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One of Four Horsemen Of the Apocalypse Comes Out As Gay, Girl Fans Heartbroken 0
Schoolboy 06.03.14 10:11pm
Bus Driver Denies Swerving Puddle to Keep Pedestrian Dry: "Was Just A Bad Aim" 0
Schoolboy 06.03.14 10:03pm
Man accused of sex with dog awarded beast of show at Crufts

too obvious?...

Magpie 06.03.14 9:57pm
Teenage boy wins the right to keep "dried sperm kleenex". More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 06.03.14 9:55pm
Alex Salmond invites Putin to Scotland for a viewing. 0
deskpilot3 06.03.14 9:40pm
What's Russian for 'lebensraum'? 5
Ironduke 06.03.14 9:37pm
Man enters his dog at Crufts... 2
Tripod 06.03.14 9:32pm
BBC4 to merge with Babestation

"We don't view this as dumbing down BBC4," said new channel controller Ben Dover, "more raising the bar as to what can be achieved in nudity-based television. We want to bring the arts and culture to...

Adrian Bamforth 06.03.14 9:19pm
Adrian Bamforth
Dead Couple Concieve

Deceased John and Andrea Wilson released the news during a seance...

Atomised 06.03.14 9:17pm
EU agrees Jedward boycott of Russia. Putin invades rest of Ukraine. 0
Al OPecia 06.03.14 8:33pm
Al OPecia
Parisian Waiter Accidentally "Nice" to English Family

In an unprecedented disruption of normal relations between France and Great Britain, a Paris waiter has admitted being accidentally “nice” to an English family. The Hatcher family from...

blokefromstoke 06.03.14 8:09pm
Schoolboy, 13, successfully lights Bunsen burner without messing about

A 13-year-old Lancashire schoolboy has become the first pupil in the UK to successfully light a Bunsen burner without turning it up too high or too low or attempting to burn his school to the ground....

roybland 06.03.14 7:32pm
Al OPecia
Badger Badges Bodged......

Environment Department sharpshooters have expressed themselves dismayed as the badges they had commissioned to commemorate their recent heroics in "carrying out orders" arrived yesterday, only to be...

BewsNiscuit 06.03.14 7:29pm
World War Three – BBC Bitesize

Fighting world wars is a complicated process, like making cars or bottling jam, so here’s the bitesize approach to world war three. 1. Declare outrage at an international event. This could be the...

throngsman 06.03.14 7:07pm
Northern man fined for being 'friendly' to strangers on the tube

Eric Oldroyd from Tadcaster was given a six month suspended prison term and a one thousand pound fine earlier today, after being convicted at Marylebone Magistrates Court on multiple counts of 'Being...

Duff 06.03.14 6:55pm
Levels Levy Levy Likely

More soo.merset!...

BewsNiscuit 06.03.14 6:37pm
First Draft of the Crimean Referendum Leaked

The proposed referendum on Crimea has been leaked, amid the controversy that the referendum is likely to be unconstitutional, whereas invasion and enforced occupation isn't, at least according to...

throngsman 06.03.14 6:29pm
Bizarre Colour Co-Ordination in the Kremlin Reveals Czarist Mindset

Sarah Palin has said that the Kremlin Buildings have been painted up in a very whacky fashion, she says that she has told them about it years ago, but no one had taken any notice. She added that it...

Guillermo De Snookio 06.03.14 5:32pm
Guillermo De Snookio
Woman only wanted frozen sperm because of Magnum wrapper claims doctor. 0
MADJEZ 06.03.14 4:57pm
Frozen sperm fight. Not the most exciting claims promotor. 0
MADJEZ 06.03.14 4:55pm
New e-sausage offers cancer-free protein 0
sydalg 06.03.14 4:51pm
BBC Four to adopt ‘cooler approach’ to reel in BBC Three viewers

In light of the BBC’s controversial decision to drop BBC Three from its schedules, the more conservative BBC Four have announced plans to capitalise on the decision by adopting a ‘fresher and...

Jesus H 06.03.14 4:51pm
Jesus H
BBC3 closure will save 30 million. Or £3000 per viewer. 0
MADJEZ 06.03.14 4:40pm
Upper Class object to being called Middle Class for Employing Foreign Nannies

"One prefers the term 'wealthy metropolitan elite'. Middle class pay taxes we don't"...

Dun Dunkin 06.03.14 4:34pm
Dun Dunkin
Former porn star claims high-protein diet gave her throat cancer. 0
MADJEZ 06.03.14 4:18pm
Horse of Lords to be Remaned Following Horrific Typos 0
BewsNiscuit 06.03.14 3:17pm
UK sanctions russian leaders: all oligarchs to be given a premier league fooclub

In a dramatic turn of events, the UK government announced that it had finally come up with sanction policy that was considered acceptable -yet likely to bring down the russian government. In this,...

steve_l 06.03.14 3:04pm
British Media Bosses Worried about Uk Staff Catching 'Russian Truth Disease'

Recently russian presenters began denouncing the propaganda they were forced to speak. 'If this catches on in the uk we're sunk' said one insider. Anyone catching 'Crimeaitis' should be isolated...

Dun Dunkin 06.03.14 2:19pm
Dun Dunkin
Russia uses Drones in Crimea-they just voted! 0
Dun Dunkin 06.03.14 2:12pm
Dun Dunkin
EU and NATO warn Russia they must not advance into Ukraine while anyone looks.

The EU and NATO have issued a joint statement this morning reminding Russia of it's international obligations in that it's clearly against international rules to move armed forces into another...

bonjonelson 06.03.14 2:03pm