threatening as a...

Gerontius 23.01.14 5:42pm
Man ostracised for describing local community as 'the neighbourhood'

'We're a community, right?' insisted local community activist Chloe Fulster. "There's no neighbourhoods round here, although other communities might have 'em"...

Bravenewmalden 23.01.14 5:19pm
New Doctor Who to be revealed

There was mounting excitement today as The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, announced that they had found a new Doctor Who. His full statement read: 'We have found a new doctor who will work weekends.'...

John Wiltshire 23.01.14 5:09pm
One-Eyed Man, With Giraffe In Back Yard, Next To Nudist Camp…..

….Swears blind he never peeped...

Jesse Bigg 23.01.14 4:44pm
Son of Barnabas
Crime falls 10% as austerity hits burglars

The Crime Survey of England and Wales has shown crimes against adults and households fell by 10% in the last year, further proof of austerity hitting every part of society. Rising prices of tools and...

James Pluside 23.01.14 3:10pm
Holy Search

Hedge End Man has Epiphany We interviewed a man from Hedge End near Southampton who has declared he has now discovered the true meaning of life, the universe and the ultimate irony. Mr Ronald Smelly...

OldThingy 23.01.14 3:06pm
Shameless just a 'shabby chic' version of Benefits Street 0
custard cream 23.01.14 2:24pm
custard cream
Formula One to feature "Sudden Death" round

Formula One chiefs have declared the sport to be "piss boring" and plan to bring in rounds from quiz shows. The double money round from Family Fortunes will be introduced in the next year and a new...

Lovely Horse 23.01.14 1:21pm