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Cameron in failed pioneering attempt at charisma bypass reversal. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 27.11.13 10:41pm
Al OPecia
SNP in secret post-independence plan to blame Shetland Islands for Everything. 0
Al OPecia 27.11.13 10:38pm
Al OPecia
Tories to offer new tax concessions to rich immigrants...

to balance things out...

deskpilot3 27.11.13 10:35pm
Al OPecia
Surviving the Wilderness of Modern Britain 5
27.11.13 10:27pm
Al OPecia
Nigella counters drug allegations with low cut top. 50% of public satisfied.

MADJEZ 27.11.13 10:22pm
Al OPecia
Charles Saatchi offers to get the Panto season started

For those in search of traditional festive entertainment, the co-founder of one of the world's largest advertising agency has agreed to play out his bitter divorce across every broadsheet and gossip...

Wrenfoe 27.11.13 10:16pm
Nigella Lawson Unveiled as new chief executive of Co-Op Bank

Charlie Sheen, Paul Gascoigne, George Michael and the late Amy Winehouse have been pipped to the post for the vacant position on the board of the Co-operative Bank. Today, the Co-Op is expected to...

ronseal 27.11.13 10:15pm
'Yay - Result!' Says Cameron As EU Brands UK As 'The Nasty Country'. 0
Titus 27.11.13 10:12pm
Hanukkah wins sponsorship deal renamed "Festival of Marlboro Lights". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 27.11.13 9:45pm
Al OPecia
Nigella fans realise their mistake with her ham cooked in coke recipe.

More soon.

MADJEZ 27.11.13 8:58pm
Hull named UK’s Capital of Debt Culture 1
Duncan Biscuit 27.11.13 8:29pm
Lostprophets unlikely to be Xmas No.1

(more later)...

Wrenfoe 27.11.13 7:35pm
Paddy Berzinski
Royal Mail announces rise in profits in note left with a neighbour 1
Duncan Biscuit 27.11.13 7:06pm
Ticket touts move into parking tickets with "mixed results"

More to follow...

apepper 27.11.13 6:42pm
Remaining Lostprophets members ponder their lost profits. 0
bonjonelson 27.11.13 6:34pm
Lost tribe found in Amazon warehouse

Secret night filming has revealed for the first time a tribe untouched by civilization living deep within previously unexplored areas of Amazon's Swansea warehouse. Nicknamed 'the pickers' by...

bonjonelson 27.11.13 5:38pm
Man Who Hits Only Vehicle In Pub Car Park…..

…Asked if he can do again...

Jesse Bigg 27.11.13 4:32pm
Jesse Bigg
Lostprophets re-form as Llandfill... 0
Tripod 27.11.13 4:21pm
Successful Maoist collective is smeared as slave camp by jealous press jackals

In their desperation to prove that communism doesn't work, the jackals of the tory press have launched a brutal smear campaign against a successful Maoist Community in South London. Wilfully...

ronseal 27.11.13 1:57pm
Fascist Police Kidnap Workers From People's Democratic Maoist London Slave Camp 4
Titus 27.11.13 1:55pm
German pilot shows Manchester United his Teutonic sense of humour

[url=]This story[/url] hasn't made it to the BBC front page...

Sinnick 27.11.13 1:36pm
Midfield Diamond
Nigella demonstrates how to prepare the Sunday joint 6
Smart Alex 27.11.13 1:11pm
Midfield Diamond
HS2 to be replaced by 'Motorway+'

Government Ministers were today putting the final touches to a plan to scrap the £40 billion HS2 scheme in favour of building a motorway that links London and Manchester, where the maximum speed is...

Mr Orca 27.11.13 1:04pm
After Nigella revelations, Mary Berry denies being a crack head 0
custard cream 27.11.13 10:45am
custard cream
Crossword setter dies of cancer. Everyone hopeful for a solution tomorrow. 2
Boutros 27.11.13 9:23am
Anonymous Man Held Captive As Slave In Brewers' Green House

A man who has not been named has been reported as being enslaved in a London house. His brother managed to escape some time ago and has taken refuge overseas. The house is apparently under the...

Titus 27.11.13 9:17am
Sports Personality of the Year. Nine runners up to Andy Murray announced. 2
MADJEZ 27.11.13 8:59am
HS2 - Tory Ploy To Bring Back The Nostalgia Of…..

"Them and Us."...

Jesse Bigg 27.11.13 8:58am
Jesse Bigg
Diplomatic bag was securely locked. Spanish suspected it contained an MI6 agent 3
Not Amused 27.11.13 8:11am
Christmas Makes Everything Wonderful

[i]The impending festive season will transform life into a universal utopia, it has emerged.[/i] Everything bad in the world is due to vanish like a capable magician with the onslaught of Christmas...

Pixie 27.11.13 7:32am