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Energy chief admits key to cheapest tariff is buried in his head 0
Squudge 21.01.14 8:57pm
FIFA proposes two for one sendings off on Orange Wednesdays. 0
deskpilot3 21.01.14 8:41pm
Lib Dems defend conference gift bag containing duct tape and cable ties. 1
Ref Minor 21.01.14 8:12pm
'He handles women well' claim Rennard supporters. 0
spoole2112 21.01.14 7:24pm
Lib Dem Peer to sue his own genitals

An unnamed Liberal Democrat Peer has warned that he may be forced to bring a court action against his own genitals for bringing the party into disrepute. The Peer, who cannot be named for legal...

nickb 21.01.14 6:31pm
Ref Minor
Part of man stands firmly behind movement for women to wear less 0
Dumbnews 21.01.14 6:24pm
Zoopla show Anelka support by continuing to end of contract !

It's a one year contract, it runs to the end of the season., So they're just not renewing (which they might not have done anyway)...

MADJEZ 21.01.14 5:47pm
Simpler Tolkien Society to release 'The Decimalisation of Smaug' 0
cinquecento 21.01.14 5:17pm
Beaconsfield criticised for opening inn on main stagecoach route.

A new coaching inn opened on the main road between London and Oxford has led to apoplexy among the general populace. It is feared that the gin soaked lower orders might be tempted to venture out in...

MADJEZ 21.01.14 5:13pm
Al 'ready to start peace talks' Assad flabbergasted by torture claims 1
needabettergig 21.01.14 5:02pm
Lens Cap
Shock report; the place you live in is a postcode lottery

A stunning report has been published that shows that the type of home that you have is largely dependent on your postcode. "I live in a one bedroomed flat next to a speedway park, above a bowling...

apepper 21.01.14 4:50pm
Rush hour on M40 now known as happy hour... 0
Tripod 21.01.14 4:36pm
Sex claims peer Lord Rennard 'tries to smear his victims’ No, Really!

Are there no lengths or depths beyond which.? Ask the Daily T!

BewsNiscuit 21.01.14 4:08pm
Springwatch and Crimewatch to be merged.

more burglars on foxcams soon...

Sir Lupus 21.01.14 3:58pm
Sir Lupus
RSPB uncover bird bribery scandal ahead of 2014 Big Garden Birdwatch

A RSPB special investigations team has uncovered a sensational conspiracy to induce birds away from neighbours gardens to get ahead in the 2014 Big Garden Birdwatch. Team leader Chris Jones said,...

custard cream 21.01.14 3:57pm
Sir Lupus
M40 drivers reassured by "Drunks only" lane

Following concerns being raised after the opening of the first pub on the motorway network, the Highways Agency has announced that the middle lane will be "drunks only"...

apepper 21.01.14 3:29pm
Zoopla end sponsorship. Refuse to reveal what Anelka's house is worth. 2
MADJEZ 21.01.14 3:08pm
Midfield Diamond
Kebab Shop to Open on M40

Welcome Break, the Motorway Services Operator, have announced plans to open a Kebab Shop at their Oxford Services on the M40 between London and Birmingham., At the services today, Nick Waldgrave,...

james_doc 21.01.14 3:02pm
Midfield Diamond
EMF to raise UK growth forecast to "Unbelievable"

Revised later...

virtuallywill 21.01.14 3:01pm
Useless statistics show that 99% of young people live at home.

Unless of course they're HOMEless.., I think they meant to say 'live with their parents' [url=]Quarter of young adults live at home.[/url]...

MADJEZ 21.01.14 2:47pm
Nazi hunters asked to pursue 80’s ‘bottom fondlers’

The Crown Prosecution Service has made a belated request of Kurt Schrimm and other prominent German lawyers, to turn their considerable talents to the capture of notorious posterior gropers. Rather...

Wrenfoe 21.01.14 2:31pm
Assad refuses to quit, but agrees to consider waiving his bonus 4
cinquecento 21.01.14 2:12pm
Son of Barnabas
Opening of M40 pub marks end of Christmas Drink-Drive Campaign

The first pub at a motorway service station has opened to wild celebrations of the end of the annual Police crackdown on drink-drivers. As motorists rejoiced at the Hope and Champion on Junction 2...

Midfield Diamond 21.01.14 1:52pm
Midfield Diamond
Teenager goes out. No, really. 2
Lens Cap 21.01.14 12:34pm
West Brom apologize for letting Anelka make quinelles in their restaurant.

MADJEZ 21.01.14 11:49am
Big Celebration Up North!

…Two workers spotted in actual jobs...

Jesse Bigg 21.01.14 11:39am
Jesse Bigg
Libdems fight for presumption of innocence. And demand innocent man apologise. 2
MADJEZ 21.01.14 11:37am
Putin to introduce "Springtime for Hitler" into history curriculum

President of Russia Vladimir Putin has announced that the classic German play "Springtime for Hitler" will be studied in Russian history classrooms from next year. "The play is an excellent...

Bigglesworth 21.01.14 11:18am
Two 16 Year-Old Posh School Truants, Sick Of UK Weather, Found Safe & Well In..

…Dominican Republic. "Nothing special - We just did a 'Cameron'."...

Jesse Bigg 21.01.14 11:09am
Jesse Bigg
Cameron's Nose Made Out Of Plastic Due To Fears Over Lying

Rumours have surfaced claiming that Prime Minister David Cameron's nose is made out of plastic. It is thought that Mr Cameron originally wore his old nose off by repeatedly rubbing it when being...

Ethan Harrison 21.01.14 10:59am