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The Queen Touched My Knee Under The Table. BBC Man Claims

Following hard on the heels of the BBC's Frank Gardener claiming that Her Majesty The Queen had discussed the extradition of rogue muslim cleric Abu Hamza with him during a private gathering,...

Jonny Shlep 27.09.12 1:41pm
Sun journalists urged to improve grammar. Rupert Murdoch unavailable for comma 0
MahoganyGas 27.09.12 1:08pm
Plankton discoveries vastly increase biodiversity of Lib Dem Conference

A team of scientists will detail their discovery of more than one million new species of plankton during a two-and-a-half-day inspection of the 2012 Lib Dem conference. The team from the Tara...

simonjmr 27.09.12 12:57pm
MacKenzie claims he tried to publish truth. Rupert Murdoch demands apology 0
MahoganyGas 27.09.12 12:54pm
Kelvin MacKenzie demands apology. Rupert Murdoch "unavailable for comment" 0
MahoganyGas 27.09.12 12:50pm
Tiger Woods admits he has no talent: "I've been very very lucky for 30 years" 0
MahoganyGas 27.09.12 12:39pm
Infamous 1940's battleship HMS Kelvin MacKenzie scuttled

As dawn broke over London this morning the crippled 45,000 ton battleship Kelvin MacKenzie was listing heavily at her berth and sinking fast. Her rusty 15 inch guns belching smoke after one final...

27.09.12 12:36pm
Greek journalists protest at 'medieval' conditions

At the Corinth Chronicle, the daily struggle to produce a newspaper has already begun. And as the austerity measures begin to bite, all is not well in the print department "It's no joke trying to...

FlashArry 27.09.12 12:13pm
Well-Known Skiver Quits His Job For A Few Days.....

And heads for the bright lights of New York., Moral: Don't let a man skive off like this!...

Jesse Bigg 27.09.12 11:23am
Jesse Bigg
Channel 4 live drugs trial results affected by Jon Snow's tie claim 0
custard cream 27.09.12 11:05am
custard cream
“I am not a ham actor” claims Clegg

In front of a global audience of about ten people at the LibDem conference Nick Clegg today tried to convince his reflection in the mirror about his convictions. “Let me say this” said the...

Reg Herring 27.09.12 10:46am
Reg Herring
High anxiety pill use "worrying" 0
Not Amused 27.09.12 10:18am
Not Amused
Cameron on Letterman, forgets name of his Deputy 0
Sinnick 27.09.12 9:18am
Cameron shows he's thick enough to be a U.S. President

Have you been mis-sold a PPE degree?...

Lucy4 27.09.12 9:09am
Research reveals Rochdale weddings average 8 grooms per bridesmaid 0
cinquecento 27.09.12 9:08am
David Cameron to appear on Jeremy Kyle...Maybe Loose Women.

Following his successful, if utterly pointless attempt to win over the American public, who don't vote in UK elections, David Cameron has decided to appear on the Jeremy Kyle show in order to appeal...

moanygit 27.09.12 7:08am
Rowling announces Potter "Directors Cut" to be titled "50 Shades of Harry"

Subsequent Books to be retitled: "50 House elves more" and "Ejaculatium!"...

moanygit 27.09.12 6:49am
Alternative Comparison Website for Students Announced

The Government has announced plans for a comparison website to allow potential students to easily compare information about universities., Institutions will be graded on key areas such as the...

Queen of Tarts 27.09.12 6:00am
Queen of Tarts
Party Conference Season Sees Rise in Wind Farm Output

More hot air soon...

Quaz 26.09.12 11:47pm
Cinema owners concerned at worldwide shortage of Maltesers.

OMEC, the Organisation of Malteser Exporting Countries, has announced that it would consider increasing production of Maltesers if demand remains high. A spokesman for OMEC said "We do have the...

Maverick 26.09.12 10:43pm
Lib Dem conference 2013: Clegg reviews policy promises

In his speech to next year’s Lib Dem conference, Nick Clegg pointed proudly to the “very real influence” that his party had had on Coalition policies. “In 2012 we said that pensions could be...

Sir Lupus 26.09.12 9:35pm
Sir Lupus
“Go back to your constituencies”, says Clegg, “and prepare for humiliation”... 1
Tripod 26.09.12 8:52pm
Question 1: If a teacher shags underage pupil, how many years can he expect? 29
Tripod 26.09.12 8:39pm
Lib Dems prefer ranting about wealth tax to figuring out how to tax Amazon... 0
deskpilot3 26.09.12 8:33pm
Plan to train badgers to cull themselves

The Government is considering a plan proposed by the MOD to train badgers to replace marksman by 2015. "We are confident that local badgers are in the best position to spot sufferers of TB and to...

apepper 26.09.12 7:59pm
Lib Dem relief at return to inventing policies they will not need to implement 1
antharrison 26.09.12 7:17pm
Airforce1 to be fitted with opening windows if Romney wins. 2
sigmund 26.09.12 7:15pm
School girls to wear burkas...

In Mathis lessons and on ferries...

Cinders 26.09.12 7:06pm
Hubble telescope gets clearest ever picture of Pippa Middleton's bottom

The Hubble space telescope has spent the last three weeks focusing itself on just one heavenly body - that of Pippa Middleton, sister to royalty. Pippa is best known for her very shapely derriere, as...

BaronVonNoodle 26.09.12 6:31pm
Greek General Strike - Massive productivity rise reported 0
reforse 26.09.12 6:31pm