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Prince Charming arrested in Operation Yewtree

Prince Charming today became the latest high profile figure to be arrested by officers working on cases of historic sexual abuse. It is believed that Mr Charming is accused of two counts of sexual...

Sherlockhouse 03.03.13 6:26pm
Defence secretary says poor people must do more to help kill poor people

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond says that poor people in Britain should do more to help to kill poor people in other countries by taking a cut in their welfare benefits. 'We have to look at the...

roybland 03.03.13 5:54pm
Sinkhole victim 'embarrassed' moments before ground opened up and swallowed him 5
Idiot 03.03.13 5:26pm
Obama and Boehner to fight in Epic Lightsaber Duel

U.S. President Barack Obama is to fight leading House Republican John Boehner in "an epic lightsaber duel," to resolve the ongoing budget impasse once and for all, a White House spokesman has...

K.J. Shine 03.03.13 3:48pm
Obama and Boehner in Epic Lightsaber Battle pledge. More soon

Obama and Boehner in Epic Lightsaber Battle pledge. More soon...

K.J. Shine 03.03.13 1:09pm
K.J. Shine
Pantomime horse found to be 87% human. 0
the coarse whisperer 03.03.13 11:28am
the coarse whisperer
Huge latex prayer dome to be erected in honour of departing Pope

The Vatican has announced that a huge latex prayer dome is to be erected in St Peter’s Square in honour of Pope Benedict XVI. The latex prayer dome is expected to be the first of many throughout...

Yikes 03.03.13 9:02am
Amazon unveil new 'Rape' line

After the recent controversy over the sale of t-shirts bearing the slogan 'Keep Calm and Rape Often', online retailer Amazon have shocked and disgusted many by revealing that his is only a taster of...

WatcherMark 03.03.13 2:55am
Pippa Middleton discovers true vocation as new arse of Anusol 0
pere floza 03.03.13 1:36am
pere floza
Italian coastguard's warning of a big sheep in the water blamed for disaster 4
Dick Everyman 03.03.13 12:09am
Dick Everyman
Trendy restaurant introduces new menu item, "The unpronounceable" 0
Dumbnews 02.03.13 11:51pm
Man sent on Mars mission comes back with Crunchie 12
nickb 02.03.13 11:37pm
Dick Everyman
Quorn brings out new line of 'horse-style' pieces

Purveyors of meat-free fungus-based products, Quorn, have announced their new range of 'horse style' pieces. A spokesperson for the company said, "At Quorn we are constantly looking for new and...

Paulduckula 02.03.13 11:36pm
Doctors expect the Queen to be on the throne for at least another three days 3
Stan 02.03.13 11:27pm
Large sinkhole found in Florida - authorities are looking into it 2
LensCap 02.03.13 9:38pm
Al Qaeda confirms Mokhtar Belmokhtar is not Arabic for Eddie the Eagle Edwards. 0
dominic_mcg 02.03.13 9:23pm
Anglo-Saxon Chronicle headline, 1016 AD "Our New king is Great Cnut"

The old ones arethe old ones...

AReader 02.03.13 8:19pm
Twitter Accused of Shortening Attention Spans! 1
anhodika 02.03.13 7:52pm
Complaints as Channel Islands brochure only contains Sarky comments. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 02.03.13 7:14pm
Amazon to Sell Tee-Shirts saying "Keep Calm and Avoid Paying Tax" 0
Titus 02.03.13 7:10pm
Shock as politician disappears up his own massive arsehole

The search has been called off for a Tory MP, with his head stuck up his own arse, who had such a high opinion of himself that a massive hole opened up and he completely disappeared. Backbenchers...

Ian Searle 02.03.13 7:06pm
Ian Searle
O'Farrell regrets taking Wenger's advice to aim for 4th place 0
Des Custard 02.03.13 4:54pm
Des Custard
Charles cautiously hopeful as he Googles "gastroenteritis" 0
sydalg 02.03.13 4:53pm
John O'Farrell notes that Eastleigh is "very close to the Isle of Wight"

He's not bitter at all...

AReader 02.03.13 3:38pm
Conservative Party HQ admits confusion over Eastleigh 'Buy Election'

"It's always worked in the past"...

tedweasel 02.03.13 3:19pm
Shepherd from Specsavers ad arrested for obscene act with collie

(neato) Another twist might have been that this was the original Specsavers ad but they got told to 'tone it down a bit'...

Squudge 02.03.13 2:28pm
Dick Everyman
Kitten-hurting scandal engulfs Tories.

It started with an innocent remark. David Cameron, keen to demonstrate political toughness in the wake of the Tory defeat in Eastleigh, threatened to “hurt a kitten.” Later he told reporters he...

nickb 02.03.13 1:55pm
Gastroenteritis likely to prolong monarch's time on throne

Bilious sovereign EIIR etc etc...

spoole2112 02.03.13 1:18pm
David Cameron to start image makeover by “hurting kitten” after Eastleigh rout

Claims that David Cameron’s brand of conservatism isn’t tough enough have led to the Tory leader threatening to “hurt a kitten” to demonstrate his commitment to old style Tory values. ...

nickb 02.03.13 12:56pm
Londoner confuses a Latin sheep with a breaded star sign

[url=]No more soon[/url]...

Perks 02.03.13 12:18pm