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OFSTED censures Grange Hill after Tucker incorrectly spells 'pleb' 0
Kevin the Swan 06.02.14 11:27pm
Kevin the Swan
Tom Sizemore backtracks on Clinton & Hurley affair. “ I meant Curly Wurly"

Sizemore admitted he was off his face on drugs at the time of the video recording and he meant to say that Bill Clinton had an affair with a Curly Wurly. Not Liz Hurley...

carlosmanwelly 06.02.14 10:37pm
Somerset Levels declared "homeopathic Time Bomb". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 06.02.14 10:20pm
Al OPecia
Scientists who support Bush/Blair unable to find error in their logic 0
Dumbnews 06.02.14 8:58pm
Tom Smith's Facebook Film in surprise late nomination for Best Picture Oscar ...

Birmingham factory work Tom Smith was shocked today to find his 60 second Facebook Film had been nominated for the Best Picture oscar. "Like every man and his dog this week I created my Facebook film...

Kramaring 06.02.14 8:37pm
Wind Causes Massive Sawdust Devastation in Bristol Street

On dustbin collection day after Tuesday night's storm, residents of a quiet street in Whitchurch, Bristol were shocked to find rabbit droppings, sawdust and cigarette ends strewn all over the...

JohnB 06.02.14 8:29pm
William Roache Fingers his Accusers

Will he never learn...

Njinski 06.02.14 8:11pm
Network Rail announce replacement submarine service at Dawlish station 4
custard cream 06.02.14 8:11pm
86-year old Roger Moore can't recall Aston Martin 3
sydalg 06.02.14 8:06pm
Shortage of NHS orange plastic waiting room chairs now "a crisis" 0
Drylaw 06.02.14 7:55pm
There are no winners, apart from women who got shag from TV star and sold story. 5
MADJEZ 06.02.14 7:53pm
Dog captures six Taliban insurgents. More soon.

.. One of them looks strangely like Ross Noble...

Al OPecia 06.02.14 7:40pm
Al OPecia
Ryanair to charge £50 for being nice to customers on the 'phone.

More soon. Thanks FOAD...

Al OPecia 06.02.14 7:10pm
Al OPecia
Sex trial plaintiffs left with nasty taste in mouth 0
pere floza 06.02.14 7:03pm
pere floza
Network Rail Loses Track Of Trains At Dawlish

"No, we haven't lost the trains - we're just not sure where the track has got to...

Titus 06.02.14 7:03pm
Sochi Organisers say mens figure skating will be butchest ever 0
Scronnyglonkle 06.02.14 7:01pm
Old Etonian Bankers' Son Given 100 Lines After Mis-spelling "Sandal"

More schoon., More schoon., More schoon., More schoon., More schoon., More schoon., More schoon., (.ad centum)...

BewsNiscuit 06.02.14 6:35pm
George W Bush to visit Somerset Levels 0
roybland 06.02.14 6:33pm
Banc custermors forl pray to miss-speling scandle 3
Electrelane 06.02.14 6:24pm
Roache: Allegations were a terrific blow. 1
MADJEZ 06.02.14 5:45pm
Ref Minor
Aston Martin Recall Cars Owing to Faulty Ejector Seat

Sports Car manufacturer Aston Martin have today announced a recall of 16,000 vehicles built in its Warwickshire Factory owing to what the marque called a “potential safety issue” with the...

james_doc 06.02.14 5:45pm
Somerset Levels seek twinning links with Bangladesh 0
custard cream 06.02.14 5:30pm
custard cream
Mebyon Kernow demand more help from Westminster. 3
Ref Minor 06.02.14 5:29pm
Milliband shows off his "beatches"

Entering the commons for Prime Ministers Questions yesterday in a floorlength leopardskin drape coat and wide brimmed fedora, the leader of the opposition, Ed "superfly" Milliband invited the all...

blokefromstoke 06.02.14 4:34pm
Tube Strike Organiser Russell Crowe: "And I will have my vengeance ...".

in this world or the next...

Titus 06.02.14 4:17pm
Sochi must-watch for people who can find absolutely nothing better to do

The Sochi Winter Olympics are top of the list in the UK for people who are at a complete loss for something better to pass the time. 'I might take a quick glance between switching channels,' said...

roybland 06.02.14 4:07pm
Texas conducts rare non black execution 0
Bigglesworth 06.02.14 3:54pm
Notwork Rail Loses Track o' da Track 0
BewsNiscuit 06.02.14 2:09pm
Pacific castaway confesses he didn't raise a single penny for charity

A fisherman who spent thirteen months in the Pacific has admitted that his trip didn't raise a single penny for charity. In an interview to CNN Mexico, Jose Salvador Alvarenga agreed that if he had...

roybland 06.02.14 1:54pm
[b]Southern Water announce compulsory hose pipe use[/b]

[quote]We can all look forward a summer of lovely green lawns.[/quote] says Owen Paterson Minister of the Environment and Rural affairs, as Water Authority bring compulsory hose pipe usage. In a...

jock the dog 06.02.14 1:50pm