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Hospital consultants to use Decision Review System instead of second opinions 0
custard cream 14.07.13 8:42pm
custard cream
Survey finds royal baby tension greater than Ashes cricket tension 0
custard cream 14.07.13 8:40pm
custard cream
Rowling behind the fictional: "Tory lobbyist"

The Sunday Times has confirmed that the creator of Harry Potter, is secretly the author of thriller based on Conservative party funding. The story, "Tory Lobbyist", is an outrageous fiction where...

Wrenfoe 14.07.13 7:55pm
Hitting homeopaths "only makes them stronger". 1
Al OPecia 14.07.13 6:30pm
Harry Fells Streaker at Royal Garden Party

There were scenes of panic at a Buckingham Palace garden party today, when a naked woman streaked across the lawn to the receiving line where the Queen and Prince Philip were greeting guests. People...

Scarlett productions 14.07.13 6:09pm
Antarctic "Frozen Man" was wearing Sainsbury's espadrilles 0
Drylaw 14.07.13 6:05pm
Old scrap of paper found in French stringed instrument was avis dans basse 3
Arthur 14.07.13 3:49pm
Royal retinue fear “accident of birth”

Sources close to the royal family say there is widespread fear that the yet-to-be-born next-monarch-but-two might be the victim of “accident of birth” syndrome. “This is nothing to do with...

nickb 14.07.13 3:43pm
God agrees return to work after weekend. Creation to be finished by Friday. 4
Arthur 14.07.13 1:41pm
Lindy Moone
DyslexicTV to show next year's Frances de la Tour. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 14.07.13 1:23pm
Catering pack of Bisto in canal workers' canteen makes a navvy dense baste 2
Arthur 14.07.13 1:14pm
Osborne’s “we are the party of the poor” comment wins national satire award. 0
FOAD 14.07.13 11:04am
37 die laughing as Homeopath’s convention entertained by James Corden.

More later...

FOAD 14.07.13 11:00am
Non-homeopathy joke is funniest joke about homeopathy ever 0
Idiot 14.07.13 10:19am
Royal Baby Issues Press Statement Demanding Privacy

The unborn infant know as "the as-yet unborn but currently eagerly awaited royal baby" has recently issued a statement urging his fans to relax and to leave him to make his arrival in privacy....

Titus 14.07.13 8:01am
NHS Homeopaths Improve Patient Comfort By Giving Them just 0.0001 of a bed each. 0
Titus 14.07.13 7:46am
Expulsion from the Garden of Eden was "Eve is dense" based. 2
Al OPecia 14.07.13 7:43am
Energy Companies Face Bankruptcy After Recent Demands From Solar Panel Owners

Apart from the few solar panels which have burst into flames, made electricty cables melt or caused explosions in local electricity sub-stations, the major effect of a prolonged period of...

Titus 14.07.13 7:42am
Homeopathy use rises as fewer homeopaths qualify. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 14.07.13 7:29am
Al OPecia
Homeopath gets roaring drunk on .0000001% alcohol drink

Homeopaths are hailing the conviction for being drunken and disorderly of Mr Julian Trove as proof of their theories, which have long been viewed with scepticism by the medical profession. The...

sydalg 14.07.13 7:21am
Gordon Bennett denies liability. More soon. 0
Arthur 14.07.13 2:50am
Cambridge Commemorative Baby Souvenirs - Feature

There has been much excitement since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge gave their Royal seal of approval to the wave of memorabilia being produced to mark the birth of your first child. The range of...

Squudge 14.07.13 2:12am
Passport Office to offer new pre-dated photograph service.

The Passport Office is to introduce a new service that offers holders the opportunity to have their passport photographs instantly given that familiar, embarrassingly out-of-date look. Passport...

sredni vashta 14.07.13 1:40am
sredni vashta
Man trying to rinse away spilt homeopathic solution only makes things worse 2
Smart Alex 14.07.13 1:01am
Smart Alex
Blueman group banned from Northern Ireland 0
Scronnyglonkle 13.07.13 11:38pm
French mountain climber's body found in le vide en ce bas d'Auvergne 0
Arthur 13.07.13 11:28pm
'Stodgy' wedding cake maker sued after heavy, dense base dropped in groom's lap 3
Arthur 13.07.13 11:26pm
Galleon crash - 'pirate error' to blame.

More soon....

Idiot 13.07.13 10:46pm
Man drowns in cement. Family mortarfied. 0
godly1966 13.07.13 8:52pm
Government calls for calm amidst unexpected "Vitamin D" outbreak

Scotland declared as a "Safe Zone"...

Jesus H 13.07.13 8:04pm
Lindy Moone