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Overcrowded privatised prison inmates not impressed with share options 0
charlies_hat 09.01.13 8:32am
Horrific Japan Airlines Dreamliner Fire Worse in the Imagination

Japan Airlines today said that a horrific fire that broke out on one of its Boeing 787 Dreamliners while parked and not-filled with passengers in Boston was minor and dealt with quickly by ground...

BleepingTom 09.01.13 8:01am
Bowie offers to sign his new single at Our Price and Woolworths.

To help promote his new 7-inch single, David Bowie has offered to tour the country signing copies at branches of Our Price and Woolworths. "I'm really looking forward to meeting 'all the young dudes'...

Boutros 09.01.13 8:01am
School kids to get free breakfast. Soggy chips and Blackpool rock. 0
MADJEZ 09.01.13 1:50am
Lady golfer stung by bee between first and second holes.

"I keep telling her that her stance is too wide!" says golf instructor...

Maverick 09.01.13 12:02am
Hermaphrodite told to ‘go fuck itself’. 0
malgor 08.01.13 11:40pm
Coalition release single 'Where are We Now?', sponsored by Rupert Murdoch

In a bold move, the Coalition have released a single and video track on iTunes, showing David Cameron and Nick Clegg singing "Where Are We Now?". It will be followed by a new album, entitled 'The...

pinxit 08.01.13 11:32pm
Police investigate Paddington station in 'leaks for cash' inquiry

More 30p leaks soon...

Not Amused 08.01.13 9:23pm
Not Amused
BBC confirms Stargazing programme on sky not Sky 0
custard cream 08.01.13 8:52pm
custard cream
Differential benefit cuts begin with a benefits 'flat cap' in Barnsley


custard cream 08.01.13 8:15pm
custard cream
Coalition attracts corporate money by claiming it’s the real thing

Following criticism of Prime Minister David Cameron’s description of the coalition as ‘doing what it says on the tin’, the government has admitted that it is being paid handsomely by worldwide...

Midfield Diamond 08.01.13 8:07pm
Leaked document shows coalition plans to cut Benefit of the Doubt

A leaked document from the coalition's mid-term relaunch has revealed that the government intends to remove the benefit of the doubt for personal taxpayers while increasing it for larger corporations...

Not Amused 08.01.13 7:52pm
Not Amused
Savile Inquiry latest - police arrest Nookie Bear and Cuddles the Monkey 1
custard cream 08.01.13 7:37pm
Psychologist spends 25 years studying excessive gaming habits 2
kga6 08.01.13 7:04pm
Tax credits and benefits to be 'stamped out' - breaking news - 2

In the quest to simplify the morass of tax credits and welfare benefits, the government is to trial a novel cashless scheme, first pioneered in the 1940s....

Squudge 08.01.13 6:39pm
Friends with benefits declining say young people 0
Dick Everyman 08.01.13 6:35pm
Dick Everyman
“End of the world back on schedule”, say delighted soothsayers...

Jim Kelly, a spokesman for the National Association of Psychics, Soothsayers, Fortune Tellers and Ancillary Workers in the Bogus Prophesy Businesses, told cheering crowds yesterday that the end of...

Tripod 08.01.13 6:27pm
Stupid people look for love on Uninformed Dating.Com 0
nickb 08.01.13 6:12pm
Government launches religious regulation with OfGod

In a bid to reduce the growing problem of the mis-selling of religion, the government has announced it is to set up a new regulatory body, OfGod. The new organisation will have powers to fine any...

Perks 08.01.13 5:24pm
Angela Knight CBE to head up British Gropers and Fiddlers Association 1
Drylaw 08.01.13 4:51pm
It's 'Calm Down Deer!' as West African lions threatened with extinction 0
Drylaw 08.01.13 4:36pm
John OFarrell here

just a word to say thanks for all the great stuff your writing and everything everyone but,please remember the poor,I dont wont to put you all on a downer but when you leave your place of work this...

Thubs Swirlim 08.01.13 3:08pm
Jesse Bigg
Top 1% of scroungers to wear benefit caps

more caps soon Changed as per Sinnick's suggestion from:, MPs vote to give benefit caps for the top 1% unemployed to wear to identify them...

Not Amused 08.01.13 3:08pm
Not Amused
Doyles and Jeckells report best ever December sails figures 0
simonjmr 08.01.13 2:52pm
Cycle Path At Mental Hospital Closed.....

For further treatment...

Jesse Bigg 08.01.13 2:50pm
Jesse Bigg
Well, Fair Welfare Well Fair

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA pikeys on the dole, Tra la la la la...

Bourbon 08.01.13 12:52pm
Not enough pension? Try this simple old-fashioned trick

Sinnick 08.01.13 12:48pm
World Chess Federation changes rules for bishops

In light of recent concerns with the celibacy of gay bishops, FIDE, the World Chess Federation has announced that the rules of chess will be changed for matches played in 2013 and beyond. From now...

flyerblade 08.01.13 12:41pm
Stargazing live and Celebrity Big Brother in legal dispute

BBC claim the Channel 5 program has no right to the Stargazing Live titles, as their show contains no real stars - either astronomical or celebrity. More soon...

simonjmr 08.01.13 12:05pm
Guns and apes form basis of new religion - Hestontology 0
simonjmr 08.01.13 12:02pm