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Bunk beds double oyster production 0
Dick Everyman 11.01.13 3:24pm
Dick Everyman
Kate portrait revealed ahead of six-month stint on Thunderbird 5

Paul Emsley's portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge represents the final stage of preparation before she leaves Earth to pilot Thunderbird 5. 'The flashing eyes go in this weekend, and then it's off...

DustyBinLaden 11.01.13 3:00pm
'Still more comfortable than Ryanair' says snake with dying breath 0
Idiot 11.01.13 2:21pm
Isle of Wight still in black and white

Following on from news that 13,000 people still only watch black and white television, it's been revealed that the entire Isle of Wight is operating in black and white. A council spokesman explained;...

apepper 11.01.13 12:28pm
Rail Minister sacks train driver for dropping him off at Liverpool St. 9
Lucy4 11.01.13 12:27pm
Midfield Diamond
UK Prisons Service to buy Costa Concordia and refit as new prison

The prisons minister Jeremy Wright announced yesterday that in order to speed up the closure of 7 old damp prisons, they were to refit the ill fated Costa Concordia cruise ship as a floating prison....

rogerg 11.01.13 11:40am
Geraldine Wiley
5400 AmEx employees to receive cards

. EDIT - bugger, Boutros beat me to it...

Midfield Diamond 11.01.13 11:32am
Midfield Diamond
Historian's claim that Hitler was turned down as traffic warden - "too tall"

Historians studying Adolf Hitler's early career have discovered that he applied to be a traffic warden - "because of the uniform". However, according to records of the interview, he was turned down...

apepper 11.01.13 9:24am
Dick Everyman
Debt laden greengrocer finds bayleaf at the door 1
Psycadelic Squirrel 11.01.13 9:21am
Dick Everyman
Gerard Depardieu to remake Green Card

in which he plays a Frenchman who enters into a marriage of convenience with a high ranking politician in a major Eurasian country a number of film endings have been made to ensure that the press...

ionb 11.01.13 9:06am
Germany refuse to offer bail out package for galaxy crash 0
charlies_hat 11.01.13 8:55am
Taft high school student set for long detention 0
charlies_hat 11.01.13 8:41am
Othello auditions. Moor soon. 2
cinquecento 11.01.13 8:30am
Govt. threatens ultimate criminal punishment - North Wales 1
charlies_hat 11.01.13 8:29am
Taft shooting would have ended far less boringly had teacher been armed, say NRA

Despite a teacher being hailed as a hero for calmly talking a gunman out of a potentially serious shooting incident at a high school in Taft, California, the NRA have used the incident as another...

Idiot 11.01.13 8:23am
Government launches new GOV.UK website with slogan: Now you can GOV.UK YOURSELF! 1
Boutros 11.01.13 8:16am
NRA dismisses Taft High School shooting as 'amateur rubbish' 1
dvo4fun 10.01.13 11:22pm
Film about blacksmiths released - They Shoe Horse Don't They? 0
Smart Alex 10.01.13 11:06pm
Smart Alex
'Lincoln the Biscuit' nominated for 7 Golden Globes

The famous Lincoln biscuit seems likely to receive the accolade it deserves with Steven Spielberg’s seminal film, ‘Lincoln the Biscuit’ nominated for 7 Golden Globes and a string of Baftas....

Dick Everyman 10.01.13 9:26pm
Dick Everyman
Cash-Strapped NHS in Bid to Cut Cycling Fatalities with Free Bicycle Clips

More on this story once I've had me dinner and done the washing up...

SJM 10.01.13 7:18pm
Vision of Clegg in a Onesie "only fit for radio"

more watershed moments soon...

sponge finger 10.01.13 6:50pm
sponge finger
Theatre regrets hiring former Archbishop of Canterbury for pantomime season

‘It was a baptism of fire for all of us,’ admitted Communications Manager, Kate Raines, reflecting upon hiring former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, for this year’s pantomime Aladdin...

Stan 10.01.13 6:46pm
Dick Everyman
Declining turtle numbers blamed on a reptile dysfunction 2
andhrimnir 10.01.13 5:06pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Nation celebrates as old lady spends only 2 minutes at Post Office counter. 0
sigmund 10.01.13 3:45pm
Lib Dems lose pub quiz after failing to answer a single answer correctly

The Liberal Democrats have suffered a major defeat in the annual Westminster New Year's pub quiz. Following 12 rounds, each containing 10 questions, the pub quiz captain, Nick 'universally...

Bourbon 10.01.13 3:09pm
National Conference-Goers Association Conference 2013: Denigrating Innovation

Across the world, innovation is lauded by speaker after speaker at event after event, but basically we're sick of it aren't we? You've done something new, oh aren't you clever? In an age when nothing...

Sir Lupus 10.01.13 2:53pm
Dick Everyman
'Half of all household food is wasted' agrees wife of Piers Morgan 0
charlies_hat 10.01.13 1:46pm
Manchester to be new 'super prison' in coalition justice plan 0
Mandy Lifeboat 10.01.13 1:10pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Andrew Marr in more stroke controversy 1
custard cream 10.01.13 12:33pm
Research claims increase in violent crime due to lead piping in the conservatory 0
Ian Searle 10.01.13 12:33pm
Ian Searle