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Kajagoogoo "devastated" at arrest of sole remaining fan 0
Drylaw 01.11.13 7:26pm
Whale futures boom as George Thornton dies. 0
Maverick 01.11.13 7:19pm
IKB visits HS2

In a bid to cheer up staff at the beleaguered HS2 headquarters today, the management arranged a visit from railway building legend Isambard Kingdom Brunel, or 'IKB' as he is widely known. IKB is...

blacklesbianandproudofit 01.11.13 7:18pm
Ofsted condemns new BBC reality show Great British Bunk Off. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 01.11.13 7:15pm
Waiter who lost part of penis in restaurant accident disappointed at lack of tip 1
blacklesbianandproudofit 01.11.13 6:42pm
Man who had penis extension no longer able to fit his car in garage 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 01.11.13 6:28pm
Carpet fixing charges: Ofcut to investigate 1
iRonA 01.11.13 3:33pm
Captain “Half a League” Onward of Light Brigade “may have had penis enlargement” 0
sydalg 01.11.13 2:51pm
Penis Extension Allows Man To Literally 'Give It 110%'. 1
Titus 01.11.13 2:32pm
Strike by Daily Mail columnists causes whine shortage 1
sydalg 01.11.13 2:29pm
Hi-speed link shock for minister

A Government minister was said to be "in shock' when told there already was a hi-speed link between London and Manchester. It's called an aeroplane...

vulture1 01.11.13 2:06pm
Stoke police Commisioner replaces force with giant silhouette of bat. 4
blokefromstoke 01.11.13 2:05pm
Credit Crunch Caused by Multiple Personality Disorder; RBS Not to Blame

Psychologists have identified a new condition - Organisational Multiple Personality Disorder - which explains why banks, which are supposed to be good, sometimes turn evil. "You can't blame RBS for...

deceangli 01.11.13 1:58pm
Man who died at bus stop had a sheltered life. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 01.11.13 12:57pm
Hans Chistian Andersen pens sequel: The Emperor's New Air Guitar 0
sydalg 01.11.13 12:43pm
Man who ordered Apple Air received a Golden Delicious in a jiffy bag 0
custard cream 01.11.13 12:22pm
custard cream
Sophisticated drug smuggling tunnel discovered between France and England.

The drug smuggling tunnel recently discovered between France and England is so sophisticated that officials call it a "super tunnel." Over 50 kilometers in length, with lighting, ventilation and an...

bonjonelson 01.11.13 12:12pm
Al OPecia
Dawkins admits atheism is a myth to help cope with inevitability of afterlife

Richard Dawkins, head of fundamentalist atheism, has today admitted that his belief in a bleak godless existence is all a preposterous lie founded on a fear of the afterlife. He says people simply...

TobiasBV 01.11.13 9:50am
Lindy Moone
Judge “thinking about” getting long red wig

A senior “really fancies” acquiring a long red wig, he confided to robing room colleagues. “You know, a thick curly one. These grey ones are so [i]draining.[/i] I really look so [i]old[/i]...

CulchaVulcha 01.11.13 9:21am
Ministers Admit 'Hi-Capacity Rail Just Doesn't Sound As Sexy As Hi-Speed Rail' 0
Titus 01.11.13 8:13am
Left handed people pop wrong pills. More likely to die. scientists discover

Scientists at the University of Essex believe they have solved the riddle of why there are fewer left handed people in the world., Most people are unable to open a box of pills without getting the...

Not Amused 01.11.13 7:47am
Not Amused
RBS avoids being split into good and bad banks; split into bad and awful instead 0
exigo 01.11.13 7:43am
Penis extensions: just another blow to the mid riff for your average man 0
irreverendJ 01.11.13 6:49am
"It's polio for us now, not sarin", say jubilant Syrian kids.

Children up and down the land of Syria are tonight celebrating the news that the government's chemical weapon stockpile has been safely destroyed. Said one young plucky lad, "This is splendid news....

Boutros 01.11.13 1:12am
Penis Extension Customer Complains He Can No Longer Reach His Keyboard

(Don't blame me, blame sydalg, he persuaded me to post this.)...

Titus 31.10.13 11:27pm
Buddhist Fundamentalists Attack Christians In Sri Lanka

Probably didn't want to be left out...

Titus 31.10.13 10:17pm
World wino shortage expected in 2015 0
Kevin the Swan 31.10.13 7:41pm
Kevin the Swan
NATO Declares War on England : PM 'Regrets' Letting Wales Host Summit 0
deceangli 31.10.13 7:39pm
Wino Cull To Conserve Stocks 0
deceangli 31.10.13 7:36pm
Ex-wife's desire for a 'cool son' makes sense now, admits Ross Kemp 0
medici2471 31.10.13 7:24pm