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Britain to face US-style punishment storms for its own decadence warn clerics

After punishing America for its moral decline, the consortium of Gods behind Hurricane Sandy is to turn its anger on Britain, a spokesman for combined fundamentalists has promised. Hurricane Sandy,...

ronseal 10.11.12 11:31pm
Newsnight exclusive: Lord McAlpine resigns as director general of BBC

The BBC's Newsnight programme today put its recent troubles behind it to become the first news broadcaster to break the story that a former Tory cabinet member of the Thatcher era had sensationally...

Long Distance Clara 10.11.12 10:30pm
Long Distance Clara
Lord Reith to be digitised for new spell as BBC Director General


custard cream 10.11.12 10:20pm
custard cream
George Entwistle signs up for 'I'm the Diretor General - Get Me Out of Here!'

Special 54 day stint...

custard cream 10.11.12 10:18pm
custard cream
‘Trial by Twitter’ acquittal after unconvincing 140 character closing address

The ‘trial by Twitter’ of ex Tory Treasurer Lord McAlpine on sex abuse charges ended in farce after the prosecution made the elementary blunder of starting its closing address with ‘Ladies and...

Yikes 10.11.12 10:16pm
PPI Claim Advisors a bigger rip-off than PPI 2
Paddy Berzinski 10.11.12 10:01pm
Paddy Berzinski
Peer denies Bishops finger was involved in any impropriety 1
simonjmr 10.11.12 9:22pm
BBC NEWS to be renamed British Pathe News in a bid to restore its reputation 0
PeterB 10.11.12 9:04pm
Segregation in US finally at an end - wheat and chaff allowed to mix 0
brownpaperreporter 10.11.12 8:39pm
'Margaret Hodge' deemed too tasteless for a pint of piss

After the depressing announcement by CAMRA that all the best silly names for real ale have been claimed, an open competition has been launched on behalf of the Wet Withers Brewery. The WWB are...

Squudge 10.11.12 8:26pm
Dick Everyman
Newsnight man choked on own champagne after premature paedo smear celebration 1
ronseal 10.11.12 7:12pm
Isle of Wight ecstatic at Watneys party seven launch. 0
godly1966 10.11.12 6:33pm
The Camra ‘slimmer of the year’ collects his trophy., neat-o...

sigmund 10.11.12 5:37pm
Festive spirit 'already rampant' in UK

Early signs of the deadly festive spirit have been reported across large swathes of the UK. 'It has already been spotted in most areas of the country,' said anthropologist Ruth Samoa,'and is...

roybland 10.11.12 4:13pm
Steppenwolf release CAMRA commissioned single "Born to Drink Mild" 1
button 10.11.12 4:01pm
Feel like your ducks will never be in a row? Our business jargon guide can help

Does blue sky thinking leave you staring into space? Do you accept disorderly and disorganised ducks? Were you unaware that you had ever been thinking inside a box? Succeeding in business is not...

Vertically Challenged Giant 10.11.12 2:00pm
foot lover denies pedophilia 1
arthurminnit 10.11.12 1:46pm
Schofield Replaces Paxman As Newsnight Moves To Channel 5 0
Mike Turbine-Hamilton 10.11.12 1:34pm
Mike Turbine-Hamilton
paedophile with no convictions admits he doesnt really like children 0
arthurminnit 10.11.12 1:28pm
Animal Liberation Extremists splinter group meet over a pint to discuss new name 0
Ironduke 10.11.12 1:05pm
'Gay Witch Hunt' confirmed as sequel to 'Lesbian Vampire Killers' 2
Nowherefast 10.11.12 12:25pm
Isle of Wight in shock as rumbelows announces it is closing. 0
godly1966 10.11.12 11:42am
* 0
vertical 10.11.12 11:24am
Baroness Thatcher 'suffering anxiety' over Witch Hunt possibility 5
dvo4fun 10.11.12 10:44am
Tory minister taken aback on hearing of Cameron's "Gay Witch Hunt" comment...

pinxit 10.11.12 10:41am
Archbishop just a playful tease, insists Lambeth Palace. 0
sigmund 10.11.12 9:03am
Archbishop of Canterbury to be Bishop of Canterbury's nemesis 0
Smart Alex 10.11.12 8:48am
Smart Alex
Hope fades for faith and charity says bishop 0
Dick Everyman 10.11.12 7:22am
Dick Everyman
Jeremy is the number 1 answer to Which hunt? 2
simonjmr 10.11.12 5:29am
Jeremy Hunt
New Archbishop to offer '3p off a litre of fuel' for Anglicans 1
custard cream 10.11.12 12:50am