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Spending spree at Arsenal finally begins as Wenger buys Galaxy McFlurry

The rumoured summer spending spree at Arsenal looks set to be underway at last as manager Arsene Wenger was spotted buying a Galaxy Caramel McFlurry at a McDonalds near the Emirates Stadium. With...

Spartacus 30.08.13 10:59am
Midfield Diamond
Captain Pugwash latest celebrity to be interviewed over historic abuse claims 1
bonjonelson 30.08.13 10:05am
Android release Stephen Fry App to compete with Apple's Siri

Following the success of Apple's Siri, with the ability to answer endless streams of mundane questions, Android are set to release a new Stephen Fry App, modelled on the well respected & loved...

Flugelbinder 30.08.13 9:52am
Do you want to buy "Reasons to bomb Syria" Google asks Downing Street researcher

A frantic Downing Street researcher was presented with a series of critical questions last night as he conducted in depth research among all the intelligence resources available to him. "Would you...

ronseal 30.08.13 9:39am
Italian football relief as UK votes against attack on Serie A 0
3zincold 30.08.13 9:16am
Americans now eating yellow-bellied back-stabbing Limey mother****er muffins

for breakfast...

A.A.Arkwright 30.08.13 8:31am
Cameron Arrested over commons betting scam

Fraud squad officers raided No. 10 Downing Street at dawn this morning and arrested the PM David Cameron amid claims he had received substantial sums of money from Indian book makers to throw the...

Scronnyglonkle 30.08.13 7:50am
UKIP Applauds Commons Vote Over Syrian Intervention

"Right from the outset, our party has consistently made it clear that it opposes the idea of armed intervention by the UK in the Syrian conflict" said Nigel Farage. "Not for the first time, the...

Titus 30.08.13 7:29am
First the Ashes now Rolf, why do you Pommie Bastards hate us asks Aussie PM 0
Scronnyglonkle 30.08.13 7:13am
Cameron May Adopt 'Irish Referendum' Tactic Over Syria Vote

"Parliament has freely and democratically chosen to vote the wrong way over our possible armed intervention in syria" said the Prime Minister. "Of course we will respect this decision. I believe...

Titus 30.08.13 7:02am
No action on Syria as UK Navy in Gibraltar, on leave.

more later...

virtuallywill 30.08.13 6:35am
Beef unwittingly infiltrates equestrian world

Haighton Moore has been stripped of the Accrington Gold Cup after it emerged the horse he rode to victory was, in fact, a brown cow. Suspicions were initially raised when Moore was a furlong ahead on...

ChairmanMouth 30.08.13 5:26am
Salmond To Build Pie In The Sky.

First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond took to the floor of the Scottish Parliament today to announce the world’s first ever venture to unite the scientific world with bakers. He told MP’s that...

Macrahanish 30.08.13 2:56am
MPs protest against curtailed holidays. 2
Ref Minor 29.08.13 11:01pm
Lens Cap
LATEST: President authorises Tomahawk missile strike on Westminster. 0
Ref Minor 29.08.13 10:35pm
Ref Minor
Rolf charged with making indecent image of child, with a 4" paintbrush.

Can you guess what it is yet.. Defence say it could be anything...

MADJEZ 29.08.13 10:28pm
Assad hits back over crimes against humanity citing new Paul McCartney single. 2
Ref Minor 29.08.13 10:26pm
Ref Minor
Cameron: OK, sod it....Let them all gas each other! 0
topfotogmw 29.08.13 9:41pm
Police deny quality of Rolf's paintings affected their decision to prosecute

poor Rolf, I love him...

custard cream 29.08.13 9:36pm
custard cream
Rolf: Rolf.

if he's found guilty...

sillybugger 29.08.13 9:18pm
Music fans want Hans Blix to tour 'one last time'

Heavy Metal aficionados have joined an online campaign to tempt the once great 'weapon's inspector' for a farewell gig in Syria. The Swedish diplomat is famed for such songs as 'Love Bomb', the...

Wrenfoe 29.08.13 8:34pm
New Labour Anthem: "Things Can Only Get Bitter" 0
Titus 29.08.13 8:01pm
Merrill Lynch saves African Americans from a life of white collar crime

In an act of altruism, so typical of the Bank Of America, Merrill Lynch has purposely avoided employing minorities to shelter them from the trauma of a lengthy trial, acquittal and platinum coated...

Wrenfoe 29.08.13 7:45pm
"Two little boys" removed from iTunes now we know what the lyrics mean. 0
Sfox 29.08.13 6:39pm
withdrawn (until they find 'im guilty)

can we say that yet?...

Squudge 29.08.13 6:31pm
Rolf Harris denies portrait of the Queen was an 'indecent image'. 2
Lens Cap 29.08.13 6:28pm
After Badger Cull, public call for more Apprentice contestants to be killed 2
Scronnyglonkle 29.08.13 6:17pm
UK hesitates after evidence reveals al-Assad is probably a meerkat

There was an unusual display of political unity between UK political parties earlier this week. Cameron, Clegg and Milliband were all in agreement that the use of chemical weapons could not be...

Squudge 29.08.13 5:32pm
sponge finger
TV latest: Stirling Moss to feature on Who Do You Think You Are? 5
Drylaw 29.08.13 5:26pm
Des Custard
Dr Kelly's successor tweets, 'I'm not feeling suicidal.' 1
Loundshay 29.08.13 5:06pm