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North London looters flee Arsenal trophy-room empty-handed 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Man City line up bid for Man Utd 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Spain’s 'The Indignant' to launch UK branch ‘The Bit Put Out to be Honest’ 0
Duncan Biscuit 3 years
Soaring high street rents for retail units could lead to out of town rioting 3
ronseal 3 years
Looter offered investment by Dragon for his 'Personal Shopper' business model 0
pinxit 3 years
Tottenham latest: calls for independent inquiry led by Murder Dem Pussies crew 1
ronseal 3 years
Al Qaeda downgrades hatred of US from Great to Not so Great Satan 1
ronseal 3 years

China could surpass America in the Satanic Index, if its economic prosperity continues to grow at its current rate. Cautious Al Qaeda market wachers, meanwhile, have downgraded America, which has...

Tottenham uprising is Britain's Rosa Parks moment says Millband speech 1st draft 0
ronseal 3 years

As Tottenham's rioters looted Dixons and Currys last night, for much needed electrical consumer goods, they stood on the shoulders of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandala, Ed Miliband...

IMF chief sex assault upgraded to XXX 0
Dumbnews 3 years
Markets panic as S&P downgrades US credit from Epic to Awesome 0
Dumbnews 3 years
New online poll forces parliametary debate on the return of the Ducking Stool 0
ronseal 3 years

After an online petition reached 100,000 signatures, the House of Commons will be forced to debate the return of the Ducking Stool. Popular targets of misogyny, including Cherie Blair, Ann...

Small Business Federation Calls For Local Looters For Local Shops. 1
The All New Jeni B 3 years

(Or Local Shops For Local Looters?)...

It Started With a Riot by Our Fashion Correspondent 0
Drylaw 3 years

Good things can come out of bad..yes even out of riots. Who'd have thought it? "Ma main man" pimp-rolling down the High Street in a slightly stained brown checked sports jacket with 5 year-old...

PM Dave & George Want To Say A Big, Big Thankyou To All Our Friends In The North 4
Jesse Bigg 3 years

..Who have gone the extra mile, above and beyond the call of duty re their splendid efforts to keep UK PLC solvent, by taking on the burden of extra cuts and higher unemployment, compared to the...

Old Etonians riot against polar bear brutality 0
greg various 3 years

P.M. gives full backing...

Daily Telegraph: "Polar bear attack: tribute to 'strong, fearless' son" 2
Izziere 3 years

"It is such a shame. My son was brave and strong - he even managed to take out a few of theirs before being shot", said Daddy Polar Bear...

Harry Redknapp's vocabulary looted in Tottenham riots. 0
rebel not taken 3 years

Harry Redknapp's vocabulary has been looted and left for brown bread by tea leaves during the Tottenham riots. "The toe rags have half inched all my favourite words" said a down in the north and...

PETA concerned as 23 seals and 7 Afghans and a whirly bird is killed 0
guffaw 3 years
Leaving hazelnut based chocolate bar in car is hot topic on Google 0
virtuallywill 3 years

more later...

Rebekah Brooks to star in Last Night I Went to Wapping Again. 0
rebel not taken 3 years

Sexy, flame haired, femme fatale Rebekah Brooks is to star as a modern day Rebecca in an updated film version of the classic Daphne Du Maurier melodrama. The blockbuster movie, Last Night I Went To...

Guardian reports "Police on street after ironing" 0
virtuallywill 3 years

retraction later...

The British Spring exploded yesterday in Tottenham. Ministers flee abroad... 0
Awkward Facts 3 years

As civil order collapses Prime Minister Cameron has already flown to Italy...

US solves global economic crisis by making trite Hollywood film about it 0
FraserWords 3 years

American policy-makers were celebrating last night after coming up with a solution to the world debt crisis., The White House signed an 11th-hour deal forcing Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks to...

"Tory Government's Looting And Robbing Cause Of Tottenham Riot,"..... 0
Jesse Bigg 3 years

say experts...

Tragic accidental death of Richard Hammond to close current run of Top Gear 0
nickb 3 years

Popular motoring presenter Richard Hammond is to be accidentally killed in a tragic ratings-boosting episode of Top Gear to end the current series. Exact details have yet to emerge although the...

Cameron Urges Tottenham Rioters To Buy His....... 0
Jesse Bigg 3 years

.."Big Society" balloons...

New 'inflate-a-pool' convinces Google sat-cams that you're mega rich 2
ronseal 3 years

New inflate-a-pool technology, that looks like an outdoor pool to Google Earth's satellite cameras, is helping recession hit Brits to keep up with the Cyber Jones in their twin towns. 'Croydon has...

Olympic torch to be replaced with flame-effect replica on the Tottenham stretch 0
pere floza 3 years

just in case....

Redknapp optimistic as Tottenham put in strong performance in riot season opener 0
wallster 3 years

Tottenham boss, Harry Redknapp is said to be 'Over the moon' with his team's confident start to the new riot season. Despite a stiff defence by the Metropolitan Police, the Spurs squad were able to...

Jeffrey Archer and Johan Hari arrested as police try to avert Copy Cat riots 0
ronseal 3 years