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Man trapped in small town for entire life 5
Dumbnews 03.12.13 5:28pm
Dark Web is getter really dark, man, the website that replaced Silk Road, has gone so dark that it can no longer be reached. All moneys deposited at have been secured offsite, said a spokesman, who did not...

Beer Sampler 03.12.13 4:19pm
Beer Sampler
Website requires one to login to access the login page 0
Dumbnews 03.12.13 4:10pm
Amazon to weaponize Xmas shopping

Fans of online shopping will soon see unmanned drones dropping a range of seasonal products upon their heads; with Syria already registering an interest in the express of delivery of 800 tonnes of...

Wrenfoe 03.12.13 3:13pm
Paddy Berzinski
Turner Prize Accidently Awarded for Spilled Coffee

There was chronic embarrassment yesterday evening in Londonderry, as the Turner Prize was awarded to Performance Artist Tino Sehgal for what was later revealed to be an accident, as the security...

james_doc 03.12.13 1:31pm
Government Reclassify Cars Carrying Passengers as Buses

In order to meet its target on encouraging use of public transport, cars carrying more than one person are now recognised as buses., At a Department for Transport press conference, minister for...

james_doc 03.12.13 12:54pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Tom Daly reveals that the sky is blue

Nobody saw that one coming...

Spartacus 03.12.13 12:52pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Chinese battery-farmed kids better at number games than free-range UK ones

More meaningless statistics at 1...

blokefromstoke 03.12.13 12:31pm
Christmas road safety campaign announced – don’t drink and drive until January

Police forces across the country have launched their annual campaign against drink-driving during December. Hundreds of police officers will be redeployed for one month only from their desk jobs to...

Midfield Diamond 03.12.13 12:30pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Npower bosses linked to historic thefts of urine.

"Been taking the piss for years" say customers., More items by candlelight at 1...

blokefromstoke 03.12.13 12:26pm
Research shows men's brains wired to their genitals.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have found that men's and women's brains are wired differently. The study shows that women's brains are wired to cope with words, memory and...

James Pluside 03.12.13 11:41am
James Pluside
David Cameron denies he is Richard Nixon.

As Chinese toy manufacturers gear up for production of the David Cameron bendy doll (for domestic market only), the Honourable Member for Manchuria & Witney denied that his hairstyle, pronounced...

miked10270 03.12.13 9:50am
Daly branded needy as boyfriend dumps him over 'love' comments. 0
MADJEZ 03.12.13 9:23am
David Cameron reveals he’s in a relationship with himself

In an emotional 5 minute video posted on YouTube, British Prime Minister David Cameron has come out as not being interested in women or men, instead preferring the company of himself. ‘Ideally I...

Yikes 03.12.13 9:19am
Diving ‘comes out’ as ‘fancy falling’

Journalists were left reeling from the revelation that many ordinary activities may be masquerading as Olympic sports. A spokesman for diving star Tom Daley said: ‘Recognition for gay and lesbian...

Wrenfoe 03.12.13 9:16am
Amazon drone tells unwitting customer "You have 15 seconds to comply"

Two dead, many injured...

johnnydobbo 03.12.13 9:12am
Members of Nigerian and Sudanese diving squads announce new girlfriends 0
Dick Everyman 03.12.13 9:00am
Dick Everyman
World In Shock As Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson Comes Out As A Conservative 0
Titus 03.12.13 8:25am
Flares Banned From World's Football Grounds. Platform Shoes To Be Next.

Titus 03.12.13 8:13am
"I like Tom daily" confesses boyfriend 0
Psycadelic Squirrel 03.12.13 8:09am
Psycadelic Squirrel
Political Correctness Sectioned Under the Mental Health Act 1983.

It has been reported today that Political Correctness has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act 1983 after a prolonged period of delusional grandiosity and a host of other psychotic symptoms...

lennon183 02.12.13 10:56pm
Santa crosses "new closet" off Tom Daley's Christmas list 0
irreverendJ 02.12.13 10:55pm
Man driving with earphones seeks quadraphonic sound 1
Dumbnews 02.12.13 10:13pm
After human rights talks with Chinese leader, Cameron promises to do better. 1
dominic_mcg 02.12.13 10:04pm
Tom Daley announcement causes barely a ripple 4
Idiot 02.12.13 10:02pm
First Iceland police killing "a slippery slope" 0
Idiot 02.12.13 9:20pm
Blokefromstoke needs life and steady girlfriend - official.

Mother says."He's been in his room since April. The Nib gags are the only way I know he's still alive.", More needy insomniac zaniness at 1...

blokefromstoke 02.12.13 8:10pm
Duplicate post deleted 2
Idiot 02.12.13 7:29pm
David Cameron seeks political asylum in China

David Cameron and the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang held a joint press conference in the Great Hall today, at which the Prime Minister heaped praise on the Chinese leadership and their political system....

Starchy 02.12.13 7:03pm
Confucius he say ‘Leader who make dim sums make peasant go pawn crackers’

More please soon...

Dick Everyman 02.12.13 7:00pm
Dick Everyman