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New alternate universe arachnophobic Spiderman series fails miserably.

More to come...

Brian Malloy 07.03.12 5:32pm
Brian Malloy
Oil prices rocket following Israeli attack on Iran nuclear facilities 0
nostra da mouse 07.03.12 5:03pm
nostra da mouse
Porn industry welcomes new 'touchy-feely' iPad

I'm writing this before someone else does...

hughesroland 07.03.12 4:51pm
Newschunks - Bitesized clods of News

• Korean manned Space flight programme stalls grounded after Canine test-pilot disappears in mysterious circumstances. • Prince Harry warned by His Grandmother’s Revenue & Customs he WILL...

Newsquelch 07.03.12 11:19pm
The All New Jeni B
Remploy redundancies hailed by Tories as a return to traditional Tory values 0
Duncan Biscuit 07.03.12 3:02pm
Duncan Biscuit
11m Greeks win Euro millions without even buying tickets 0
Duncan Biscuit 07.03.12 3:01pm
Duncan Biscuit
Taxation fears force God to reconsider his ownership of many mansions 0
Duncan Biscuit 07.03.12 3:01pm
Duncan Biscuit
Apple enter Madagascan primate market with launch of the ii

.. enough igags already...

cinquecento 07.03.12 2:59pm
View from platform 5 Willesden Junction to get its own app - iSore 3
ronseal 07.03.12 7:53pm
Mike Ashley to rename Newcastle United to "Sports Direct Union"

Less than a day after a fan was fined £100 for spraying 'St. James' Park' onto the ground of Newcastle United, chairman Mike Ashley has announced that the team itself is to be rebranded 'Sports...

WatcherMark 07.03.12 2:00pm
Diappointment in Homs as Amos not accompanied by Porthos and D'Artagnan 0
cinquecento 07.03.12 1:54pm
Mitt Romney happy to win 6 states, surprised that Vladimir Putin won other 4! 0
Iamthestig 07.03.12 1:17pm
Green Giant agree to broker the middle-east Peas process 0
Iamthestig 07.03.12 1:11pm
Happy Days actor charged over multi-billion dollar 'Fonzi scheme'

More soon.

MADJEZ 07.03.12 1:07pm
Fears of new drought restrictions as songs from The Little River Band dry up

Global warming is also blamed when Robert Redford announces his next film is to be called 'A Stream Runs Through It'...

Ian Searle 07.03.12 1:04pm
Ian Searle
France has too many French people, say foreigners

Following controversial comments on immigrants made by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, people who live in other counties have found common ground in agreeing that the problem with France is that it...

Long Distance Clara 07.03.12 5:18pm
nostra da mouse
Super Tuesday To Be Replaced With Fabulous Wednesday 0
sredni vashta 07.03.12 12:05pm
sredni vashta
Comedy sketch artist fired for just drawing one-liners


Perks 07.03.12 12:00pm
Credit card companies in meltdown

The amount of money lost due to fraud and malpractice by credit card companies fell last year by 7% to £341m - its lowest level for 11 years. Mandy Jackson, of the UK Cards Association, said:...

medici2471 07.03.12 11:48am
Nicolas Sarkozy "France has too many foreigners, just look at Francois Hollande" 0
simonjmr 07.03.12 11:19am
Nicolas Sarkozy says France is too "French" 0
simonjmr 07.03.12 11:17am
Opticians, where ? 0
OldThingy 07.03.12 11:01am
British film company makes 'big noises' over it's silent movie attempt.

Following on from the unbelievable success of ‘The Artist’, a French romantic comedy drama in the style of a black-and-white silent film, British film makers have announced they are also making...

Perks 08.03.12 2:10pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Dominos Pizza wins UK Emergency Service contract

Dominos Pizza today has been unveiled as the winner of the tender to provide the Emergency Serivces within the UK. During the tender process it became clear that Dominos out-performed the current...

simonjmr 07.03.12 10:27am
"Iran could develop nuclear weapons within 45 minutes" - Cameron 1
bonjonelson 07.03.12 2:46pm
Pampered posh bloke tells sycophantic parasites that he loves his Grandmother

Headline news somehow!...

seymour totti 07.03.12 9:38am
seymour totti
Popular support grows for Vince Cable's plans to "Tax other people"

more later...

dvo4fun 07.03.12 10:32am
Government cut out middleman by paying benefits straight to Sky

More to follow...

apepper 07.03.12 10:31am
iPad 3 rumoured to feature automatic "would of" corrector.

In what one industry analyst has described as "a last desperate effort to yank humanity back from the edge of the abyss," Apple's soon-to-be-announced iPad 3 will in all likelihood include a...

Haywood Manley 27.11.12 12:25pm
Police are under resourced as officers are trained to cut red tape

The police are being severely hindered in their jobs as their offices have been over run by a stifling number of red tap cutting machines. Many complain that whenever they try to come out from...

ronseal 07.03.12 7:21am