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Pakistan sees deadliest protests since yesterday 0
Dumbnews 19.02.14 6:02am
Successful inflatable dinghy firm 'to be floated on the Stock Market' 0
AReader 19.02.14 12:14am
Torpedo manufacturing firm 'holed below the waterline' 0
AReader 19.02.14 12:13am
Gove: Dairy Industry misrepresented by 1980's sitcom 'Bottle Boys'

On the 30th anniversary of landmark sitcom Bottle Boys, Michael Gove has waded into a row over its depiction of milkmen in the early 80s. The Education Secutary wrote in the Telegraph: "Our...

Adrian Bamforth 19.02.14 12:13am
Man who summarises porn films hit by premature encapsulation 0
sydalg 19.02.14 12:05am
Personal submarine business 'goes under'

(c) Groans-r-us 2014...

AReader 18.02.14 11:54pm
Severe Haemorroids sufferers convention chairman gets standing ovation. 2
Zen 18.02.14 11:38pm
Independent Scotland Would Be Twined With North Korea

The food and the weather might be better, the politics less unpredictable, and they might even be happy to join a currency union. Every Won would be a winner. (See what I did there?) Do ye no'...

Titus 18.02.14 10:25pm
Fiery Globe seen in skies – Call for Virgins to Appease Gods

There was tumult and fear in the land earlier today when a globe of fire appeared in the eastern skies and stayed there without interruption for much of the day. Village Headman Pik-Elz promptly...

blokefromstoke 18.02.14 10:25pm
Ducks reject currency union with Alex Salmond

Subsequent to the majority of England being submerged in 3ft of water, our Duck Overlords have made it clear that they will not be sharing the pound with an independent Scotland. Although the...

Wrenfoe 18.02.14 9:51pm
Adrian Bamforth
MYSTERIOUS SPORT OF "CURLING" CONTINUES TO BAFFLE COMMENTATORS Commentators at the Winter Olympics admitted last night they had absolutely no idea what the elusive sport of...

Peter749400 18.02.14 9:50pm
Alex Salmond negotiating with Mars to ensure security of supply.

Things can only get battered...

deskpilot3 18.02.14 8:55pm
Sink hole opened up in sink

“The entire washing up water disappeared in seconds.” said Mrs Irene Purdy from Nantwich “Aren’t plugs marvellous?”...

farmer giles 18.02.14 8:54pm
farmer giles
New sink-hole discovered.

MADJEZ 18.02.14 8:48pm
South West England given National Water Park status. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 18.02.14 7:44pm
Business ‘underwater and inaccessible’ as usual say Somerset traders

“I wonder how some people will keep their businesses afloat, but I should be all right” said a stern boatbuilder Derek Hull...

farmer giles 18.02.14 7:28pm
farmer giles
Post Scots independance UK to become "Untied Kingdom". more soon. 0
Al OPecia 18.02.14 7:23pm
Al OPecia
Heir apparent William wants to be known as ‘bald patch apparent’ from now on 0
farmer giles 18.02.14 6:53pm
farmer giles
Husbands told "Life does mean life", you said "Til death do us part"! 0
Ian Searle 18.02.14 6:36pm
Ian Searle
Tories Put Their Shoulders To The Wheel, For Once….

…Pity it's not nationwide...

Jesse Bigg 18.02.14 4:59pm
Jesse Bigg
Separated at birth

Son of Barnabas 18.02.14 4:39pm
Son of Barnabas
Jig-Saw Maker Ready To Fill The Gap…...

….If Scotland leaves UK...

Jesse Bigg 18.02.14 4:31pm
Jesse Bigg
Wildlife Park says newborn Giraffe will not be named ‘Darius’ 0
rogerg 18.02.14 4:22pm
Ant's part in "Gladiator" remake now in doubt 0
sydalg 18.02.14 3:48pm
SNP Independence Strategy: "You take the high road and I'll take the high road!" 0
custard cream 18.02.14 3:15pm
custard cream
Creepy guy in gym "Just Watching" for 35th straight minute.

The rather creepy over-muscled guy by the weights equipment is STILL just stood there watching according to nervous patrons of Club Physique Gym in Stoke on Trent. "He hasn't used any equipment."...

blokefromstoke 18.02.14 3:04pm
Sun editor furious for not thinking of "Floodgate" as title for current crisis 2
Son of Barnabas 18.02.14 2:54pm
Son of Barnabas
Winter Olympic curling rink melts as GB squad use heated curlers

More to follow...

apepper 18.02.14 2:42pm
Vanessa Mae disqualified for using violins as skis at Sochi

Against IOC rules apparently...

custard cream 18.02.14 2:41pm
custard cream
Salmond smoked. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 18.02.14 2:22pm
Al OPecia