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Kate's teddy bear gaffe: I'll take that for my dork of a husband 0
Drylaw 07.03.13 12:12am
Bieber late because mum made him eat everything up 2
Drylaw 07.03.13 12:06am
"At least when Chavez gets ill he means it", wails Charles 1
sydalg 06.03.13 11:10pm
Thatcher statue plan gets 'big bronze V-sign'

A plan to erect a statue of Baroness Thatcher in her home town of Grantham has been greeted with stony-faced disapproval by most of the UK's statuary. The statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament...

roybland 06.03.13 10:01pm
'Warning - this vehicle is reversing' hits millionth download and goes viral

A vehicle reversing warning has just clocked-up 1m iTunes downloads and has gone viral on the Internet. 'Warning - this vehicle is reversing' is being hailed as the new Gangnam Style and has already...

roybland 06.03.13 9:31pm
An Idiot's Guide to the Papal Election

For the next few days all eyes will be on Rome as cardinals from across the world gather in the Sistine Chapel to elect from their number a new Bishop of Rome otherwise known as the Pope. This...

Carter 06.03.13 8:58pm
Newcastle nurse fed up with being called 'Angel of the North' 0
custard cream 06.03.13 8:46pm
custard cream
Kate hinting at baby name 'Diana' blamed for Royal Pukeathon 2
Squudge 06.03.13 8:45pm
rob box
Slip of tongue as Kate reveals baby to be "reptilian overlord"

The Duchess of Cambridge may have inadvertently let slip that the new royal baby is going to be a female reptilian alien. She was out shopping for a baby suit to fit a 10 foot tall lizard when...

apepper 06.03.13 7:39pm
Scotland Yard chef who overdid the seasoning charged with wasting police thyme 1
blacklesbianandproudofit 06.03.13 7:14pm
rob box
Monasteries unexpectedly raise entrance requirement. 0
the coarse whisperer 06.03.13 7:02pm
the coarse whisperer
Buckingham Palace reveal Prince Charles Mothers Day Dinner menu

Prince Charles is to host a get well/mothers day banquet for the Queen. Sadly for Prince Charles he will unable to join in the dinner as he has tooth ache MENU Starter Freash unwashed Bay of...

Scronnyglonkle 06.03.13 7:00pm
sponge finger
Torys to attract more female front benchers by making seats smaller and pink 1
thisisall1word 06.03.13 6:57pm
Woman demanding compensation for leather breast implants told 'tough tits' 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 06.03.13 6:52pm
Shetland Pony population decimated while attempting gangnam style moves. 0
the coarse whisperer 06.03.13 6:13pm
the coarse whisperer
Dog the Bounty Hunter has to make do with Twix

Hat tip to me...

nickb 06.03.13 5:42pm
'Redundancy package will not include holiday pay' warn Thomas Cook 0
Nobby Holder 06.03.13 4:04pm
Nobby Holder
English study on Scottish Independence concludes "Hadrian was right all along". 0
AReader 06.03.13 3:14pm
Princess Daffodil new 2-1fav name after Kate's 'D' hint

Following yesterday's surprise leak – or dare we say leek - bookmakers today made Princess Daffodil the new favourite name for Kate Middleton's baby due this summer. With William and Kate expected...

06.03.13 2:40pm
U.F.O.A.P. turns Lancashire night sky blue

Scientists are at a loss to explain the old age pensioner seen flying over the skies of Lancashire last night. Reports indicate the pensioner went ballistic over Manchester at around 8:30 pm and...

blacklesbianandproudofit 06.03.13 2:33pm
Humanity baffled as Bieber is booed for not singing 1
Idiot 06.03.13 2:29pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Fergie's dummy fells Ronaldo

Chaos descended in the city of Manchester as the theatre of dreams (or should that be nightmares) witnessed a footballing injury that caused many hardened supporters to turn away in shock horror. A...

irreverendJ 06.03.13 1:55pm
Who was the anagram in the black?

Who was the anagram in the black?...

olddoc 06.03.13 1:24pm
Dame Helen Mirren’s intestines to play Queen’s in ‘gastroenteritis classic’

Helen Mirren’s lower bowel is to deliver another faultless performance in which she portrays Elizabeth II living with a crippling bowel condition, it has emerged. The play entitled [i]I’d Give It...

Gary Stanton 06.03.13 12:30pm
Gary Stanton
Venezuela deny using United defeat to bury bad news

The Vice-President of Venezuela has denied accusations that he used Manchester United's defeat to Real Madrid to 'bury bad news'. Critics have suggested late President Hugo Chavez has been dead for...

Perks 06.03.13 11:35am
New wall promise in UKIP manifesto leak

In a leak from the latest manifesto by UKIP, plans are revealed to build a 12.429-kilometer (7723-mile) barrier of concrete and barbed wire, around the British Coastline, armed with watchtowers and...

Dick Everyman 06.03.13 10:51am
Dick Everyman
Have you tried this at home?

.They said the pandas have been showing changes in behaviour and the signs from a brief accommodation swap on Tuesday were good. The male, Yang Guang, explored the female's den carefully, doing a...

blacklesbianandproudofit 06.03.13 10:45am
Steve Reich in the Afternoon disappoints Radio 2 listeners

With his amusingly ceaseless banter and amazing “factoids”, Steve Reich has been wowing Radio 2 listeners since he made the jump from the good ship Radio One when lapels were wide enough to ...

nickb 06.03.13 9:27am
Assad Accuses West Of Militarising Syrian Conflict By Providing Air Raid Shelter 0
Titus 06.03.13 9:08am
Hugo Chavez Wins "George Galloway Wind-Up Merchant" Lifetime Achievement Award 0
Titus 06.03.13 9:01am