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Dogger Bank changes embarrassing name to Dogger Sandbar 2
cinquecento 18.09.12 11:41pm
West Midlands man: "I used a whole tub of Polyfilla before it got hard" shock

Mohan Ashraf from Dudley has amazed the UK’s DIY community by using the entire contents of a ¼ Kilo tub of the nation’s favourite all-purpose bodging goop. “Usually most of it dries out. Even...

dvo4fun 18.09.12 11:39pm
Romney supporters silenced by gaffe tape 1
charlies_hat 18.09.12 8:31pm
Royal family take out injunction to prevent Duchess of York going topless 1
Sinnick 18.09.12 7:52pm
It's great to have EBacc

Michael Gove’s announcement of an education shakeup on Monday left thousands of pupils dilated. Mr Gove decried a “race to the bottom” in education, in which he presumably recalls an Oxford...

woodymellor 18.09.12 7:27pm
Gove: new exams will be 'harder to spell’

Education Secretary Michael Gove today launched the brand new English Baccalaureate Certificate to replace the debased General Certificate of Secondary Education. Gove claimed the new ‘E-Bac’...

plainfailing 18.09.12 6:02pm
Embarrassed Kate admits to feeling a bit of a tit

no more soon...

nostra da mouse 18.09.12 5:20pm
nostra da mouse
Nato curb Afgan patrols amid fears of primary colour shortage

Nato is restricting Afgan operations, following the sharp rise in deadly so-called "green-on-blue" attacks by rogue Afghan security forces. Nato officials claim that is has no choice but to limit...

kjo36 18.09.12 4:58pm
London borough seeking secession from United Kingdom

In recent weeks pressure has been mounting on the coalition government to acknowledge escalating demand for regional autonomy. No, we’re not referring to the wild imaginings of our whisky swigging...

slapespeare 18.09.12 2:46pm
Secret Romney video in secret Romney leak 0
medici2471 18.09.12 2:37pm
Religious protesters stand down as gods agree to fight their own battles

Humanity has breathed a collective sigh of relief as its gods prepare finally to leave home and stand on their own two, or in Vishnu's case, four, feet. For centuries, Christians, Muslims, Hindus...

cinquecento 18.09.12 2:34pm
Injunction 'probably not necessary' for topless Camilla photos, admits Charles 2
The Paper Ostrich 18.09.12 1:40pm
City of Brighton & Hove given freedom of Katie Price 0
seymour totti 18.09.12 1:24pm
seymour totti
Royal Mail complain after child tries to send waste food to 'Kids in Africa'

The Royal Mail have written to a customer in the Rochdale area after they began receiving envelopes containing waste food addressed ‘Kids in Africa’. To ensure the swift delivery of the letter,...

Perks 18.09.12 1:23pm
Mark Duggan 'given loaded gun' after police shooting

A loaded handgun was given to Mark Duggan 15 minutes after he was shot dead by police in Tottenham last year, a court has heard. Edward Brown QC told Snaresbrook Crown Court that Mr Duggan had...

steve_l 18.09.12 11:52am
Tories suggest farmers use a coalition to eliminate badgers

In a shock turn around senior members of the government have suggested to farmers that they can take a leaf out of their book and deal with the threat represented by badgers via a coalition. "For...

gregle 18.09.12 11:48am
William and Kate cancel motorboating holiday 1
andhrimnir 18.09.12 11:44am
BBC release amazing unseen episode of Tomorrows World

Many remember the BBC’s flagship science programme as a show which tried, but generally failed, to predict the technology of the future. However the BBC archives have today released an incredible...

button 18.09.12 11:36am
Kate's Paps banned 0
simonjmr 18.09.12 11:06am
Topless Kate Pics: "Outrage, Shock, Disappointment" among UK porn stars

As the news of topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge being published in a French magazine spreads, British porn actresses are expressing deep concern about the message this sends to their...

SugarTits69 18.09.12 10:44am
The European Court of Human Rights has ruled against Imposing indeterminate sent 0
virtuallywill 18.09.12 9:42am
Insurers offer cheaper premiums for marksmen

Next time your broker asks for your profession, answering 'sniper' could reduce your home contents premium by up to 50%. Aviva's Bullseye Defender Gold policy range is currently only available to...

vertical 18.09.12 9:31am
Increase in piracy boosts parrot sales

Sales of parrots, eye-patches and hooks are set to soar as music and video piracy increases. "People like to get into the spirit of the thing", explained a professor of social studies...

apepper 18.09.12 9:08am
Man hugging hay bale found to be clutching at straws 0
Perks 18.09.12 9:00am
News in - Life's what you make says Genetic Scientist. More soon.

News in - "Life's what you make it" says Genetic Scientist. More soon...

manilacorrespondent 18.09.12 8:28am
Kate hoping for a pearl necklace 0
medici2471 18.09.12 8:18am
Complaints about Dr. Who have risen by 23% over the last year

The High Council of Time Lords have revealed an increase in complaints from Oods, Vords and Daleks, but the highest rise is from other Time Lords such as the Master...

Ian Searle 18.09.12 8:17am
Ian Searle
Afghan 'inside attack' policeman sacked but cleared of contributing to death 0
charlies_hat 18.09.12 8:09am
Curiosity Twitter feed pulled after "wtf - Nevada ? NEVADA ?" tweet

more soon ?...

FlashArry 18.09.12 8:01am
Privileged families ‘failing their children’ claims NLT report

A report carried out by the National Literacy Trust has found that 3 out of 10 children from a privileged background do not own a single Jason Statham or Danny Dyer video of their own., A survey of...

Earl Van Dyke 18.09.12 7:08am