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North Korea will intercept any interceptions on interceptions for interceptions

On the Taepodong - II rocket which is set for launch between 12th - 20th April, 2012. North Korean Defence Staff announced today that the 2 KT Nuclear Yield Rocket named, "The Peaceful Satellite"...

theadministrator 30.03.12 9:44am
Queuing for Petrol - F1 pit stops now last 45 minutes. More soon...

Fighting breaks out between pit crews after allegations of queue jumping., Squeegee squad sets up business in pit lane., Tanker Drivers' union receives "strange messages" from a Mr. B. Ecclestone.,...

ianrbland 30.03.12 9:42am
President al-Assad offers to bombard the Bradford spring 0
Duncan Biscuit 30.03.12 9:40am
Duncan Biscuit
BP warns of Nectar point shortage as petrol sales soar 0
Duncan Biscuit 30.03.12 9:39am
Duncan Biscuit
Report warns girls as young as five forced into ballet and violin classes 1
Duncan Biscuit 30.03.12 12:59pm
Scotch eggs, fairy cakes and fizzy pop shortages as dyslexics go picnic buying. 2
wallster 30.03.12 4:37pm
pinxit website launched. More soon... 0
ianrbland 30.03.12 9:28am
George Galloway to enter Republican Primaries

" It was the next logical step from Big Brother" said Galloway earlier...

Scronnyglonkle 30.03.12 9:21am
Tesco Covent Garden has 'serious mouse problem'

Nothing more annoying than a serious mouse I can tell you. My advice to Tesco would be to find a serious cat and then hopefully the mouse will go and be serious somewhere else....

Theodore Sprangshaft 30.03.12 9:18am
Theodore Sprangshaft
North Korean / Iranian consortium to take over UK nuclear power contract

"It was them or the French." says Cameron...

weematt 21.10.13 3:00pm
Long queues at pumps as Labour supporters flee Bradford Spring. 0
Boutros 30.03.12 8:15am
Romney: Obama Doesn't Believe In Santa, Thinks Hamburgers Came From Germany 0
Textbook 30.03.12 7:59am
Galloway wins in Bradford after promising more petrol for honour killings. 6
MADJEZ 30.03.12 9:22am
Captain G. Mainwaring (Home Guard Ret'd.) appointed Government panic czar.

In a hastily convened press conference a somewhat flustered Prime Minister David Cameron announced the immediate appointment of war hero George Mainwaring as the first UK Panic Czar., "With all the...

weematt 30.03.12 2:13pm
Panic buying of petrol and release of new JOF book 'purely coincidence' say publ


Gerontius 30.03.12 7:56am
Historians find evidence of dragon which terrorised south of France

known as "The Worm of Cannes"...

Nick McCarr 30.03.12 7:28am
Nick McCarr
Policeman sectioned after man announces "it's PC gone mad" 2
quango 30.03.12 10:17am
Bradford spring to be manafactured abroad 0
Mandy Lifeboat 30.03.12 6:50am
Mandy Lifeboat
CASH-4-PETROL - Do you have unused or unwanted fuel, turn it into instant cash.

Just pour into one of our special milk cartons and send Freepost to our address., We will appraise your fuel and send you a cheque within 7 days. Mr A of Cleethorpes : 'I had half a gallon of 2...

MADJEZ 30.03.12 9:18am
Cameron makes killing in oil shares as nation fill petrol tanks unecessarily. 0
MADJEZ 30.03.12 12:34am
Scott's diary reveals they ate Captain Oats. 'We'll say he went out for a walk' 6
MADJEZ 30.03.12 10:13am
Scientists struggle to quantify just how shit new Friendsreunited site is.

More scathing attacks soon...

MADJEZ 30.03.12 12:20am
Ebay crashes due to increase in second hand petrol panic buyers

Also available dinner at an undisclosed flat in London...

Scronnyglonkle 29.03.12 10:29pm
Kent County Council and Amazon boss to launch Satellite Grammar School

Amazon chief Jeff Bezos has apparently approached Kent County Council with an out of this world offer. He plans to use his recently acquired Apollo 11 booster rockets to place the newly agreed...

3zincold 29.03.12 10:25pm
Lord Coe denies 'stockpiling' fuel for Olympic flame 0
Underconstruction 29.03.12 9:40pm
Captain Scott diary entry reveals how he regrets not taking more frozen food

Newly released extracts from the final diary of legendary British explorer Captain Scott have revealed how the explorer questioned the decision not to carry more frozen foodstuffs on his ill-fated...

Underconstruction 29.03.12 8:51pm
Devon man in care after reading iTunes agreement

A man from Devon who claims to have read the iTunes agreement before clicking Accept has been referred for psychiatric tests. Mr Colin Bray, who says he was just a bit bored and quite curious to see...

Boutros 30.03.12 4:19pm
Express combines its to most popular topics, the EU and weather, to save space.

EU SCIENTISTS IN PLOT TO TEACH BRITAIN A LESSON, The Daily Express can today reveal that the extreme weather conditions which Britain has faced this year may well have been deliberately engineered...

stevebrdfd 29.03.12 7:40pm
Murdoch ‘tweets’ show vulnerable side of a table-thumping, power-crazed bastard

The hearts of the nation have been touched by the tweets of a media mogul, which reveal a softer side to an empire-building megalomaniac. Rupert Murdoch has preferred to stay in the shadows in the...

30.03.12 3:11pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Cameron admits to panic buying a fool. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 29.03.12 7:11pm
Al OPecia