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Man banned from animal park after talking about a shiatsu 0
custard cream 10.04.13 9:28pm
custard cream
Barcelona overtake Roger Federer for number of succesful passes 0
custard cream 10.04.13 8:51pm
custard cream
Fake Dress Designer Fabricated CV. 0
SJM 10.04.13 8:35pm
OCD Sufferers Urged To Double-Check Symptoms. 0
SJM 10.04.13 8:31pm
Pioneer of Test tube babies revealed to be a real wanker! 0
irreverendJ 10.04.13 6:46pm
Bush honoured 0
andhrimnir 10.04.13 5:34pm
Girl Guides furious at the withdrawal of the Page Three Badge. More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 10.04.13 5:31pm
UK "split" over whether Mrs Thatcher was divisive. 1
nickb 10.04.13 5:17pm
Blair criticises Thatcher death celebrations amid fears same could happen to him 2
Smart Alex 10.04.13 5:00pm
Al OPecia
Superman protests at loss of extraordinary abilities allowance. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 10.04.13 4:46pm
Al OPecia
Report Claims That Conspiracy Theorists Are A Dying Breed.

possibly no more soon...

sredni vashta 10.04.13 4:45pm
"Voice of Darts" MC told to keep out of the black and in the red... 0
ginty 10.04.13 4:36pm
Asda urges government to combat "shocking levels" of drug abuse among horses

The government is launching a multi-million-pound campaign to combat equine drug abuse in the wake of the scandalous levels of Bute discovered in Asda meat. "The level of mind-altering substances...

sydalg 10.04.13 3:54pm
Cow & Gate found to contain horse milk. Panic buying stops. 0
MADJEZ 10.04.13 3:12pm
James Crosby to be given knighthood for giving up knighthood

Banker James Crosby, will be given a knighthood in recognition of having offered to give up his knighthood following the banking scandal. A spokesmanperson for Buckingham Palace said: 'We like to...

John Wiltshire 10.04.13 2:47pm
John Wiltshire
Thatcher turned down expensive state funeral, favoured expensive privatised one 0
thisisall1word 10.04.13 2:34pm
Meanwhile, Other Prime Ministers: No-One Can Remember If Major Is Still Alive 0
Titus 10.04.13 2:21pm
Topless Protesters Demonstrate "Typical Irrational Female Lack Of Logic"

Titus 10.04.13 1:36pm
Banana robbery made by opportunist Fyffes 0
charlies_hat 10.04.13 1:33pm
Bernard Mathews thinks Asda Corned Beef is "Bute-iful" 2
victimms 10.04.13 12:15pm
A.L.F. free cans of Asda corned beef subjected to pain experiments.. 1
10.04.13 11:56am
Man with immense home-improvement skills described as "complete tool". 0
sredni vashta 10.04.13 11:43am
sredni vashta
Simon Cowell to record Thatcher tribute

Conservative Think Tank “Pecuniam pro vetus funis” have teamed up with Simon Cowell to record a money making single to cash in on the death of Margaret Thatcher. In an interview with faux...

Baldiebaldo 10.04.13 11:05am
Durham miners offer abandoned mine shaft for Iron Lady's internment 0
Dick Everyman 10.04.13 10:57am
Dick Everyman
Traces of Bute found in Argyll

More the noo...

virtuallywill 10.04.13 10:46am
Sir Geoffrey Howe to give funeral oration but asked to avoid cricket metaphors.. 0
10.04.13 10:25am
South UK Ignores Threat By Ai-Lix Sal-Mon To Dispatch Warships & Nukes To South

(In acknowledgement to a brilliant NB lead story today!)...

Titus 10.04.13 9:52am
Two-minute silence for Thatcher vetoed by Noise Abatement Society... 0
Tripod 10.04.13 9:47am
Planking supernanomaterials 'a threat to our livelihood' says Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has warned its readers of the potential threat to humanity posed by a new wave of supernanomaterials released into the public domain by scientists this week. Purportedly the lightest...

kga6 10.04.13 9:21am
I've Seen The Future And It's A Jerk! - Tory Masterplan....

Unemployed to be sent south to wait at Tory tables...

Jesse Bigg 10.04.13 9:11am
Jesse Bigg