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Rare footage leaked of Freddie Mercury in Queen.

Duke of Edinburgh "furious"...

AledW 22.03.12 8:32pm
Invite to inspect Iraqi WMD facilities found “stuck in USA’s junk mail folder"

A spokesman for the US military today confirmed that a “routine clearout” of email folders had turned up a number of interesting documents, including a full and unconditional invitation to...

grumblechops 22.03.12 8:45pm
Liverpool fans claim Andy Carroll was lifeless for more than 78 mins 0
charlies_hat 22.03.12 3:41pm
Shock as woman listens to Sunday Love Songs without ulterior motive

Sociologists across Britain are hailing a breakthrough in human behaviour last Sunday morning as a 37-year-old woman from Buckinghamshire sat through Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs on Radio 2...

Oxbridge 22.03.12 3:31pm
CBI slam Love Your Neighbour religion as "anti-business"

Business leaders are pressing the government to change the established state religion from the Church of England to a non-Christian belief system. The CBI have expressed concern that worshipping a...

blackbroom 22.03.12 3:29pm
Leaked video of Tulisa sex tape apology "100% fake" say lawyers 0
charlies_hat 22.03.12 2:58pm
Michelle Obama asks De Niro "Are you talkin' to me?" 0
charlies_hat 22.03.12 2:49pm
Heston Blumenthal latest. Canine testes on toast. The dog's bollocks say critics 2
weematt 22.03.12 4:33pm
Eyes, nose and mouth tattooed on back of Vince Cable's head

can now face both ways on budget...

JustSomeBloke 22.03.12 11:32pm
Australian web surfer survives loan shark scam 2
Dumbnews 03.04.12 9:49pm
F1: Expectations lowered at Scooteria Ferrari 0
JustSomeBloke 22.03.12 2:32pm
Coalition delighted. 24/7 "I WANT TO BE A MILLIONAIRE" channel planned 0
weematt 22.03.12 1:05pm
Family brought together to support sick relative becomes dysfunctional again

A family that put their troubles to one side and came together in support of a desperately-ill family member has fallen out again, with many divisions. Rivalries and long-standing feuds were only...

Midfield Diamond 22.03.12 12:53pm
Midfield Diamond
British Tourist Arrested At JFK....

."Just cos I asked an immigration bloke, where abouts can I buy some fags?"...

Jesse Bigg 22.03.12 1:23pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Tulisa ‘intimate moment’ online vid features star in romantic candlelit dinner.

X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos has said she is ‘devastated’ after an intimate video of her sharing a ‘romantic meal for two’ with an ex-boyfriend was circulated on the internet. ...

Gary Stanton 22.03.12 1:14pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Police hunt mischievous Rabbi after anonymous tip-off. 4
John Ffitch-Rucker 22.03.12 5:59pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Carefree OAP Blaring Ace Tunes on Bus leaves 3 Teenage Boys Terrified.

Sara crouch(37) recalls the 'tense atomsphere and sheer intimidation factor' caused by who she describes as a 'social misfit' and 'menace to public safety'., 'She was slouched back in her seat...

Tenpenny 22.03.12 12:02pm
Toulouse gunman "brought to his knees" 0
Haywood Manley 22.03.12 12:00pm
Haywood Manley
Cameron To Promote His Very Own Tanning Lotion....

."Skiver Tan." Even useful when hanging around Brussels...

Jesse Bigg 27.05.13 1:06pm
Toulouse apartment for sale. Bathroom needs work. 9
Boutros 22.03.12 8:41pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
"Power of Prayer" lobby targets Clarkson, Pickles, Gove.

Football crowds round the country will be recruited by the new Power of Prayer movement to stop the hearts of unpopular public figures.  But football fans who like Jeremy Clarkson have both...

nickb 22.03.12 11:35am
Granny Tax critics include Ann Robinson, Mick Jagger and Wayne Rooney 0
ronseal 22.03.12 11:10am
Fat bloke who can't stop sending boastful letters identified as Round Robin 0
ronseal 22.03.12 11:09am
Armed French police delayed storming flat to get more overtime. 0
MADJEZ 22.03.12 10:49am
Shoe repair shop defies laws of physics by not offering key cutting service. 0
dandare70 22.03.12 10:11am
It was a perfectly legal business practice says accountant for East Africa Co

A slave trader from the Royal Africa Company has hit out at critics who questioned the morality of his offshore wage avoidance scheme. "Can I just remind you that it was a perfectly legal way of...

ronseal 22.03.12 9:34am
New Coalition website launched-

Surely I must have seen this before somewhere...

weematt 22.03.12 8:56am
Budget: Returning millionaires to create mansion shortage.

Thousands of millionaires returning to the UK after the budget give away by Chancellor Osborne are almost certain to cause a shortage of suitable mansions. This has been forecast on the Lucky Bee web...

weematt 22.03.12 8:52am
Local man who saw only one film last year now pretty sure it was the wrong one

Despite a very specifically worded article in the South Devon Herald advising him that if he only saw one film that year, that it should be the J.J.Abrams directed Summer release, "Super 8", local...

Mr Target 04.04.12 5:04am
Steven Spielberg to Film new Chippy Minton Biopic entitled "Saw Horse"

more to follow!...

Scronnyglonkle 22.03.12 8:29am