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Gus O'Donnell resigns - allegedly involved in every scandal since 2005 0
medici2471 3 years
Supermarkets Start A Self-Serve Society 15
Perks 3 years

In an epidemic that started with the big supermarkets, the philosophy of self-serve is beginning to spread across the country. It has been announced by many companies across many industries that...

The Intergenerational Foundation identify Elderly London couple as home hoarders 2
brd888 3 years

"A married couple in their eighties and nineties, living in the Westminster area with a house with over 100 rooms - how fair is that?" said an unidentified spokesperson. "It's time we moved them out"...

Letwin Resignation Letter Found In Park Bin 0
Mike Turbine-Hamilton 3 years
Daily Mail wins Man Booker prize for fiction 0
apepper 3 years

Following an outstanding year of made up news stories, the Daily Mail has been awarded the prestigious fiction prize...

New non-emergency phone line to be manned by police dogs 1
Vertically Challenged Giant 3 years

A trial aimed at getting people who are stuck in the toilet, or who haven’t seen their cat in a couple of hours, not to dial 999, gets underway in Leicestershire today. The new number, 101, has...

Israel financial crisis as Shalit submits back pay & 'overnight expenses' claim 3
dvo4fun 3 years
Noisy anti-closure protests force libraries to close 2
nickb 3 years
Man without correct version of Flash Player 'unrepentant' 8
roybland 3 years

A man who cannot play media because he does not have the correct version of Flash Player, says he's unrepentant and has no plans to download the correct version. 'I'm just not bothered,' said...

Too many health warnings may be bad for you say experts 7
Stan 3 years

Doctors have warned that an extended exposure to health warnings may be detrimental to your health and are calling for a ceiling on the number of medical scare stories to a maximum of 5 per week....

Basildon council claims Dale Farm residents have lost the plot 8
charlies_hat 3 years
Sports news: British Olympic Carpet-Hurlers banned... 18
be reasonable 3 years

for taking performance-enhancing rugs...

Defence Minister "didn't understand the sewerritty of the problem," MPs told 0
Scroat 3 years
Daily Mail survey shows average reader's main thought is 'aaaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhh' 1
Perks 3 years
Facebook assembles customer focus group from nation's most notorious stalkers 3
Dumbnews 3 years
99.9% of North Face apparel owners will never see North side of any Face 1
Dumbnews 3 years

Every Tom, Dick and Harry has one in the US, same in rest of world??...

Dale Farm eviction peaceful as police deploy a crowd, a geordi,and Davina McCall 0
Perks 3 years
75% of BBC 2 Content Now Features Neil Oliver 9
GreenCross 3 years
Amnesty probes British public school "mortar boarding" 0
apepper 3 years

Human rights watchdogs have been investigating punishments at well known British public schools and have highlighted "Mortar Boarding" - where teachers dressed from the 1930s intimidate children...

New Olympic sport to be considered, "Hurling insults" 0
Dumbnews 3 years
Most on public transit are wondering what others are wondering about 0
Dumbnews 3 years
Government to replace 'obese' with 'fan of lard' 1
fernandomando 3 years

The government today announced that the focus in recent years on the word ‘obesity’ was an unwarranted indulgence and that people should not be consumed with political correctness, but be...

Stone Roses announce 'sell-out' tour 0
dicky37 3 years

[Totally sold out, Man]...

"I'm skint and so are the others" confirms Ian Brown 2
GreenCross 3 years
Destitute herbalist 'living on borrowed thyme'... - 2 47
be reasonable 3 years

more sage puns soon...

Poverty-stricken Man in Court: Attempted to eat Currie 0
Drylaw 3 years
'Houses of Punishment', the new reality show where no-one wants to be a finalist 8
Ironduke 3 years

A new reality show, Houses of Punishment, is set to sweep the nation as a triumphant ratings winner. With its launch set to coincide with Bonfire Night, it draws inspiration variously from...

Shoplifter 'blurred the boundaries' between what was and what wasn't Tescos . 4
dvo4fun 3 years
Cameron announces economy to be boosted by prisoner trades 0
kga6 3 years

David Cameron has published tentative drafts detailing the prices that the Government would be willing to accept for releasing prisoners held in the UK. This news comes after Israeli soldier Gilad...

Dr. Fox: "Werrity didn't assist me with medical diagnoses. Except tricky stuff" 0
dvo4fun 3 years