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Government To Crack Down On Television-Ownership Dodgers

The government is to increase the funding of the persecution and espionage into the lives of deviants who do not actually have a television set, who are clearly a dangerous threat to law and order...

Titus 08.03.14 12:33pm
Jesse Bigg
Facebook exclusive scares the shit out of brummies

A report, kept confidential by British authorities for fear of Brummies fleeing the city and inflicting their accent on the rest of the country, has been leaked in a thinly veiled message on...

GingerClive 08.03.14 12:17pm
Police arrest all quiet men who keep themselves to themselves as a precaution 1
Ian Searle 08.03.14 12:09pm
Ukrainians Jam Russian Airwaves with Strictly Come Dancing Repeats

The Politburo are said to be reeling in shock after rioting in the border regions. Putin has made panic phone calls to the Whitehouse claiming that Russia is the only country licensed to produce...

Guillermo De Snookio 08.03.14 12:01pm
Guillermo De Snookio
Tooting Mayor, Adamant….

…About keeping his new crane...

Jesse Bigg 08.03.14 11:56am
Jesse Bigg
Jack Wilshere models new Arsenal away strip

how do i upload an internet image here??...

irreverendJ 08.03.14 11:53am
Man had Sex with Horse Only Wanted a Stable Relationship 3
Guillermo De Snookio 08.03.14 11:02am
Pistorius enforced a 'shoot to kill' policy for toilet lid infringements

Having claimed to have 'mistaken' his ex-girlfriend for a burglar and fatally wounding her, Oscar Pistorius' defence team elaborated on his firmly held views on bathroom etiquette. What was initially...

Wrenfoe 08.03.14 10:26am
Historical Parallels – Relax – Putin Does Not Yet Have a Moustache

WW I – Kaiser Wilhelm, WW II – Hitler, Cold War – Stalin, Gulf war – Saddam Hussein, the lesson is clear, even Gaddafi had a weedy little moustache, but that was only a minor conflict....

Guillermo De Snookio 08.03.14 9:22am
Youtube Video of Man Sneezing and Coughing Goes Viral 2
Schoolboy 08.03.14 9:13am
Kevin the Swan
New Russian Map Books Show London As Capital Of “Western Russia” 1
Schoolboy 08.03.14 9:06am
Illuminati estate agents gloat as Crimea crisis deepens

While the world holds its breath and hopes that the current stand-off between Russia and Ukraine does not lead a wider regional conflict or even a second Cold War, the Illuminati are cackling with...

Oxbridge 08.03.14 9:01am
Man Walks Free After Being Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Legal Loophole 1
Schoolboy 08.03.14 8:55am
Met Officer Arrests BBC Weather Men for Impersonating Met Officers 0
BewsNiscuit 08.03.14 8:20am
Putin to appear in new series of "Tsars in their Eyes" 1
Sinnick 08.03.14 8:18am
UKIP's Entire Manifesto Published in One Tweet With 35 Characters To Spare 2
Schoolboy 08.03.14 8:14am
Russian Economy Flagging

The Russian industrial giant FlagProm is in serious overproduction problems as there is now a huge glut in the market for Russian flags. In anticipation of the Ukraine crisis, the Russian government...

Guillermo De Snookio 08.03.14 7:33am
Guillermo De Snookio
Pardew: Headbutt Suspension Better Than A Poke In The Eye From Jose Mourinho 0
Schoolboy 08.03.14 2:25am
Putin Annexes Hypocrisy, Claims "It has Been Ours Since The Tsars"

In an historic move, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the annexation of Hypocrisy for the exclusive use of the Russian Government. He quietly took over Hypocrisy under the noses of other...

Schoolboy 08.03.14 12:43am
Google: "We Know People Want to Keep Their Privacy & Their Last 3 Addresses" 0
Schoolboy 08.03.14 12:40am
Scots set to drink to a yes vote. And a no vote. 0
GingerClive 08.03.14 12:23am
Man With Many Horrible Birthmarks Wins Strip Poker for 500th Time 1
Schoolboy 08.03.14 12:22am
"I'm Sparticus" Says John Travolta In Another Naming Gaffe 0
Schoolboy 08.03.14 12:20am
Inventor Of The Bitcoin Found to Be The OS from "Her" 0
Schoolboy 08.03.14 12:12am
Advertising industry unveils new word for unveils 2
Dumbnews 08.03.14 12:09am
Met Officers to Receive Unecessary Pap Smears As Punishment For Past Behaviour 0
Schoolboy 08.03.14 12:08am
Farage Denies It's Racist to Say The £2 Coin Looks Like a €1 Coin 0
Schoolboy 08.03.14 12:06am
Report: Bum Holes Have As Much Bacteria As A Typical Toilet Seat 0
Schoolboy 07.03.14 11:53pm
Clean up of Met to be contracted out to G4S 9
electrelane 07.03.14 11:47pm
Met Chief Claims Force Is Now Colourblind, Speaks Of Being The "Thin Green Line" 0
Schoolboy 07.03.14 11:28pm