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Norovirus ‘deliberate ingredient of new dessert recipe for bulemics’ says Heston


farmer giles 03.02.14 1:02pm
farmer giles
Call of the wild to be recorded for training purposes 1
sydalg 03.02.14 1:01pm
Final insult as England cricket team lose baggage 0
custard cream 03.02.14 12:57pm
custard cream
Surprise as HS2 tunnelling starts early in High Wycombe 0
Not Amused 03.02.14 12:57pm
Not Amused
Lovesick Lord Nelson complains he could count all of Hardy's kisses on one hand 0
sydalg 03.02.14 12:56pm
Buckinghamshire residents up in arms at Romanian sinkhole appearing in Wycombe. 0
Not Amused 03.02.14 12:54pm
Not Amused
'She' is touted for multiple awards

Romantic. Sad. Funny. Triumphant. Just some of the words critics have used to praise the new film by Spike Jonze, 'Her'. 'She' tells the tale of a lonely man who falls in love with a smartphone....

hughesroland 03.02.14 12:51pm
Music extravaganza interrupted by irrelevant ball game

Rock fans and devotees of ‘girls jiggling’ were left furious, as the coverage of Super Bowl XLVIII was disrupted by twenty two men invading the pitch at MetLife Stadium; armed with motorcycle...

Wrenfoe 03.02.14 12:46pm
Paddy Berzinski
Hose Pipe ban imminent says Ofwat boss!

BREAKING NEWS Yes after just three days without rain Ofwat's boss has warned that countrywide hose pipe bans are essential to maintain the nation's water supply. He added that these restrictions...

2escapees 03.02.14 12:44pm
Government help at last for Somerset residents:

Futility Clinics to be provided by NHS outreach department...

christophergriffin 03.02.14 11:20am
Amazon pulls pop-up book following Kindle disasters.

Popular children’s book “Harry The Hippo’s Massive Yawn” has been withdrawn from sale on download sites following reports that the spectacular pop-up centre-page section, depicting the main...

Boutros 03.02.14 10:55am
New Bond Movie "Govefinger" Title song released

Govefinger, Music by John Barry, Lyrics not by Leslie Bricusse or Anthony Newley, Not originally performed by Shirley Bassey, (but if helps if you imagine she did.), Add in brass big band...

blokefromstoke 03.02.14 10:32am
BBC still working on holocaust angle

BBC feature writers must come up with an angle connecting holocaust survivors with Somerset flood victims before the news story dies or jobs will go warned editor Jon Jacob., Despite the story...

Gerontius 03.02.14 9:18am
"Keep Calm And ...".

Why haven't we in NB got our own mugs / tee shirts / beer mats with a suitable "Keep Calm " slogan? Something like "Keep Calm and Take The Piss" ? Any better slogans?...

Titus 03.02.14 8:32am
Laws and Morgan ordered to remove graffiti from Gove’s house and given 100 lines 0
farmer giles 03.02.14 8:03am
farmer giles
Bruno Mars concert interrupted with scenes of violence 0
Dumbnews 03.02.14 3:22am
Doctors confirm Seymour Hoffman 'not just acting' 0
pere floza 02.02.14 11:39pm
pere floza
SOMERSET WETLANDS FLOODED - 'We can't move for them!' say distressed residents

Reporters, camera crews and sound technicians have made life unbearable for the hard pressed inhabitants of low lying west country farmlands in recent weeks. 'You can't wade down the street without...

Roj48 02.02.14 10:59pm
Emily Bronte 'disappointed she had to pose in underwear to promote new book'

Excited researchers from Bradford University have been digesting newly-found diaries by Emily Bronte. According to one academic ‘She was very happy to feature in GQ magazine along with Anne and...

Patrickmichaelkenny 02.02.14 10:12pm
Emperor resigns amid questions over expenses claimed for "new clothes" 1
sydalg 02.02.14 10:12pm
Lib Dem MP 'Storms, floods punishment from God for voting 'no' to AV'

There was consternation in the Liberal Democrats as an MP blogged ‘The floods in Somerset are a warning from God – they are Divine retribution for the country rejecting the Alternative Vote...

Patrickmichaelkenny 02.02.14 10:02pm
10 things you should know about numbered lists on the Internet:

#1 The first thing on the list is usually worth posting, [i]but not always[/i]., #2 Because it’s a list, people will stick with it for a little while in case it gets better., #3 Buzzfeed and the...

BillyBitzer 02.02.14 9:54pm
Union outrage as Bob Crow pictured without a silly hat on.

More follows...

Njinski 02.02.14 9:51pm
'Rubenesque' insulting to women, men warned

Men have been warned not to describe women as "Rubenesque" when trying to reassure them about their weight. Alan Walters, whose girlfriend put on several kilograms after comfort eating provoked by...

londons_burning 02.02.14 9:18pm
Hoffman sees no more. Soon. 0
Al OPecia 02.02.14 8:21pm
Al OPecia
Michael Gove to hire Dr. Beeching as new OFSTED chief

Education Secretary Michael Gove is continuing with his plan to equip British students to compete in the global 21st century market by returning them to the 1950's, in a move that has delighted Daily...

Mike Peters 02.02.14 8:01pm
Mike Peters
Horse kills Seymour Hoffman at the start of the Year of the Horse 0
simonjmr 02.02.14 7:52pm
Cameron Putsch: Gove in beer hall "merely for refreshment" 0
Ref Minor 02.02.14 6:26pm
Ref Minor
England take positives from Ashes tour: “The plane’s touched down”... 1
Tripod 02.02.14 6:19pm
Ref Minor
Scottish Independence will change car names, warn industry sector chiefs.

The Vauxhall Corsa (horrible little car) will be known as a Nova Scotia north of the border! There is a lovely little pun about the Volkswagon Golf as well, because Scotland is famous for the sport....

cleverandfunny 02.02.14 6:18pm