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Cull postponed till 20.13 so badgers won’t miss Autumnwatch... 0
Tripod 23.10.12 1:07pm
John Terry to wear anti-racism gag 2
Ironduke 23.10.12 1:04pm
Dick Everyman
Lemming wins lottery - laughs all the way to the bank 0
Smart Alex 23.10.12 12:57pm
Smart Alex
Unwell former gambling addict still no better 1
Smart Alex 23.10.12 12:56pm
Knighthoods to be subject to annual moral recertification process 3
cinquecento 23.10.12 12:52pm
Cheap holiday industry in disarray after Ceefax shutdown 0
johnnydobbo 23.10.12 12:51pm
In a dramatic role-reversal, abused women finger BBC staff... 0
Tripod 23.10.12 12:11pm
BBC's Dr Who has been spotted taking young women into a phonebox for 50 years. 0
bonjonelson 23.10.12 11:49am
More scandal as 1970's BBC editors accused of appalling graphic Ceefax content 2
charlies_hat 23.10.12 11:48am
Isle of Sheppey to buy rights to Ceefax from BBC 0
bonjonelson 23.10.12 11:47am
Culled off 0
medici2471 23.10.12 11:46am
John Terry severely punished by installing him as captain

Chelsea are set to demonstrate how seriously they take racism by installing John Terry as club captain for their high profile European Cup games whilst he serves out his domestic ban imposed by the...

grottymonty 23.10.12 11:40am
BBC Latest: Peter Rippon spotted upside down on Mrs Entwistle's washing line 0
23.10.12 11:15am
Bond scriptwriter denies Chicken Little inspired latest movie 0
simonjmr 23.10.12 10:50am
Ferguson fuming as Rio refuses to wear Frankie Boyle t-shirt

Sir Alex Ferguson is said to 'outraged' at Rio Ferdinand's double standards. 'His refusal to wear a Frankie Boyle t-shirt is racist towards Scottish Comedians,' Ferguson glowered., 'Schollsy is...

philthefunk 23.10.12 10:20am
New attractions announced on BBC Television Centre tour

The BBC has announced some exciting new attractions on the award-winning tour of its world famous Television Centre. Visitors will now have a chance to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of...

Dick Everyman 23.10.12 10:20am
Dick Everyman
Royal Navy beats X Factor in Ratings war....

.'despite the cuts we've still got loads more' said a Navy spokesman., Louis Walsh is reported to be 'very interested' as 'they made the sea their own.'...

philthefunk 23.10.12 10:11am
BBC drafts in Elliot Ness' Untouchables to investigate Savile 0
simonjmr 23.10.12 10:10am
Mark Thompson : winner of 2012 Houdini Prize 0
medici2471 23.10.12 10:04am
BBC admit that Savile should have been 'handled' differently 0
philthefunk 23.10.12 10:01am
Former Savile charities to fund a 'touching memorial' 2
cinquecento 23.10.12 9:59am
Obama alarm as Romney unveils brother in Florida with abacus 0
philthefunk 23.10.12 9:56am
Shane Richie declines a second Christmas special 0
medici2471 23.10.12 9:55am
Badger cull pulled to avoid undermining Autumnwatch wildlife tribute 0
Nowherefast 23.10.12 9:45am
Pippa Middleton's new book 'a bum deal' say critics 0
Dick Everyman 23.10.12 8:21am
Dick Everyman
Mirror shattered by phone hacking attack 0
Uncle Bertie 23.10.12 7:50am
Uncle Bertie
Choking drama as inattentive boy under impression mastication causes blindness

A lack of attention during a sex education class is being blamed for a Harrowgate schoolboy nearly choking to death after constantly swallowing his food without chewing it. “It seems to be a...

Yikes 23.10.12 7:25am
South Yorkshire Police Nominated For International Literature Award For Fiction

Meantime critics raise concerns over claims of mass-plagiarism, refuted in a Police statement, suggesting the documents referred to were merely, “Papers from a Police-run creative writing class,”...

hero2zero 23.10.12 7:12am
'We'll miss Ceefax, but bring on colour TV,' say Isle of Wight residents. 0
DustyBinLaden 23.10.12 7:10am
Nation in shock as X-factor contestant 'makes sounds like Beluga Whale' 1
Screenie 23.10.12 5:21am