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Homeopathy regulation "drop in ocean"; that's still too much say homeopaths

More to follow...

apepper 26.10.13 10:55am
Re-hab centre setup for Pringle addicts, "Poppers Stoppers."

Re-hab centre setup for Pringle addicts, "Poppers Stoppers."...

en-hen-man 26.10.13 10:50am
Barbie doll snapped on night out wearing no makeup and looking “porky”

Oh, how the mighty hath fallen. London, Saturday night, 11pm. Glamour and glitz at every turn as beautiful bodies swamp the streets. However, amongst the catatonic choreography, one woman stuck out...

TobiasBV 26.10.13 10:43am
J Vine
Search continues for modest Australian. More to follow.

Search continues for modest Australian. More to follow...

en-hen-man 26.10.13 10:23am
Repentant jewel thief to put the clocks back on Saturday. More soon. 4
dominic_mcg 26.10.13 9:51am
Man Who Failed To Pay Exorcist Is Re-Possessed

First NB Halloween joke this year...

Titus 26.10.13 9:39am
Cameron to replace red tape with blue tape 0
farmer giles 26.10.13 9:10am
farmer giles
RSPCA helpline to offer advice on GMT feeding times for Mogwais. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 26.10.13 8:50am
NSA dismisses ludicrous suggestion that anyone listens to politicians 2
Squudge 26.10.13 7:41am
Police rescue Ginger Child from travelling family not believed to be his parents

The child known as 'Baby HRH' was found with a jobless family who travel around the country in luxury vehicles staying in numerous locations....

MADJEZ 26.10.13 6:54am
Indian TV channel launches new quiz show Namastemind 0
Psycadelic Squirrel 26.10.13 3:14am
Psycadelic Squirrel
Circus looking for someone "of the right calibre" to be shot out of cannon. 4
Maverick 26.10.13 3:06am
Shooting tragedy as SAS turn their Glocks back. 1
Maverick 25.10.13 11:55pm
Dutch walk backwards after turning back the clogs. 1
Maverick 25.10.13 11:54pm
Michael Fish brought in to reassure public ahead of Great Storm of '87 rerun 3
Nowherefast 25.10.13 11:49pm
Authorities remove blonde haired child from dark-coloured Nazareth couple

Local police in the Holy Land have confirmed that they have taken a young blonde haired boy into protective custody after concerns that the couple he was living with might not be his parents....

ianslat 25.10.13 7:43pm
Underwater endurance champion just didn't come up to scratch. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 25.10.13 7:31pm
World's first gay dwarf dating agency offers hope to compressed homosexuals. 0
sredni vashta 25.10.13 7:27pm
sredni vashta
Casual office starts "Formal Mondays" 0
Dumbnews 25.10.13 7:24pm
Italian authorities remove “wooden” child from single toymaker

A rural woodcarver from Tuscany known only as Geppetto was refused police bail last night after authorities removed a young boy from his workshop., The child, referred to in court as “Boy P”,...

beau-jolly 25.10.13 6:42pm
Bumcrack prefers to be referred to as "the bottom line" 0
nickb 25.10.13 5:27pm
Hooker's trick or treat offer rocks rugby world 2
nickb 25.10.13 5:24pm
Paul Hollywood 'snubs' offer of leading role in Fifty Shades of Grey movie

Silver fox and baking big-wig Paul Hollywood has found himself explaining to frustrated film producers why he has 'snubbed' the offer of a leading role in the up-coming movie adaption of the mega-hit...

Jesus H 25.10.13 5:12pm
Prince Philip 'thrilled' as baby George gurgles first racist insult 0
pere floza 25.10.13 3:54pm
pere floza
Woman who demands aural sex gets an earful from her husband 5
sydalg 25.10.13 3:53pm
pere floza
New apps developed to re-simplify simple tasks made complicated by apps 1
Dumbnews 25.10.13 3:33pm
Man gives up wealthy lifestyle in inspiring riches-to-rags story 0
Dumbnews 25.10.13 3:29pm
Online news website to place comments section before the articles 0
Dumbnews 25.10.13 3:27pm
PM Shocked As He Discovers US President Listened To His Calls To Barack

In a Press Conference earlier today Prime Minister David Cameron indicated his shock and disgust on discovering that every call made in the last few years to his mate Barack has been heard by the US...

Deimos 25.10.13 2:30pm
Grangemouth plant saved - will now be used to refine Irn-Bru 0
custard cream 25.10.13 1:49pm
custard cream