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New Peter Andre painting identified

A previously unknown portrait by Peter Andre has been identified by the museum of worthless celebrity art. The piece, titled 'Jordan mon amour' - which depicts Andre's now ex-wife, Katie Price, in...

Robopop 11.09.13 5:59pm
Future celebrity rape cases to be assessed on a LeVell playing field. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 11.09.13 5:26pm
Bodmin Anaesthetist Claims To Be The Numb-er Of The Beast

Neat-o Hat-tip to Midfield Diamond...

Flugelbinder 11.09.13 5:24pm
Midfield Diamond
Deputy Dawg to step down pending court case.

Deputy Dawg announced today he will resign his post, pending the outcome of charges against him. In his trademark “hillbilly” redneck accent, Mr Dawg told reporters: “I fervently deny all...

CulchaVulcha 11.09.13 5:24pm
Coronation Street plot spoiler - Kevin Webster's dad makes amazing recovery 0
custard cream 11.09.13 4:50pm
custard cream
France: Bed-sharing Will Solve Syrian Crisis

French foreign affairs minister Laurent Fabius has proposed a unique solution to the refugee crisis engulfing the Middle East. Fabius believes spare bedrooms from council properities on British...

David Masters 11.09.13 4:32pm
David Masters
Pints rival Bitcoin as new alternative currency 0
Sfox 11.09.13 3:54pm
Ed Milliband launches new policy to opt out of HMRC levy

Ed Milliband's first ever policy of allowing Union members to opt out of the political levy, whilst not embraced by some has made him so excited that someone is listening to him. He has now launched...

tonyhill 11.09.13 3:28pm
Salem witches accuse Governor Phips of "Witchhunt"

more to follow...

moanygit 11.09.13 2:08pm
Satanists turning to Jesus after Beast goes ex-directory 0
sydalg 11.09.13 1:59pm
Veterinary anaesthetist denies devil worship 0
Midfield Diamond 11.09.13 1:27pm
Midfield Diamond
'Syria doing really well' says Roy Hodgson

England football manager Roy Hodgson praised Syria for the progress it has made recently. 'Syria's been under a lot of pressure to do well,' he said. 'And there's been a lot of negativity around....

John Wiltshire 11.09.13 1:18pm
John Wiltshire
Shay Given named in goal for Steve Harper Newcastle testimonial 1
kga6 11.09.13 1:10pm
Manuel actor admits to half a dozen affairs with satanists

Neat-o. Sun headline writers dream...

charlies_hat 11.09.13 1:03pm
Labour leader vows to become less confrontational "Ned Miliband" 1
Scronnyglonkle 11.09.13 12:43pm
End in sight for Weatherfield’s MOT backlog... 7
Tripod 11.09.13 12:25pm
The 'naughty step' has been found innocent

The verdict came after several weeks of deliberation by the jury who had been 'sent to its room' and asked to 'think about what it had done'. When he finally emerged from court, Mr Step, as he now...

Ian Searle 11.09.13 12:11pm
Ian Searle
HS2 now available with extended warranty for only £15bn p.a. extra 0
Arthur 11.09.13 11:40am
669: the number of the beast with two backs 0
beau-jolly 11.09.13 11:33am
Inverted satanist accidentally calls emergency services

Variation on Flugelbinder's neat-o effort...

Sinnick 11.09.13 11:30am
χ ξ ϛ 4
Arthur 11.09.13 11:29am
GP reported to GMC for not secretly photographing female patient

Sarah Ardle, 47, from Aldershot in Hampshire, has reported her GP to the General Medical Council for not secretly photographing her in her underwear. She told the GMC that she had visited her GP, 27...

John Wiltshire 11.09.13 11:24am
John Wiltshire
Man with 665 phone number getting fed up with calls from drunken satanists 0
sydalg 11.09.13 11:22am
Ben Affleck urged to handover Batman mask and weapons amidst worldwide pressure

Movie buffs across the world are ramping-up pressure on romantic comedy star Ben Affleck to put his Batman mask, Batmobile and weapons under international control to have them destroyed or passed to...

Jesus H 11.09.13 11:12am
Jesus H
Disgraced weatherman leaves TV station under a cloud 0
sydalg 11.09.13 11:04am
Proctologist admits taking work home "may have contributed" to marriage breakup 0
sydalg 11.09.13 10:45am
Jay-Z Admits To 666 Problems But A Beast Ain't One 0
Flugelbinder 11.09.13 10:11am
Cricket umpires to be replaced by hatstands... 0
Tripod 11.09.13 9:51am
Dyslexic Satanist Blamed For Increase In Emergency Calls

Neat-O And for what it's worth, I think stands up on its own as a headline :)...

Flugelbinder 11.09.13 9:49am
Unemployment figure drops since Public Sector Statisticians put on zero hours!

More to follow...

wobbul 11.09.13 9:39am