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Adders confused by divine command to 'Go forth and multiply' 0
Smart Alex 27.03.12 3:09pm
Smart Alex
The Hunger Games was awarded 85 Rotton Tomatoes and is now The Replete Games. 0
Ian Searle 27.03.12 3:08pm
Ian Searle
Cameron donates and eats himself 0
medici2471 27.03.12 2:47pm
Public-private pension gap widening 0
Duncan Biscuit 27.03.12 2:35pm
Duncan Biscuit
Dentist unveils plaque 0
Duncan Biscuit 27.03.12 2:35pm
Duncan Biscuit
Planning reform sees blue sky thinking replaced by green field thinking 0
Duncan Biscuit 27.03.12 2:34pm
Duncan Biscuit
Cameron’s entertaining to be restricted to donor kebabs 0
Duncan Biscuit 27.03.12 2:33pm
Duncan Biscuit
“Black hole” in BT Pension Fund found to be "actual black hole"

Accountants at communications giant BT today insisted that the “black hole” identified in their pension fund is indeed a genuine black hole rather than a financial metaphor, as had been assumed....

grumblechops 27.03.12 2:05pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Ministers thwarted as planning laws are Grade 1 Listed by English Heritage 0
cinquecento 27.03.12 1:55pm
Price of stamps set to increase to encourage even more people not to use them

Ofcom have announced that controls on the price of stamps will be withdrawn, somehow believing that charging more will help the struggling Royal Mail, rather than encouraging even more people to find...

Vertically Challenged Giant 28.03.12 9:46am
Cowell burglar actually admits he was after Cowbells 4
Scronnyglonkle 27.03.12 9:29pm
New EU Green comedy joke recycling directive, Tulisa, Cameron said to be worried

More later from our European correspondent Seth O'Side...

Scronnyglonkle 27.03.12 12:46pm
Husband upset when promised Lesbian threesome involved a Greek man from Lesbos 1
simonjmr 27.03.12 1:44pm
EA Sports, it's (no longer available) in the Game 0
Iamthestig 27.03.12 12:23pm
Cowell burglar "scared of being left on the shelf" so hid in his wardrobe 0
simonjmr 27.03.12 12:22pm
"Cash for crudités" continues to embarrass Cameron 0
simonjmr 27.03.12 12:17pm
BMW recall blamed on defective cable, Tory party adopts same excuse. 0
Ian Searle 27.03.12 12:17pm
Ian Searle
Playground bullies set to make a fortune as price of stamps rocket.

Also with the lower labour costs of producing Chinese burns...

Ian Searle 27.03.12 12:00pm
Ian Searle
Cameron to charge for access to Prime Minister’s Questions

Downing Street has confirmed that David Cameron will now be charging a fee for anyone to ask him a question in the House of Commons. ‘This is all perfectly legal and above board,’ said Francis...

Ludicity 28.03.12 8:31am
Milliband disappointed that the wrong Cameron sank to the bottom of the ocean 0
thackaray 27.03.12 10:45am
English Planning law to alter after lengthy consultation process

More in six months after Scotland and Wales have seen the planned changes, Druids said to mulling over new extention and roof for Stone Henge...

Scronnyglonkle 27.03.12 10:25am
MC Hammer admits to 'not being the sharpest tool in the box' 0
Smart Alex 27.03.12 10:16am
Smart Alex
French Police accidently receive Tulisa video from Al-Jazeera by mistake

"we got confused between Toulouse and Tulisa", said a producer, "What's the problem, they both suck in their own way! " he added...

Scronnyglonkle 27.03.12 9:03am
DVLA to recall 1.3m BMW drivers 2
LittleSpender 27.03.12 8:41am
Strauss Khan may face sex charges, Cruddas says nowt to do with us

Paris: In a shock move this morning, There has been a political story not involving No.10 an unnamed member of the coalition said "It's been a bad morning for us all, you spend all weekend working up...

Scronnyglonkle 27.03.12 7:56am
Friends Reunited relaunches website amid fears it has lost touch with its users

Bit of old school humour there!...

Scronnyglonkle 27.03.12 8:57am
Synthetic Biololgist sacked for creating Nylon arms.

A leading Synthetic Biologist was sacked from his role at leading research company Ciba Geebies for what one director described as "Buggering About" . Instead of finding potential cures for Malaria...

Scronnyglonkle 02.04.12 4:43pm
Cameron denies corruption “Dinner guests were friends. They used PayPal” 0
weematt 27.03.12 7:35am
Olympic GB quidditch team in potion scandal

The GB Quidditch squad has been mired in accusations of performance enhancing potions. "They've got one decent player, so the rest of the squad take polyjuice potion. It's like facing a team of...

apepper 27.03.12 7:17am
Titanic exploration team announces plans to raise the iceberg 0
Immunis 27.03.12 6:59am