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Dave Lee Travis says he's happy with verdict, before handing over to Simon Bates 0
Adrian Bamforth 13.02.14 6:35pm
Adrian Bamforth
Cosmetic surgery to get a facelift. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 13.02.14 6:29pm
Al OPecia
Lastest cosmetic surgery review considered flawed

Things are likely to go tits up...

Robert Koch 13.02.14 5:18pm
Robert Koch
Floods of Surrey commuter belt punishment from God for 'being a bit dull'

A leading theologian has caused controversy today by claiming that the flooding of commuter towns around London have been sent by God to 'wake the boring bastards up a bit'. The Right Reverend...

electrelane 13.02.14 5:03pm
not every one is smiling over new botox laws

''we'll just have to grin and bear it'' a spokesperson said today...

Robert Koch 13.02.14 4:47pm
Robert Koch
Anything you can zoo... 0
Scroat 13.02.14 4:39pm
Brutus promises "full support" for Caesar's policy on knife crime 1
sydalg 13.02.14 4:33pm
Head of NHS remains tight-lipped over new Botox laws 0
Underconstruction 13.02.14 4:32pm
Shock as only one in five Satanists knows postcode of the beast 0
sydalg 13.02.14 4:29pm
Free counselling offered to those affected by Somerset page of Wheres Wally 0
Underconstruction 13.02.14 4:29pm
BNP "floodwater is from overseas" 0
Underconstruction 13.02.14 3:59pm
Man gets 3 points and £60 fine for exceeding 30 knots in Wraysbury High St. 1
Smart Alex 13.02.14 3:52pm
Daily Mail readers agree to split the difference as Kent is twinned with Syria 0
Underconstruction 13.02.14 3:50pm
Somerset's 'Castaway' found safe and well on raft near Taunton

Richard Smithe, a cost accountant from Somerset, who was missing feared drowned, has been found alive on a makeshift raft, almost three years after leaving the house to put his wheelie bin out.,...

Underconstruction 13.02.14 3:47pm
Independent Scotland’s banknotes would be accepted in even fewer English places

Chancellor George Osborne has warned that an independent Scotland would make Scottish banknotes even less welcome in England’s businesses. Although theoretically legal tender in England, Scottish...

Midfield Diamond 13.02.14 3:33pm
Midfield Diamond
New botox law just cosmetic say protestors 0
custard cream 13.02.14 3:30pm
custard cream
New botox law too tight say campaigners 0
custard cream 13.02.14 3:29pm
custard cream
Farmers advise Turkeys they won't be fed if they break the union with Christmas

Farmers across England have issued a joint statement to explain that, if turkeys vote to opt out of Christmas, they can't expect to be fed and housed. "Its our food and there would be no legal...

Not Amused 13.02.14 2:41pm
Not Amused
Salmond Overlooked The Major Issue: Money. So Can He REALLY Be Scottish?

No more from [s]Scot£and[/s] Scot?and...

Titus 13.02.14 2:19pm
Banker With Thames-Side Home & No Sand Stuffs Sandbags With Money

More £ater...

Titus 13.02.14 2:13pm
Scotch Alex Salmon a ‘fish out of water’ and dead on the rocks 0
farmer giles 13.02.14 1:47pm
farmer giles
Sochi News - Belgium Ski jumper disqualified

Belgium jumper denied gold after being disqualified. Bart Hendrix took the gold after an impressive jump of 247 metres only to be told he would not be awarded the medal., Apparently the young skier...

footinmouth 13.02.14 1:40pm
'A saaaandbag?!' inquires well-bred Bracknell resident as flood waters rise. 9
Skylarking 13.02.14 1:15pm
Son of Barnabas
COBRA meeting attendees ‘fork-tongued snakes in the grass’ 0
farmer giles 13.02.14 1:07pm
farmer giles
Suspicious package outside Army office found to be sandbag. 0
MADJEZ 13.02.14 12:57pm
Sales of helium-filled balloons go 'through the roof’... 1
Tripod 13.02.14 12:42pm
seymour totti
Bankers ‘arranged floods to divert attention from massive bonuses’

Insider dealing suspected as shares in waterproof clothing manufacturers skyrocket...

farmer giles 13.02.14 11:28am
farmer giles
Oceans, seas and rivers ‘up to waist level and beyond’ in places

Outside broadcast journalists’ shocking revelations scare nation – floods of Biblical proportions spotted just off coast of UK...

farmer giles 13.02.14 11:28am
farmer giles
Foreign war criminals 'sheltered inside Labour party'

A shocking report has brought to light the numbers of war criminals who are hiding inside the Labour party, saying that they fear retribution if they were returned to the general public. A particular...

electrelane 13.02.14 11:27am
Cobra meeting told Thames Barrier "built on wrong side of London" 0
DorsetBoy 13.02.14 11:10am