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China Borders On Infringement Rights After Creating the United States

New York — The U.S. Trade Council has accused China of copyright infringement after it replicated the United States within its borders. Chinese leaders refuted accusations and stated that the...

17.10.12 7:52pm
Starbucks cut life's certainties by 50% 7
charlies_hat 17.10.12 7:40pm
John Terry : We were only singing 'funky gibbon' at U21 match. 0
MADJEZ 17.10.12 7:33pm
Police use Taser on cinema usherette after mistaking her torch for a lightsaber 1
Ian Searle 17.10.12 7:02pm
Saviled /saevild/ v. past participle

1. interfered with ( a person) esp. sexually, 2. removed (esp. a corpse) from the ground, 3. tr. deceived so as to cause to appear foolish, 4. over-dressed, esp. jewellery, 5. tr. acted as a...

Dick Everyman 17.10.12 6:39pm
Dick Everyman
"I thought he said Tizer" claims shocked Ulsterman 0
nickb 17.10.12 6:32pm
Police tazer blind man after confusing his white stick for a samurai sword

Lancashire Police have said that the PC who tazered the the blind man would be for the chop., 'The gentleman in question was obviously shocked as he didn't see it coming', said a Police...

philthefunk 17.10.12 5:28pm
Supermarkets make allotment potato growers an offer they can't refuse

Following this autumn's outbreak of potato blight, supermarkets have joined forces to offer amateur potato growers 'free spuds for life' in return for a promise to stay off their allotments....

17.10.12 4:39pm
Prince Charles letters win Booker Prize

A collection of letters from Prince Charles to serving Ministers has scooped this year’s Booker Prize for Fiction, winning praise from the judges for its imaginative depiction of a power-mad royal...

Long Distance Clara 17.10.12 4:16pm
Relief as tasered blind man fails to pick policeman out of lineup. 0
MADJEZ 17.10.12 4:12pm
Anyone who thought Savile was odd may be sued for complicity 0
simonjmr 17.10.12 3:33pm
........promiscuous out of control

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Mr Molester 17.10.12 3:11pm
Mr Molester
Scotland football manager changes name to Leavein 0
custard cream 17.10.12 3:10pm
custard cream
USA announces name change to Obamerica if President is re-elected

get the spelling right!...

custard cream 17.10.12 3:09pm
custard cream
USA announces name chane to Obamerica if President is re-elected 0
custard cream 17.10.12 3:08pm
custard cream
Comical Ali appointed as Serbian FA Spokesman

Its true I tell you...

Rootin Tootin 17.10.12 2:46pm
Rootin Tootin
Lancs. Taser cop to be given his own white stick

You couldn't make this up - what are they on in Lancashire?...

custard cream 17.10.12 2:43pm
custard cream
"He was wandering all over the place,but I didn't taser him" says Lancashire cop

custard cream 17.10.12 2:34pm
custard cream
"He was wandering all over the place, so I tasered him", confirms Lancashire cop

custard cream 17.10.12 2:27pm
custard cream
Gary McKinnon hacks into Teresa May's PC to reverse her decision to extradite 2
grottymonty 17.10.12 2:00pm
Tambourine Dream
Ashley Cole leaps to defence of under fire Serbian Football Supporters

Ashley Cole attacked the England U21 side in a '#U21bunchoftwats' tweet today following their allegations of racism by the Serbian crowd. In his tweet he claimed that he himself had played Serbia...

Tambourine Dream 17.10.12 1:59pm
Tambourine Dream
FA to investigate why England game was postponed despite ideal diving conditions 3
Qoxiivi 17.10.12 1:38pm
Woman found guilty of marriage

A 38 year old woman has today been found guilty of marriage with intent following a week long trial at Belfast Crown Court. Charlene Casey, from Adelaide Street in the city, who was charged along...

jamsieoconnor 17.10.12 1:16pm
Harry Redknapp to manage local Starbucks 'as it's not too taxing'

More to follow...

philthefunk 17.10.12 1:04pm
SETI detects message from four-sun planet - 'Does anyone have the right time?' 4
Idiot 17.10.12 12:23pm
The All New Jeni B
Man banned from the USA because of "Asparagus Syndrome"

US Border officials have banned Maurice Carter of Honiton, Devon from entering the United States, blaming what they call "Asparagus Syndrome" a rare medical condition which makes sufferers' urine...

nickb 17.10.12 12:16pm
Madame Tussards melts down Savile's waxwork to make one of Eric Pickles chins 2
philthefunk 17.10.12 11:52am
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Mr Molester 17.10.12 11:51am
Frankie Boyle returns from Serbia to continue racism case 0
Psycadelic Squirrel 17.10.12 11:30am
Psycadelic Squirrel
St James Hospital in Leeds to rename itself to avoid association with Savile 0
simonjmr 17.10.12 11:30am