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Cameron makes embarrassing gaff on EU Referendum

In another gaff to rival the recent LOL debacle, David Cameron today admits being confused by 'gullible' and 'grey'. He stated "We'll offer to give the electorate a Referendum on Europe to gain the...

Mart1054 02.06.12 9:06am
Cycling events set to attract pedalphiles. 1
Maverick 02.06.12 8:56am
Daily Mail website banned as "unsuitable for children"

Editor: "Now wait a minute"...

apepper 02.06.12 8:16am
Boris heads the field in Olympic Village Idiot race

Soon to be ex-Mayor of London Boris Jonnson has been installed as favourite in the search to find the consumate buffoon for next year's Olympic Games. The jocular ungainly ex-Bullingdon figure of...

spoole2112 02.06.12 8:01am
Walmart "shocked" at news that Mexican officials took bribes.

"Corruption? In a third world country? I just can't believe it" said a shocked Rob Walton...

Maverick 02.06.12 5:45am
Homeopaths agree to treat straight people. 0
Maverick 02.06.12 5:31am
Austerity Measures Mean No Medals At London 2012 - Nectar Points Instead 0
Textbook 02.06.12 2:15am
RSPCA fury as Korean restaurant advertises "Full Old English". More soon. 4
dominic_mcg 01.06.12 10:01pm
'I want to see out my contract' Manager, chained to stadium 'just in case' 0
LPWright 01.06.12 9:31pm
Evangelist Converts Loft 0
Iggy Pop-Barker 01.06.12 8:54pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
Church archivist sold with Full Service History 1
Smart Alex 01.06.12 8:15pm
Apathy Society plans Day of Inaction. More soon. 3
Al OPecia 01.06.12 7:35pm
Brits divided over whether David Cameron is from Mars or Venus

One in ten Brits believe that Prime Minister David Cameron could be an alien living on earth, according to a survey, but people are divided over whether he is from Mars or Venus. The research, which...

roybland 01.06.12 7:26pm
Queen honours Republican Society with royal title

To mark her diamond jubilee, the Queen has awarded the title of "Royal" to the Republican Society and it will be known henceforth as the Royal Republic Society. The president of the society denied...

apepper 01.06.12 7:22pm
Jubilee street parties set to remind neighbours why they avoid each other 0
Mandy Lifeboat 01.06.12 7:06pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Ford to Launch Special Edition Van,"Transit Venus"

Available, London 6th June 05;37 to 05;55, Tokyo 6th June 07;10 to 13;47, Offer not available from dealerships in West Africa & South America...

Rowly 01.06.12 6:57pm
Sheep farmers hold tup aware party 1
rustytruss 01.06.12 6:46pm
Shock as boxer has 'fight of his life' inside the ring

A boxer has stunned feature writers by having 'the fight of his life' inside a roped off area, in front of baying crowd, with a trainer in attendance and a referee presiding over the event. Kenny...

ronseal 01.06.12 6:25pm
NHS Trust fined for data breaches set to raise funds by selling old PCs on ebay 0
Nails UK 01.06.12 4:41pm
Nails UK
Homeopaths to strike after failing to agree pensions remedy

Homeopaths working for the NHS have voted underwhelming to strike over proposed pension reform. This will see them join ’real doctors' taking action over the issue. Currently practitioners save for...

Perks 01.06.12 4:36pm
New chairman of Binary Association promises to give 1101110% 4
seymour totti 01.06.12 4:10pm
Austerity forces Jubilee downgrade from Diamond to Rhinestone.

..more soon...

Al OPecia 01.06.12 4:00pm
Al OPecia
International Cricket Council stumped by Syrian crimes against humanity referral 0
cinquecento 01.06.12 3:44pm
Pet shop thefts; new leads

More to follow...

apepper 01.06.12 3:39pm
Queen to spend weekend having a BBQ and watching telly like rest of nation . 0
MADJEZ 01.06.12 3:36pm
Brevity Association ends 0
bonjonelson 01.06.12 2:34pm
Secretly Gay Society cancels outing 1
rustytruss 01.06.12 2:11pm
Dogs accuse RSPCA of 'irresponsible' promotion of size-zero dogs

The RSPCA has come under fire from dogs for publishing pictures of a malnourished size zero Staffordshire cross, which have left many of them feeling unhappy about the way they look. The dog, which...

Gary Stanton 01.06.12 1:53pm
Midfield Diamond
Abstaining single woman at family party not pregnant, just alcoholic

The decision of 33-year-old Jane Hughes to refuse an alcoholic drink at a do for her parents' 40th wedding anniversary sparked widespread speculation among aunts and other female relations that she...

DrTurmoil 01.06.12 1:48pm
Children who watch too much 3D TV warned it will turn their eyes cuboid 1
Ian Searle 01.06.12 1:31pm
Midfield Diamond