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Datchet to be twinned with Venice, says British Tourist Board. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 11.02.14 10:54pm
North London Fairtrade Sand-bag shop wins Retailer of the Year 2012

A shop that supplies bespoke bags of fairtrade sand to North London home-owners who fear flooding has won Retailer of the Year for a record third year in a row. "Residents of Hampstead and Primrose...

The Bogs 11.02.14 10:44pm
Waitrose in Berkshire & Surrey to stock bags of Organic Fair-Trade Sand.

Not like that working-class Tesco Value stuff they're using in the West Country....

MADJEZ 11.02.14 10:40pm
Floods: Ex gang members flee country after fears of rivers being dredged.

Scores of retired gang members and nightclub bouncers are fleeing the country after the environment agency debates dredging rivers of flood hit areas. One ex gang member who did not want to be named...

carlosmanwelly 11.02.14 10:28pm
Blizzards Expected After Local Authorities Sell Off Snowploughs To Buy Lifeboats 0
Titus 11.02.14 10:21pm
Isle Of Wight Cut Off By Floods 0
Titus 11.02.14 10:03pm
Cameron promises grateful nation 'your money is no object' 1
Squudge 11.02.14 10:03pm
sponge finger
PM says drip down effect will help those suffering from flooding 2
Bigglesworth 11.02.14 9:51pm
Eric Pickles: 'Who Ate All The Humble Pie?'. 1
Titus 11.02.14 9:43pm
Gove steps in to replace Somerset levels with new, drier A levels 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 11.02.14 9:26pm
'We're not equipped for this type of weather' says Surrey 4x4 driver. 0
MADJEZ 11.02.14 9:11pm
Edward Snowden to appear in new TV show titled “ Extreme Phishing “

The former intelligence worker and whistleblower will host the new show, designed around protecting yourself against Phishing attacks from the NSA and other government agencies...

carlosmanwelly 11.02.14 9:06pm
Osborne announces cut in top rate of tax to pay for flood damages. 0
Ref Minor 11.02.14 8:45pm
Ref Minor
Cow who's seen it all before has constant sense of déjà moo 1
sydalg 11.02.14 7:11pm
'Blind' Owen Patterson to quit and relaunch career as blues guitarist. 11
Electrelane 11.02.14 6:52pm
Beaches disappearing as sandbaggers shore up Surrey

As the storm around the shortage of sandbags in the shires gathers momentum, coastal residents say it is not the sea that has swept away some beaches. Formerly dune fringed shores have been robbed of...

marymole 11.02.14 5:31pm
Valentine suitors advised against gondola ventures this Friday

Men are being advised not to risk delivering their Valentine greetings by gondola on Friday. 'Because of the floods, many British beaux will want to resort to hiring gondolas on Friday to deliver...

roybland 11.02.14 5:10pm
PM says government 'may have got it wrong' after Pickles calls for hosepipe ban 0
pinxit 11.02.14 5:08pm
'42 Years A Wage Slave' shows mass appeal at Oscar nominations 1
pere floza 11.02.14 4:45pm
pere floza
This is why "Screaming Lord" Smith didn't apologise for the floods

Son of Barnabas 11.02.14 4:11pm
Government to introduce smoking lanes 0
sydalg 11.02.14 4:10pm
Smoking dad of 3 texts as he tailgates in middle lane at 80mph with no seat belt

He would have been pissed as well but there was no room left...

blacklesbianandproudofit 11.02.14 4:07pm
Residents look forward to Curling on frozen Somerset Levels

With a period of dry but cold weather now forecast for much of the country, residents of the flood hit Somerset Levels are finding solace in the possibility that the water covering much of their...

james_doc 11.02.14 4:07pm
Barclays redundancies necessary 'to make room for our big bags of swag' - bosses 0
Electrelane 11.02.14 3:57pm
Shirley Temple threatens to hold her breath once too often 0
Oxbridge 11.02.14 3:44pm
"Where is it illegal to be gay?" ask Somerset inhabitants.

Millions of people continue to live in places that outlaw same-sex relationships and prosecute people for being gay. In five countries and in parts of two others, homosexuality is still punishable...

Son of Barnabas 11.02.14 3:10pm
Son of Barnabas
Switch From Cars To Landing Craft….

….A big possibility...

Jesse Bigg 11.02.14 3:07pm
Jesse Bigg
"I'm always confusing Reginal D Hunter with Stephen K Amos"

says Samuel L Jackson...

Son of Barnabas 11.02.14 2:48pm
Son of Barnabas
Bob Crow U-turn on tube results in blocked tunnel. Trains still not running. 0
Son of Barnabas 11.02.14 2:39pm
Son of Barnabas
Lock Gates, All The Rage…..

….For Gardens Down South...

Jesse Bigg 11.02.14 2:36pm
Jesse Bigg