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Emperor resigns amid questions over expenses claimed for "new clothes" 1
sydalg 02.02.14 10:12pm
Lib Dem MP 'Storms, floods punishment from God for voting 'no' to AV'

There was consternation in the Liberal Democrats as an MP blogged ‘The floods in Somerset are a warning from God – they are Divine retribution for the country rejecting the Alternative Vote...

Patrickmichaelkenny 02.02.14 10:02pm
10 things you should know about numbered lists on the Internet:

#1 The first thing on the list is usually worth posting, [i]but not always[/i]., #2 Because it’s a list, people will stick with it for a little while in case it gets better., #3 Buzzfeed and the...

BillyBitzer 02.02.14 9:54pm
Union outrage as Bob Crow pictured without a silly hat on.

More follows...

Njinski 02.02.14 9:51pm
'Rubenesque' insulting to women, men warned

Men have been warned not to describe women as "Rubenesque" when trying to reassure them about their weight. Alan Walters, whose girlfriend put on several kilograms after comfort eating provoked by...

londons_burning 02.02.14 9:18pm
Hoffman sees no more. Soon. 0
Al OPecia 02.02.14 8:21pm
Al OPecia
Michael Gove to hire Dr. Beeching as new OFSTED chief

Education Secretary Michael Gove is continuing with his plan to equip British students to compete in the global 21st century market by returning them to the 1950's, in a move that has delighted Daily...

Mike Peters 02.02.14 8:01pm
Mike Peters
Horse kills Seymour Hoffman at the start of the Year of the Horse 0
simonjmr 02.02.14 7:52pm
Cameron Putsch: Gove in beer hall "merely for refreshment" 0
Ref Minor 02.02.14 6:26pm
Ref Minor
England take positives from Ashes tour: “The plane’s touched down”... 1
Tripod 02.02.14 6:19pm
Ref Minor
Scottish Independence will change car names, warn industry sector chiefs.

The Vauxhall Corsa (horrible little car) will be known as a Nova Scotia north of the border! There is a lovely little pun about the Volkswagon Golf as well, because Scotland is famous for the sport....

cleverandfunny 02.02.14 6:18pm
Michael Gove: Catherine of Aragon axed "to refresh the Tudor Monarchy" 0
AReader 02.02.14 6:06pm
Taking Kevin Rowland’s words to heart, local man comes on Eileen... 1
Tripod 02.02.14 6:05pm
Cameron pledges to reduce red tape by replacing it with Tory-blue tape 0
Plot126 02.02.14 5:44pm
Titanic band reunion "unlikely to be original line-up" 1
sydalg 02.02.14 4:28pm
Satanist gets lost on skiing holiday after forgetting number of the piste 1
sydalg 02.02.14 4:27pm
ITV4 schedulers to assist with dredging operation

Somerset council have recruited ITV4 schedulers to assist with with dredging. "We needed someone with expertise for pulling out old rubbish from the depths and they ticked all the boxes.", said a...

apepper 02.02.14 4:19pm
Woody Allen to star in film about a dysfunctional prisoner in NYC 0
Bigglesworth 02.02.14 3:08pm
energy saving bulbs at risk of diabetes

Doctors recommend a minimum of 150 lumens a week...

cleverandfunny 02.02.14 2:19pm
Norovirus garnish ill-advised admits Heston. 0
MADJEZ 02.02.14 2:18pm
Woody Allen & Roman Polanski to collaberate.... On a double-date not a film. 0
MADJEZ 02.02.14 1:47pm
Historic compromise agreed - teenagers to speak with sub-titles 5
Oxbridge 02.02.14 1:38pm
Mr Target
Weeding school grounds not as good as waterboarding, educationalists say

School punishments announced by Michael Gove will not be as effective as waterboarding or a good thrashing, according to educationalists. The education secretary said that unruly pupils should be...

roybland 02.02.14 12:50pm
Crowds warned to keep way from the Gove-rn Bore

Three severe warnings are in place, following a surge of propaganda from the education secretary Michael Gove, and there is still a risk from the high levels of bullshit flooding out of the mouth. ...

Ian Searle 02.02.14 12:27pm
Woody Allen’s family tree to be filmed... as a trilogy... 0
Tripod 02.02.14 12:24pm
England: “We’ve decided to stop playing cricket. No... no particular reason”... 0
Tripod 02.02.14 12:14pm
Inbreeding celebrated as Somerset family's webbed feet help movement in floods. 0
dominic_mcg 02.02.14 11:23am
Scorsese to film Michael Gove biopic

Martin Scorsese has confirmed that Leonardo DiCaprio will take the title role in his upcoming biopic of the charming, sharply-suited, psychotically ambitious Education Secretary Michael Gove,working...

blokefromstoke 02.02.14 10:50am
Ref Minor
Tory sympathisers united as Gove looks for final solution

Unrest is growing among labour and liberal supporters after reports emerged of a mass exodus of ‘their kind’ from public bodies, instigated by MP Michael Gove. The swift and brutal removal of...

kga6 02.02.14 10:46am
French writer tours garages in search of le MOT juste 3
sydalg 02.02.14 10:46am
Ref Minor