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Charlotte Church: 'Big boys made me dress like a prostitute'

Charlotte Church today revealed that when she was younger, she was made to dress like a prostitute by some big boys, and that it wasn't her decision at all. She told a news conference today that she...

John Wiltshire 15.10.13 12:45pm
Police Admit: OK Azelle Rodney Was Unarmed "But ... Er ... He Called Us 'Plebs'.

You know it must be true; the police said it was...

Titus 15.10.13 12:36pm
Amateur performers botch up John Cage’s 4’33”

An ensemble of enthusiastic amateur musicians have received overwhelming criticism for their “inadequate” rendition of John Cage’s 4’33”., , One reviewer called attention to the...

TobiasBV 15.10.13 11:07am
'Blood in urine' - no longer a sign of good health

A public health campaign seeks to dispel that myth that bleeding from an orifice is ‘a desirable by-product of a healthy lifestyle’. Recent radical findings suggest that gleefully gushing blood...

Wrenfoe 15.10.13 10:58am
Badger admits falsifying 'killer spider' story to deflect attention from cull

A crafty badger has today admitted to circulating a misleading and factually incorrect story about 'man-eating death spiders', in a desperate bid to lead the publics' attention away from the mass...

Jesus H 15.10.13 10:12am
Jesus H
Royal Mail flotation pushing the envelope 0
nyarlathotep 15.10.13 7:46am
12 year old from Hackney has mid-life crisis

Benji Hanwell, a 12 year old from Hackney, has had a mid-life crisis. The change first occurred when Benji noticed he was starting to grow facial hair, a classic sign of becoming aged in Hackney....

TobiasBV 14.10.13 11:06pm
Charles Manson claims: The voices in my head are giving me silent treatment 0
JimHenson 14.10.13 11:00pm
Miranda offers reward to find why anyone finds her funny 0
topfotogmw 14.10.13 10:03pm
Alex Ferguson demands street named after him be extended to fit another goal in 0
Sir Lupus 14.10.13 9:49pm
Sir Lupus
Gap year Back-packer decides he has 'discovered' too much about himself

A 19 year old, who prefers to remain anonymous, has cut short his gap-year travels out, of fear of discovering any more about himself. He says he decided to put-off higher education for a year and...

TobiasBV 14.10.13 9:31pm
Sir Lupus
Philosopher who moonlights as actor explains: "I think therefore I ham" 1
sydalg 14.10.13 9:26pm
Sir Lupus
Banksy Accused Of Fraud After Falsely Selling Original Works As Copies 0
Titus 14.10.13 9:09pm
Dr Watson fed up with patients saying “No shit, Sherlock” at obvious diagnoses 5
Midfield Diamond 14.10.13 7:57pm
‘Jury still out’ on divine intervention, says man who missed train crash

James Arnold, the London man who miraculously missed, last week, a North-bound train he was scheduled to be on, which was tragically fated to crash, killing all passengers, says he still refuses to...

TobiasBV 14.10.13 7:56pm
Peace As China Withdraws Army Of Occupation And Simply Buys Tibet For Cash 1
Titus 14.10.13 6:28pm
UKIP gives full support to "Muslim-free schools". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 14.10.13 6:17pm
Al OPecia
Man who 'reported an error to Microsoft' in 1997 finally receives solution

Thomas Green, a delivery driver from Yeovil has finally rid himself of a 'sixteen year ordeal' today, after an 'error report' he sent to Microsoft in 1997 finally returned, via email, with a solution...

Jesus H 14.10.13 6:15pm
Jimmy Savile to be probed 30 times...what goes around, comes around 0
irreverendJ 14.10.13 6:02pm
New facebook feature auto-completes cliche status updates 0
Dumbnews 14.10.13 5:38pm
Vicky Pryce to release her book "Some Big Boys did it and ran away". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 14.10.13 5:34pm
Al OPecia
Vicky Pryce to relese memoir "An unexamined wife". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 14.10.13 5:28pm
Al OPecia
Government "must show Chinese tourist benefit proof" says UKIP. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 14.10.13 5:27pm
Al OPecia
Trip to Whitby arcade shows kids what blowing aliens up was like in the old days 0
TobiasBV 14.10.13 5:08pm
China To Be Moved To A Different River ...

following Cameron's decision to stop calling China 'A sweatshop on the River Po'...

Titus 14.10.13 4:36pm
Missing Dr Who Viewers Found Behind Sofa Cushions in Warehouse

9 Children who went missing in the 1960s and 70s whilst watching Dr Who and the Daleks have been found alive and well in a used furniture warehouse in Nigeria. The missing children, aged between 6...

Flugelbinder 14.10.13 4:30pm
Vampire hunter 'Out for the Count' 1
Smart Alex 14.10.13 4:26pm
Mother Teresa attributes her kindness to having never driven a car 0
Dumbnews 14.10.13 4:18pm
Chinese conclude Osborne and Johnson clinching argument for truth of communism 0
roybland 14.10.13 4:01pm
Don't call China a sweatshop says man turning UK into a sweatshop 0
roybland 14.10.13 4:00pm