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Isle of Wight announce celebration plans for Queen's Silver Jubilee 0
andhrimnir 3 years
Jury in Harry Redknapp Case Finds Him Not Guilty.... 0
custard cream 3 years

But gives a nine month suspended (by a lead) sentence to his dog, Rosie...

Jim Davidson supports Terry's decision not to quit England 0
simonjmr 3 years

Jim Davidson has today spoken out in support of John Terry's decision not to quit England. The Nick Nick "acceptable face of racism" comic is on record in 1997, "that he would quit England, if the...

Increase in CofE funeral charges blamed on cost of living 0
Sinnick 3 years
Man emerges from bunker to learn Cod War is over 0
hughesroland 3 years

After spending more than four decades underground, Harold Smith, 82, emerged from his bunker yesterday to learn the country was no longer at war. 'We all thought it was the end,' said Mr Smith, a...

France launches own currency 3
kimllfixit 3 years

Economists were last night divided by the proposed introduction of a novelty currency designed to entice tourists to France. Some financial experts believe that the currency – called the...

Liverpool soccer cat accused of racism. 2
John Ffitch-Rucker 3 years
Queen marks 60th anniversary of wearing Crown Jewels during sex for first time 0
hughesroland 3 years
Busy escort agency owner reportedly "out of sorts" 2
Nick McCarr 3 years
Attorney General unhappy at release of radical cleric Akuna Matata. 0
MADJEZ 3 years
Redknapp jury retire to inspect their brown envelopes. 0
MADJEZ 3 years
Lawsuit issued on behalf of Wales as it's people forced to live in abject misery 0
charlies_hat 3 years
Joy as co-joined quadruplets survive separation 0
Marko 3 years

There were high sixes all around at a hospital in East Anglia yesterday as Siamese quadruplets Kylie, Chardonnay, Porsche and Wayne were successfully separated after an hour long operation. The...

Miracle as Turin Shroud found under armpit? 0
Marko 3 years

Giuseppe De L'aconte, 27 from Walsall, was shocked to discover Christs image yesterday as he was shaving his armpits prior to a sunbed session. Italian born Giuseppe, who has lived in a council...

Seaworld orca trial not a black and white issue, says judge 0
cinquecento 3 years

.. wee frilly...

Government marks Charles Dickens' bicentenary by reintroducing the Poor House 1
dvo4fun 3 years
. 0
Gary Stanton 3 years
Bad hotel experience 'not remotely like Fawlty Towers', admits guest 0
Oxbridge 3 years
Farmer paints sheep green to help him find them in the snow 5
Vertically Challenged Giant 3 years

With parts of the country covered in a blanket of snow and obscured by thick fog, some farmers have been having great difficulty finding their sheep over recent days. This has led one Leicestershire...

Abu Qatada appointed as ECHR judge to fulfil 'ethnic minority' quota 0
Paul 3 years

In a shock decision, radical cleric Abu Qatada has been appointed as a new judge at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg following his recent release on bail. The move was defended by...

Government Upset At Law Being Enforced 0
Hooch 3 years

Following the release of Abu Qatada from prison Whitehall has accused Judges of protecting the very thing Quatada hopes to destroy. A spokesperson for the Government said, “Listen, Islamic...

New Formula 1 season: latest gossip 3
JustSomeBloke 3 years

New Formula 1 season: latest gossip, • McLaren to carry out further trial at Dubai GP of last year’s successful new suspension system based on Arab Spring., • Jenson Hamilton expected to beat...

"It's a rotten job at times" - Queen stuns TV audience 1
Drylaw 3 years
Team GB in crisis as second cyclist fails to fail doping test 0
tedweasel 3 years
“You’ll new die alone.” Liverpool’s tribute to Cairo 9
dvo4fun 3 years

Liverpool-based ‘Fans but Hooligans Club’ has congratulated their Egyptian counterparts on the stunning score in Cairo earlier this week: “Our lads had held the world record since Hysel in 1985...

Dawn French can’t swim in the sea anymore. 0
John Ffitch-Rucker 3 years

“Those harpoons are bloody painful’ she explains...

Bradley Wiggins still hopeful of victory in 2010 Tour de France 3
3 years
Capello opposes Huhne resignation decision 12
simonjmr 3 years

England coach Fabio Capello says he disagrees with the governments decision to accept the resignation of Chris Huhne as energy secretary. "This will be a big loss to the cabinet and the Lib Dems"...

Deaf Pensioner finds unexploded bomb in ear 2
Marko 3 years

Parts of London were closed yesterday when Elsie Boothroyd, 90, who has been deaf since the Blitz, had a UXB removed from her left ear by bomb disposal experts. After a dog ran off with her usual...

Shark pedicures 'not without risk' warns HSE 6
3 years

The beauty industry was rocked by fresh controversy yesterday, when health experts warned consumers against the latest trend for shark pedicures. "We have already made consumers aware of the health...