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Binge drinking MPs could face curfew and ban from travelling abroad

The unacceptable face of Parliamentary Hooliganism reared its ugly head again yesterday, with booze fuelled rival factions clashing in a House of Commons bar. The police say there was one arrest and...

ronseal 24.02.12 8:59am
Gourd Almighty
Tributaries continue to pour in for River Phoenix 1
Gourd Almighty 23.02.12 10:48pm
Tributes continue to pour in for Whitney Houston...

"She made Amy Winehouse look like a pussy", muses one fan, a 13 year girl from New Jersey. More soon...

quango 23.02.12 5:56pm
A million ex-private sector pensioners to have houses frozen for another year 2
Duncan Biscuit 23.02.12 7:33pm
Gourd Almighty
Greece offers to bail out RBS 0
Duncan Biscuit 23.02.12 4:23pm
Duncan Biscuit
Porn industry’s embarrassing association with Richard Branson finally ended 0
Duncan Biscuit 23.02.12 4:23pm
Duncan Biscuit
Vicar loses Sunday working case 1
Duncan Biscuit 23.02.12 6:16pm
Redhead Virgin playboy wins rights to domain name 0
Qoxiivi 23.02.12 4:17pm
Faster-than-light Nissan Micra ‘may have been down to timing fault’

Two friends from Romford, who last year claimed to have exceeded the speed of light in a modified Nissan Micra, have admitted that the surprise result may have been caused by ‘Dave forgetting to...

Vertically Challenged Giant 23.02.12 10:46pm
Manchester City face complaint over 'You're not incredible' chants

Manchester City face complaint over 'You're not incredible' chants aimed at Porto striker Hulk I'm a massive fan of Lou Ferrigno and I love Kermit - to say they are my role models is an...

HenryMJUK 23.02.12 2:25pm
UN Rules should make wars “a little less rapey and killy”

An innovative move inspired by the great sporting heritage of International Boxing was unveiled by the UN today, following Red Cross calls for a daily two hour cease fire in Homs. “Boxing in its...

dvo4fun 26.02.12 1:33pm
Exotic banana identified in batch of venomous spiders.

Quarantine staff at Norwich International Airport were shaken this morning when a cargo of 300 highly poisonous arachnids was found to contain what appeared to be a ‘yellow crescent shaped fruit’...

Curbie Firetank 24.02.12 9:19am
Lack of grit in the workplace leads to council workers pay freeze 2
charlies_hat 24.02.12 9:03am
Hacked off investment bankers to pool their bonuses and build Death Star. 0
Ian Searle 23.02.12 12:44pm
Ian Searle
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to apply for academy status. 1
Ian Searle 23.02.12 2:40pm
Adele angry at TV Biz "suits" for interrupting her list of Music Biz "suits" 2
bonjonelson 23.02.12 2:28pm
Clapitoil Secretcorns ... Political Correctness gone mad ?

.. Edited on the advice of a wiser head than mine...

Gourd Almighty 23.02.12 7:59pm
Strait of Hormuz admits to 'having doubts' 2
Ian Searle 23.02.12 11:03pm
Financial crisis deepens - AA Milne downgraded to just A 1
Ian Searle 23.02.12 11:23pm
Customer surprised at legitimate feel of mobile phone unlocking shop. 0
dandare70 23.02.12 11:21am
Sunday Times readers demand Piers Morgan as new war correspondent 0
charlies_hat 23.02.12 10:45am
Somalis claim they have 'no choice' but to take part in Talk Like a Pirate Day 4
Haywood Manley 23.02.12 7:14pm
Haywood Manley
Recently discovered Victorian wig weaving machine is important heirloom 5
Haywood Manley 23.02.12 10:49pm
David Cameron pledges to 'crush' racism in football through the medium of rap

David Cameron, flanked by former players including Graeme Le Saux and John Barnes, praised the fantastic progress in overcoming racism in mainstream British sport. Mr Cameron and Barnes then went...

simonjmr 23.02.12 10:20am
James Corden to play baddy in new version of Girl, Interrupted 1
ronseal 23.02.12 10:23am
Barratt Homes owners to be officially classified as "Travellers" 0
yussle 23.02.12 9:35am
Florists slam cyclist road safety initiative 'Bad for business, bad for Britain' 0
dvo4fun 23.02.12 9:13am
Read tomorrow's NewsBiscuit jokes today in the new edition of Private Eye

Only £1.50...

Mandy Lifeboat 24.02.12 12:52am
Women window cleaners storm about glass ceiling

Hundreds of female window cleaners have complained about the glass ceiling in their industry; "Whoever thought of that needs their head testing.", complained Wendy Lean...

apepper 23.02.12 8:57am
'Sorry, we thought she was a Somali pirate' say Syrians. 3
Dickens or Shakespeare 23.02.12 9:52pm