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Brits go back to talking about the weather. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 13.08.12 8:47am
Tîm Cymru's time will come

After a fortnight of Team GB this and Team GB that, Huw Edwards will tonight breath a sigh of relief and yearn for the day when the era of Tîm Cymru will be ushered in...

Miss Hegas 13.08.12 8:46am
Outrage as French athletes discover gold medals actually chocolate coins 0
quango 13.08.12 8:41am
Athletes wonder if there are any other ceremonies open tonight

As Russell Brand rode into the stadium, athletes could no longer hide the fact the mood had died and started shouting over the music to suggest they go somewhere else. Other athletes shouted that the...

Golgo13 13.08.12 8:41am
Relief for satirists as Team GB footballers cock it up

As the curtain closed on an outstandingly successful London Olympics, Britain's spoof news writers, starved of ready targets by a brilliant home performance, have expressed relief that at least the...

Oxbridge 13.08.12 8:21am
Carshalton man claims new record for collecting Sunday papers

Inspired by the feats of the world’s elite athletes, a Carshalton man has shaved a full minute off his PB for collecting the Sunday papers. Michael Owen Sanders, who acquired his name by deed...

Des Custard 13.08.12 6:17am
Psycadelic Squirrel
Mo Farah treble as he finishes Olympic Park to West Ham route in under an hour 0
Yikes 12.08.12 10:50pm
PM to replace entire Cabinet with Team GB gold medal winners

In a desperate bid to wrestle a few popularity points from bitter rivals Boris Johnson and Ed Milliband, Prime Minister David Cameron has revealed his next Cabinet reshuffle will involve replacing...

Reg Herring 12.08.12 10:48pm
Boris fails to achieve Rio 2016 qualifying standard in Rythmic Bombastics 0
dvo4fun 12.08.12 10:42pm
Lennon out-performs McCartney [again] 2
dvo4fun 12.08.12 10:20pm
We want the 'old you' back - an open letter to Britain

Dear Britain. Firstly thank you and well done on a spectacular Olympic Games. You have done yourselves proud. You have delivered what many are calling the greatest games of all times. You have...

Perks 12.08.12 9:10pm
Revealed-names of Radio 1,2,3 and 4 based on 'number of syllables' in content. 0
writinginbsl 12.08.12 8:44pm
Fathers for justice infiltrate closing ceremony dressed as Batman & Robin. 0
MADJEZ 12.08.12 8:40pm
Olympic closing ceremony sponsored by CASH-4-GOLD. 1
MADJEZ 12.08.12 8:04pm
Britain to host next Olympics after failing to pass baton to Rio. 9
Boutros 12.08.12 7:55pm
Home grown terrorists distracted by Team GB success, forget to commit atrocities

In a video release yesterday, a spokesman for the Islamic Jihadic Brotherhood assured the British public that "Soon, the infidels will burn, and the streets will flow with the blood of the...

nyarlathotep 12.08.12 7:52pm
Last Minute Vindication For Olympic Skeptics As ' One Direction' To Play Close

More in 2016....

Nowherefast 12.08.12 7:08pm
Acrid smoke chokes London as Nation burns mountain of unwanted Olympic shit 0
12.08.12 6:44pm
'Coincidence' cited as Olympic sponsors hijack Farah & Bolt's Mobot celebrations

pinxit 12.08.12 6:21pm
Buying Olympics tickets to be Olympic discipline at Rio 2016 0
pitflaps 12.08.12 6:18pm
Even most ardent sport fans admit Googleathlon is a bit tedious

Of all the events in the 2012 Olympic Games, organisers and viewers are now said to be a bit cheesed-off with the decision to introduce the Googleathlon to the competition. The Googleathlon, which...

antharrison 12.08.12 5:29pm
After dressage, Ashleigh and Pudsey tipped for 2016 Rio gold medals

Following the success of British competitors in the horse riding dressage event the IOC has included dancing human-dog talent acts into the 2016 games to be held in Rio. The event was included to...

antharrison 12.08.12 4:48pm
Boris to Pass Lighted Beckham to Mayor of Rio

In a separate tribute to the great Olympian's contribution David Cameron states that all schools will be required to deliver two hours of Beckham Studies every week...

paulo 12.08.12 4:13pm
Obama Gives Up Presidency- "I Am Tired Of Being A Babysitter For Crybaby's".

President Obama has shocked the nation when, at his monthly public address, he announced that he was quitting the Presidential race. Millions of voters across the nation were either shocked, angered...

12.08.12 2:18pm
News Of The World- The Year 2020

News highlights- Reuters- April 1, 2020. SWITZERLAND- The once wealthy nation of Switzerland, still refusing to join the EU, has suffered yet another downturn in it’s economy. At one time the...

12.08.12 2:13pm
Police make startling admission as missing haystack is found in corner of field

Norfolk police admitted yesterday that although they searched the field next to Jim Matthews farmhouse after receiving a 999 call, they failed to find a missing haystack because of 'human error'. Mr...

roybland 12.08.12 1:30pm
Quintet of tattoed totty to top off tournament 0
Drylaw 12.08.12 1:26pm
Fears that BBC may ‘implode’ post Olympic Games

The BBC were today denying that contingency plans were being made to continue some sort of broadcasting operation should it ‘implode’ after the Olympics. Journalists and others within the...

newsfelch 12.08.12 11:56am
Roberto Mancini Diagnosed With Compulsive Shopping Disorder 1
12.08.12 11:16am
Veteran Olympians complain Gold Medals getting easier each year. 0
MADJEZ 12.08.12 10:00am