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Tesco to launch tablet computer...unexpected item in the blogging area! 0
irreverendJ 23.09.13 9:59am
Tesco to launch tablet computer...please wait for assistance. 0
irreverendJ 23.09.13 9:36am
Roy Orbison in bar orders "Only Peroni" 3
Smart Alex 23.09.13 9:33am
Following Merkel's victory, Germany now affectionately known as the Motherland 1
Loundshay 23.09.13 9:30am
Shock And Outrage As Spam Forum Is Infiltrated By Satirical Spoof News Story

SpamBiscuit, the well-known and popular website used by seekers of fake designer sunglasses and other lifestyle-critical merchandise, has fallen victim to an enterprising hacker who has managed to...

Titus 23.09.13 9:14am
It Was A Wrench to Leave Claims Former Neat-O Contributor 0
Flugelbinder 23.09.13 9:12am
Religious Retards Shoot Shoppers To Demonstrate The Virtue Of Their Faith 5
Titus 23.09.13 8:48am
German Cake Shop Accused Of Handling Stollen Goods

Maybe more soon...

Flugelbinder 23.09.13 8:45am
Chef Convicted of Watch Theft Serves Time 0
Flugelbinder 23.09.13 8:30am
Delays on East Coast Mainline blamed for Di Canio sacking. 0
Ref Minor 23.09.13 7:26am
Ref Minor
disillusioned worker loses staring contest with office wall 0
TobiasBV 23.09.13 1:17am
Drunk man's public embarrassment as he tries to dry hands in condom machine 0
TobiasBV 23.09.13 12:51am
Godfrey Bloom shortlisted for Edinburgh Comedy Award

UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom is the favourite to win the coveted Edinburgh Comedy Award with his joke; "all women are sluts"...

apepper 22.09.13 11:17pm
Farage Fury At Rival: 'Look, In This Party It's ME That's The Outrageous One OK? 0
Titus 22.09.13 11:06pm
“Thoroughly Modern Miliband” to join cast of Downton Abbey

Ed Miliband revealed on the Andrew Marr show this morning that he is to join Downton Abbey. The series, which is about to cover the 1920/21 period, will feature a sub-plot involving butler Carson...

Coco 22.09.13 11:05pm
Mili Vanilli Band caught miming labour policies. 1
Maverick 22.09.13 10:44pm
Labour To Restore Their Traditional Intoducion-Then-Withdrawal Of 10p Tax Rate 3
Titus 22.09.13 10:36pm
Sunderland's sacrificial lamb: Di Canio was the first to raise his arm. 0
deskpilot3 22.09.13 10:12pm
Nephew with hosepipe sprayed uncle 0
Smart Alex 22.09.13 9:10pm
Smart Alex
New TV Series: 'Big Downton House'

Each week, viewers 'phone in to say which [i]Downton Abbey[/i] character they want killed off...

Titus 22.09.13 7:22pm
Yay! Equinox Means Things Now Get Gloomier More Slowly 0
Titus 22.09.13 7:20pm
Bloom to replace Moir as Daily Mail looks to reduce mysogyny levels. 0
Ref Minor 22.09.13 4:00pm
Ref Minor
Miliband accused of doublespeak after wearing two mics on The Andrew Marr Show

and neither work...

Ian Searle 22.09.13 1:18pm
Ian Searle
SPOILER ALERT: On Downton tonight Tom reveals his plans to open a Safari Park

And there's good news for Lady Mary when the garage calls and and tells her that her car will be ready on Tuesday...

Ian Searle 22.09.13 1:15pm
Ian Searle
Meatloaf becomes desperate, and will now do anything for love... including that! 0
Ian Searle 22.09.13 1:11pm
Ian Searle
Apple Store Employee Critical After 'Android Assault'

An Apple store customer service representative is in a critical condition in hospital tonight following a serious assault at the Westfield Stratford City branch. Ian OSwald had been assisting a...

Giroscope 22.09.13 12:49pm
Young Mili Throws Desperate Shapes in Bid To Brand Himself As T'working Class

Mili Serious, the goofy lovable child prodigy from the reality soap At Home With the Milibrands, shocked audiences in Brighton as he cavorted on stage pulling weird faces and doing something strange...

ronseal 22.09.13 11:01am
Miliband Calls Party Workers Sluts In Attempt To Make Labour As Popular As UKIP 0
Titus 22.09.13 8:39am
EDL registers as 'not for prophet organisation' 0
cinquecento 22.09.13 7:58am
Coca Cola search for 'the retard' who came up with bottle label.

[url=]Coke Bottle labelled Retard.[/url] More soon unless told to Retard by a Frenchman...

MADJEZ 22.09.13 6:58am
Mr Target