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Quincy M.E. found dead. Foul-play suspected after autopsy. 0
MADJEZ 25.12.12 9:48am
.. 0
Yikes 25.12.12 9:24am
Result and Winner of Newsbiscuit's Christmas 'SPOT THE ROBIN' Competition ...

pinxit 25.12.12 9:06am
Flooding minister accused of sandbagging. Saving best for summer holidays. 0
weematt 25.12.12 9:06am
Obamha facing fiscal grassy knoll.

The U.S. congress, in a precedented move has, downsized the description of proposed U.S. tax and budget cuts commonly referred to as the 'fiscal cliff'., The $100 billion budget cuts and family...

JusticeP 25.12.12 8:06am
British gun sales soar in anticipation of Piers Morgan return 1
charlies_hat 25.12.12 7:21am
Queen's peach may appear fuzzy in 3D. 0
weematt 25.12.12 4:26am
Sacrifice of 1st Amendment worth it to be rid of Piers Morgan, says USA 2
duncolm 24.12.12 11:28pm
Ana Thrax perfume by laboratoire Baghdad top gift for Mother in laws this Xmas 0
godly1966 24.12.12 11:24pm
60 million sign petition to keep Piers Morgan in USA 0
godly1966 24.12.12 11:15pm
Amateur historian discovers that the Great War was prolonged by football injury.

It is well known that 98 years ago on Christmas Eve, German and British Troops brought a temporary ceasefire to the Great War and had a game of football in no mans land. New evidence has come to...

24.12.12 11:01pm
Peter Jackson signed up to direct next three Queen's Speeches

- 2013 - The Queen's Speech: An Unexpected Journey, - 2014 - The Queen's Speech: The Two Castles, - 2015 - The Queen's Speech: The Return of the Queen...

custard cream 24.12.12 10:18pm
Queen's speech to be interactive - viewers to select 'happy endings' 1
Squudge 24.12.12 9:45pm
custard cream
Queen's speech to be 4D as BBC give away "Scratch n' Sniff" cards

The Queen is embracing new technology with her Christmas speech being broadcast in 3D and with scratch n' sniff cards included in the Christmas Radio Times. Cues will be given as subtitles so when...

apepper 24.12.12 9:41pm
Stores exploit rift in space/time continuum to open 25 hours a day over Xmas... 3
Tripod 24.12.12 9:38pm
US firefighters announce 'NRA-inspired' switch from water to gasoline 11
Idiot 24.12.12 9:21pm
Major flooding as nation's shepherds wash their socks at night. 2
Maverick 24.12.12 8:37pm
Buckingham Palace denies using CGI effects in Queen's Speech 0
custard cream 24.12.12 7:56pm
custard cream
Jamiroquai to choreograph Queen’s dance routine for 3D Christmas message

Warbling pop sensation and Top Gear favourite Jamiroquai has been chosen to put the Queen through her paces for a 3D dance routine she plans to pull off during her address to the nation on Christmas...

DustyBinLaden 24.12.12 7:41pm
Dad charges family £480 for IT support

A father of 2 in Hinchley Wood has drawn up a price list on the fridge for providing IT support over the Christmas period. Based on gifts already purchased, his family could face a £480 bill. He...

Boutros 24.12.12 5:03pm
Cameron Seeks Apology for Viking Atrocities

David Cameron made an impassioned plea today for a formal public apology from Scandinavian nations for the atrocities committed by the Vikings between the 8th and 11th Centuries. "We are calling on...

Denis Dijon 24.12.12 3:52pm
Chris Thomas
Shane MacGowan too drunk to realise he's dead, say doctors

As the music world celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of the release of the popular Christmas classic, A Fairytale of New York, there has been increasing speculation about how the song's writer...

jamsieoconnor 24.12.12 3:42pm
Buckingham Palace says Queen 'will revert to 2D as usual on Boxing Day'

more dimensions later...

dvo4fun 24.12.12 3:36pm
Message to news reporters - we know what rain looks like, move on please 1
custard cream 24.12.12 3:28pm
Mammoth-riding Hobbits found in Crete

Archaeological excavations in the caves of Matala on Crete have found the remains of a hobbit with an elephant handler's hook. Professor Merryweather of Oxbridge University's Archaeology &...

Chris Thomas 24.12.12 3:18pm
Chris Thomas
Viewers warned 3D, high frame rate Queen's speech 'may cause nausea' 2
Idiot 24.12.12 1:23pm
Guardian correction: Queen in 3d, not Queen spending Christmas with JD

Shot glasses later...

virtuallywill 24.12.12 12:42pm
'A god is for life, not just for Christmas' warn CoE.

Every year without fail, on the 25th day of December, hundreds of thousands of normal thinking people chose to dismiss their common sense approach to sky beings, and join other churchgoers to...

button 24.12.12 12:21pm
Uproar as Queen’s speech to be broadcast only on Sky Sports

Buckingham Palace as confirmed that ‘It regrets’ the decision to allow Sky News to film this year’s royal address following the announcement by the broadcaster that it will be only available to...

antharrison 24.12.12 11:52am
E-card charm offensive offensive, warn police

A public warning has been issued of an unsettling new trend sweeping people's inboxes and 'freaking them out' this Christmas. It has been reported that people are messing with one anothers heads by...

Squudge 24.12.12 11:47am