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Wigan manager to be given a shot at bank regulation.

George Osborne hopeful that something will turn up at the last minute...

deskpilot3 13.05.13 11:38am
Gove updates National Curriculum to include EU exit options. More soon. 0
deskpilot3 13.05.13 11:35am
New Homeless Tax

Homeless people will now be expected to pay for any extra room they may have, it has been announced., ‘It this time of austerity it is vital that every person pull their weight and that includes...

Hooch 13.05.13 11:27am
Severely imprisoned murderer seeks 'right to escape'

Dave Wills, a 46-year-old murderer with 'locked up' syndrome, will today seek a judicial review into his right to escape. 'Life has become a living hell for me,' said the killer. 'I completely lack...

Bravenewmalden 13.05.13 10:31am
Lord Alan Fergie - A Footballing Illness

On a sunny April day I had been invited to the home of former football manager Lord Alan Fergie, for what would be a frank and honest assessment of the Lords career – A step back in time. Where for...

christobinsings 13.05.13 9:50am
Michael Gove to predict the lottery LIVE

Following on from his unprecedented run of success in accurately predicting what this nation needs, the Secretary of State will reveal the winning lottery numbers a WHOLE week before they are...

Wrenfoe 13.05.13 9:42am
Apathetic football club signs Thierry Ennui. 6
sredni vashta 13.05.13 9:19am
Chris Huhne drives away from prison... very slowly. 1
MADJEZ 13.05.13 8:58am
BBC confirms Pointless Celebrities is not a documentary 1
custard cream 13.05.13 8:50am
Yew tree smashes boy in face

A Cumbrian Yew tree, which is in no way embroiled in the on-going Yewtree operation, has found itself at the centre of a similar yet very different scandal. The incident occurred when a twelve year...

bobby5fingers 13.05.13 8:21am
Ex-Lib-Dem MP Caught Speeding In Central London.....

His lawyer pleads for mercy. "His first shag, M'Lord."...

Jesse Bigg 13.05.13 8:13am
Jesse Bigg
More Panic-Stricken Tories Hit By UKIP Jitteritus

.."When's the referendum? When's the referendum? Health Secretary to dish out tranquillizers?...

Jesse Bigg 13.05.13 8:02am
Chimp Death to cause new GFC?

Shock waves ran through Wall Street today sending a panic amongst even the most experienced investors, as news emerged that Buttercup - the first female chimp to sit behind the big curtain on the New...

brianflan 13.05.13 7:29am
Judge declares "presence of an ice cream van gives children right to have one".

In a ground-breaking case, a judge has comed down on the side of a children's pressure group seeking to prove that the very existence of an ice-cream van within 100 metres of a family not in a car or...

Boutros 13.05.13 6:17am
NRA criticize New Orleans's shooter for being 'a lousy shot.' 0
Hooch 12.05.13 11:24pm
USwitch user £286 a year better off

Reports are reaching the NewsBiscuit newsdesk of a USwitch user who has saved money. Pensioner Fred Hartley of Eastbourne is said to have entered his electricity use details accurately on the...

Social Affairs Correspondent 12.05.13 10:33pm
Social Affairs Correspondent
Shock as another celebrity tests positive for Werthers Original.

More yewtree soon...

MADJEZ 12.05.13 9:55pm
British Political Party Leader Urges "Don't Mention the EU!"

"I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it"...

Titus 12.05.13 9:18pm
Newsbiscuit Education expert Chris Woodenhead's advice column #1

Chris, My son Alexander has just graduated from Harvard University as Magna Cum Laude with a Starred First Class Degree in Nuclear Engineering. My daughter Abigail got seven 'A's at A level and has...

Nob Lorry Rug-muncher 12.05.13 8:44pm
Police following lead after scrap metal thieves strike church roofs 2
Nob Lorry Rug-muncher 12.05.13 8:04pm
May fly really pissed off that today was its 24 hours 2
A.A.Arkwright 12.05.13 7:59pm
Hammond and Gove encouraged to leave EU any time they like and not to come back. 0
weematt 12.05.13 7:51pm
3D printer produces tank top. Owner claims "the right to bare arms". 3
Maverick 12.05.13 4:37pm
"EU would vote for Gove exit". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 12.05.13 3:22pm
Al OPecia
Programmes infest BBC’s £1 billion London HQ

Staff have recently reported witnessing TV programmes being produced in the BBC’s new central London studios., “We thought all that nonsense had finished when Television Centre was closed at the...

drs 12.05.13 12:26pm
24/7 shops to extend opening hours to 25th July 0
Nob Lorry Rug-muncher 12.05.13 12:23pm
Nob Lorry Rug-muncher
Scrap metal thieves remove irony from Comedy Store 0
Nob Lorry Rug-muncher 12.05.13 11:30am
Nob Lorry Rug-muncher
Cannibal shopkeeper says customers were his bread and butter. 0
sredni vashta 12.05.13 11:16am
sredni vashta
Branson dons pinstripe suit and spends day as a faceless CEO after losing bet 0
ginty 12.05.13 10:00am
Weird Science becomes reality as 3d printers help dorks worldwide create wives 2
victimms 12.05.13 9:41am