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National Conference-Goers Association Conference 2013: Denigrating Innovation

Across the world, innovation is lauded by speaker after speaker at event after event, but basically we're sick of it aren't we? You've done something new, oh aren't you clever? In an age when nothing...

Sir Lupus 10.01.13 2:53pm
Dick Everyman
'Half of all household food is wasted' agrees wife of Piers Morgan 0
charlies_hat 10.01.13 1:46pm
Manchester to be new 'super prison' in coalition justice plan 0
Mandy Lifeboat 10.01.13 1:10pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Andrew Marr in more stroke controversy 1
custard cream 10.01.13 12:33pm
Research claims increase in violent crime due to lead piping in the conservatory 0
Ian Searle 10.01.13 12:33pm
Ian Searle
Mask industry faces change 0
Not Amused 10.01.13 12:23pm
Not Amused
Sales rise at Bristol Yachts 0
simonjmr 10.01.13 12:21pm
Labour lose pub quiz after failing to provide a single answer

The Labour Party have suffered a major defeat in the annual Westminster New Year's pub quiz. Following 12 rounds, each containing 10 questions, the pub quiz captain, Ed 'universally challenged'...

Bourbon 10.01.13 11:28am
Cheating barista’s wife finds grounds for divorce 1
Stan 10.01.13 10:39am
Torys lose pub quiz after failing to answer a single answer correctly

The Tory Party have suffered a major defeat in the annual Westminster New Year's pub quiz. Following 12 rounds, each containing 10 questions, the pub quiz captain, Dave 'universally challenged'...

Bourbon 10.01.13 10:34am
Frontline troops winning war on siphonaptera 0
simonjmr 10.01.13 10:20am
BBC's Stargazing programme to show live footage of Marr's operation 0
charlies_hat 09.01.13 11:38pm
Margate Hairdressers To Offer 'While You Wait' Service 1
SJM 09.01.13 11:34pm
Sir Lupus
Last posting dates for Blue Monday cards

This year the official Most Depressing Day of the Year is January 21st. That's two days earlier than last year – so don't get caught out (imagine how bad that would feel) and make sure you send...

Sir Lupus 09.01.13 11:23pm
Sir Lupus
Essex Man Finds District Line Tube Train Behind Garden Shed

An Essex man has unearthed a fully preserved London Underground train with the metal detector he was given for Christmas. Terry Muswell from Epping was out scanning for possible Roman coins and...

SJM 09.01.13 11:06pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Danny La Rue found to have poor fuel efficiency due to high coefficient of drag 0
Smart Alex 09.01.13 11:04pm
Smart Alex
Dog shit on Mars

Tests carried out by the Mars Exploration Rover have discovered a substance thought to be dog shit, on the surface of Mars. The discovery has taken everybody at NASA by surprise and could prove to...

benrussell 09.01.13 10:52pm
Jessops poor management focus leaves business exposed 6
charlies_hat 09.01.13 10:46pm
Worlds most insular country warns UK not to become too insular 1
custard cream 09.01.13 10:40pm
Atom fails to become a Noble gas after it is revealed it was once a Free Radical

An attempt at some chemistry humour there!...

Ian Searle 09.01.13 10:12pm
Elderly Woman Mislays Reading Glasses in SpecSavers 0
SJM 09.01.13 9:58pm
Ostrich Farmers in Denial Over Industry Recession 0
SJM 09.01.13 9:56pm
Government Confirms Plans to Re-introduce Street Urchins and Guttersnipes 0
SJM 09.01.13 9:54pm
More Catholic child abuse accusations. Paedophile priest blames Altar Ego 0
brownpaperreporter 09.01.13 8:41pm
Budding football commentators over the moon with new master-classes

Professional football commentator and television presenter Adrian Chiles is to share the secret of his enormous success in a series of master classes. Each class will offer budding sports monkeys a...

Dick Everyman 09.01.13 7:29pm
Dick Everyman
Jim Henson and J K Rowling to sue over "badger" parliamentary nicknames

Author J K Rowling and puppet-master Jim Henson are to mount a class action after learning that the names of some of their characters have been applied by British MPs to the two Ministers in charge...

geokay 09.01.13 7:05pm
Cornwall Tourist Chiefs ready to exploit "The Dead Badger Factor"

Concerned that a possible badger cull in August 2013 may affect visitor numbers to Cornwall, the county’s tourist chiefs are planning to use the cull to create a Badger Bonanza of attractions. A...

geokay 09.01.13 7:00pm
Les still miserable despite success of movie

Les Tomkins, a retired window cleaner from Doncaster is still miserable despite the multi-million pound movie made about his life story and tipped to win a number of Oscars. Known in Doncaster by his...

nickb 09.01.13 4:53pm
Network Rail announce £37.5bn investment in replacement bus services

A £37.5bn plan to make rail travellers more comfortable by putting them all on buses has been announced by Network Rail. The plan will cover the five years up to 2019 and will see more trains than...

Vince Cables Gran 09.01.13 4:16pm
Channel 5 announces new gameshow, Skivers Vs Strivers

Ulrika Jonsson and Vinne Jones are to front a new Channel 5 reality show [i]Skivers Vs Strivers[/i], which the programme makers say ‘pits disgruntled middle-income worker drones against feckless...

Darkbill 2.0 09.01.13 3:48pm