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Lib Dems prefer ranting about wealth tax to figuring out how to tax Amazon... 0
deskpilot3 26.09.12 8:33pm
Plan to train badgers to cull themselves

The Government is considering a plan proposed by the MOD to train badgers to replace marksman by 2015. "We are confident that local badgers are in the best position to spot sufferers of TB and to...

apepper 26.09.12 7:59pm
Lib Dem relief at return to inventing policies they will not need to implement 1
antharrison 26.09.12 7:17pm
Airforce1 to be fitted with opening windows if Romney wins. 2
sigmund 26.09.12 7:15pm
School girls to wear burkas...

In Mathis lessons and on ferries...

Cinders 26.09.12 7:06pm
Hubble telescope gets clearest ever picture of Pippa Middleton's bottom

The Hubble space telescope has spent the last three weeks focusing itself on just one heavenly body - that of Pippa Middleton, sister to royalty. Pippa is best known for her very shapely derriere, as...

BaronVonNoodle 26.09.12 6:31pm
Greek General Strike - Massive productivity rise reported 0
reforse 26.09.12 6:31pm
Anti-capitalist protesters admit "we were wrong"

The anti-capitalist group Beg For Change have announced that they made an "error of judgement" last year when they took part in the Occupy London demonstrations. The group took past in the protests...

BaronVonNoodle 26.09.12 6:15pm
Mitt Romney to commission world's first convertible plane 0
Psycadelic Squirrel 26.09.12 5:50pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Cameron sends entire police force on Pleb Awareness course

David Cameron announced that the recent Westminster gate affair had brought to light the need for certain people to become more aware of their behaviour. "I have booked the entire police force on a...

MahoganyGas 26.09.12 5:37pm
Fed Up Mum Finally Calls Time On 55 Year Old Internet Troll Son

An exasperated 75 year old widow has finally called time on her internet trolling 55 year old son and asked that he move out of the 2 bedroom council flat they share in Leeds. Beryl Duncan said the...

26.09.12 5:04pm
Goldilocks appears on 'Who do you think you are'

turns out she has forebears...

riesler 26.09.12 4:12pm
'Drink Courage!' Clegg urges Liberal Democrats 0
DustyBinLaden 26.09.12 4:02pm
Rolling Stones Set To Announce Eagerly Anticipated 2013 "Grim Reaper Tour"

Speculation is growing that the Rolling Stones are set to announce their worldwide “Grim Reaper Tour” to mark their 50th anniversary. Frontman Sir Mick Jagger set tongues wagging a few days ago...

26.09.12 3:49pm
Public: "Nick Clegg out of control" 0
Squudge 26.09.12 3:45pm
Drone Strike: Queen Bees threaten mass headache if Army is put on standby 0
MahoganyGas 26.09.12 3:33pm
Swimmer who disrupted Boat Race sent up Shit Creek... 0
Tripod 26.09.12 3:03pm
Tory MPs to be issued with ‘List of people not to piss off’

Despite a disagreement between government Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell and police officers on duty in Downing Street recently, the Metropolitan Police deny that their attitude to dealing with...

Midfield Diamond 26.09.12 3:02pm
Andy Williams no longer Almost There 0
Queen of Tarts 26.09.12 2:26pm
Queen of Tarts
Bishop Bell end 0
medici2471 26.09.12 2:21pm
Nick Clegg tells conference “This time next year we’ll be Millionaires”

Nick Clegg has delivered a rousing speech to the despondent Liberal democrats on the last day of their conference during which he promised that if they stick with him they would all soon be enjoying...

Rizzo 26.09.12 2:13pm
Trenton Oldfield found guilty of having poncey elitist name.

Pots and kettles, Trenton, pots and kettles...

wallster 26.09.12 1:43pm
Jesus Christ. What next?

Michael Gove yesterday announced plans to reintroduce the true meaning of Christmas back into the school curriculum. He would do this with the help of Christmas authorities such as Argos, Amazon and...

andydog 26.09.12 1:41pm
Public to choose new Archbishop of Canterbury in ‘The Synod’s Got Talent’

A new ITV show, [i]The Synod’s Got Talent,[/i] will select the new Archbishop of Canterbury from a public vote cast by primetime TV viewers. Along with demonstrating their skills in showing how the...

DustyBinLaden 26.09.12 1:37pm
“Homework first”, insists teacher, “and never more than once on a school night”. 0
Tripod 26.09.12 1:11pm
Greek police use teargas. Dutch police prefer weed 0
andydog 26.09.12 12:28pm
Justin Lee Collins to relaunch career with Dossier Who? 0
simonjmr 26.09.12 12:26pm
Cameron hails success of "employing Andrews"

David Cameron confirmed yesterday he remains committed to the core cabinet policy of "employing at least one man called Andrew".  'We've always had great value from  Andys' said the PM. 'Coulson...

SuburbanDad 26.09.12 12:00pm
Rumours of Pukka - Easyjet partnership dismissed as 'Pie in the Sky'

(Sinnick told me to )...

Midfield Diamond 26.09.12 11:57am
Midfield Diamond
Castration researchers no longer have the balls to finish study into longevity 0
thackaray 26.09.12 11:53am