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Claim of new in-tune Hendrix bootleg divides rock scholars

The world of rock music was thrown into a bitter dispute today following claims that a hitherto undiscovered live bootleg recording of Jimi Hendrix has been unearthed where the legendary guitarist is...

Duff 24.02.14 7:01pm
Al OPecia
BBC moves to axe drivel from live sports commentary

As the Winter Olympic flame sputters out there is news today that will gladden the hearts of pedants across the country, for The BBC is finally grasping the nettle on the thorny issue of sports...

Duff 24.02.14 7:00pm
Al OPecia
Schrödinger's khat both legal and illegal, explains Theresa May 8
sydalg 24.02.14 6:47pm
Harold Ramis still hoping to appear in Ghostbusters second sequel

"It's just one of those things", Ramis told us via Ouija Board. "We all want it to happen, but getting everyone together at the same time it logistically difficult. As a ghost, I'm finding myself...

Adrian Bamforth 24.02.14 6:31pm
American dream ap-Piers to be in tatters

Former tabloid editor, Piers Morgan, was today putting on a brave face as he is forced to come to terms with the stark reality that he's about to join a long line of Brits who have found themselves...

Duff 24.02.14 6:27pm
Hague warns Russia to respect democracy, as mob ousts elected Ukraine President. 1
MADJEZ 24.02.14 6:06pm
Celebrity shuns social media claiming it is the mark of amateurs 0
Dumbnews 24.02.14 6:02pm
'Enormous lake of garlic butter' at centre of Yanukovych's Kiev estate 4
pere floza 24.02.14 5:21pm
Ref Minor
Obituary - Michael "Mickey" Tiddler

Following a short illness showbiz veteran, Michael “Mickey” Tiddler, has passed away peacefully in his sleep at his East End home surrounded by his family earlier today. Tiddler, loved...

Duff 24.02.14 4:51pm
Yanukovych palace doesn't have duck-house

The lavish country estate of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych doesn't have a floating duck-house - or a moat, it has been revealed. The finding by activists who entered the palace has placated...

roybland 24.02.14 4:26pm
UK rain chaos unrelated to Ukraine chaos 0
custard cream 24.02.14 4:16pm
custard cream
Concerns as Qatar’s 2022 Winter Olympic bid heats up

The Gulf nation is determined to secure the games in line with recent policy drafted into the constitution to make Qatar a “beacon of impossible, world sporting achievement.” Concerns have been...

Judas OTownayles 24.02.14 2:19pm
Judas OTownayles
Radio 1 to downgrade DJs from ‘perverts to crooks’

In what is being seen as another cost-cutting measure by the BBC, their flagship radio station has been forced to curtail expensive ‘extra-curricular activities’ by their presenters and offer...

Wrenfoe 24.02.14 2:12pm
A Handy Guide to Nationalists

Scots Nationalists: They are not Fascists or Racists. They only want to rule their own country in their own way and will not use violence ever, as they they do not need to at the moment., Irish...

vulture1 24.02.14 2:11pm
Increased recycling leads to 'cor blimey trousers' makers going out of business 0
Ian Searle 24.02.14 12:57pm
Ian Searle
US comedy singer Weird Al unmasked as missing Ukrainian president Yanukovych. 1
therustler 24.02.14 12:53pm
Winter Olympics 'Legacy Camps' await medal-less Russian athletes

Undecorated Russian competitors are to get a second chance at snow-based activities in 'Olympic Legacy Camps'. In compounds across Siberia, Olympians will be encouraged to take part in new winter...

Adrian Bamforth 24.02.14 12:48pm
Death Row inmate records Sinatra tribute album, 'Come Fry With Me' 0
sydalg 24.02.14 12:27pm
Man who tried to twist sheep's head off admits assisting ewe-cranium revolution 1
Smart Alex 24.02.14 11:54am
'Stop taking photos of our food' plead French chefs

A group of French chefs have criticised diners for taking photos of their food.24hrs after eating it., Chef Aleandre Goutier complained that diners at his restaurant in Paris were taking snap-shots...

Gerontius 24.02.14 9:21am
World’s Worst Pedestrians Gather in Oxford Street for 2014 World Championships

Spectators and judges have hailed a vintage field of competitors in the World Kamikaze Pedestrian Championships held this weekend in Oxford Street.This pavement classic ranks alongside the Paris...

blokefromstoke 24.02.14 7:57am
Sky secure rights to Klitschko vs Putin bout

In an extraordinary coup d'étwat, global media tycoon Rupert 'conveniently missing from the public eye whilst some of his highest profile employees defend the undefendable with the aid of the...

spoole2112 24.02.14 7:23am
Beelzebub rages at comparisons to Putin. 0
GingerClive 24.02.14 7:17am
Baroness Ashton flies into Ukraine to solve crisis

Sorry, wrong website, this is no joke...

vulture1 23.02.14 11:31pm
Lib Dems / UKIP / Greens Invite Cornish Nationalists To Join them In Coalition

Becomes less fantastic by the day...

Titus 23.02.14 11:01pm
D-ream re-issue New Labour's song for Alex Salmond You can walk my path, You can wear my shoes, Let Nicola talk like me, And be an angel too But maybe,...

Squudge 23.02.14 11:00pm
New series of CS Isle of Wight is best ever

CS Isle of Wight star William Roache admitted today that the new series of the all-action forensic detective drama was just what he needed to put his travails behind him. Roache plays heart-throb...

blacklesbianandproudofit 23.02.14 10:57pm
Britons In Sochi Medal In Things They Don't Understand

Apologies to Tripod...

Titus 23.02.14 10:48pm
Qatar Likely to Win Bid For 2022 Winter Olympics

(Retrospective hat tip to deskpilot3)...

Titus 23.02.14 10:41pm
Speaker Decries 'Public School Twitishness' - Prefers State School Twitishness 0
Titus 23.02.14 10:36pm