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1st class stamps rationed to one book per full tank of petrol

says Royal Mail who have placed restrictions on the sale of 1st Class to beat price rises...

Laughingstock 13.04.12 11:12am
North Korean scientists 'given a rocket' after unsuccessful test. 0
MADJEZ 13.04.12 11:06am
Everest windows set to relocate to UK

After a long battle trying to find a suitable property, Everest windows are set to move their operation from base camp Nepal to the Ben Nevis Industrial Estate, Fort William. The move has been...

Iamthestig 13.04.12 10:48am
Local tax payers riot at influx of foreign duty in British Virgin Isles

The tranquility of an idyllic corporate tax haven has been shattered after local rioted in protest at the influx of foreign tax payers. Local complain they can't make a contribution to schools and...

ronseal 13.04.12 10:39am
Gay cure posters removed from London Buses, after protest from Miserable people 0
Iamthestig 13.04.12 10:37am
Daily Mail sales suffer due to bricklash 0
simonjmr 13.04.12 10:16am
Charity begins at HMRC 1
13.04.12 2:18pm
North Korea blames reliance on UK technology for rocket failure 0
simonjmr 13.04.12 10:04am
Cameron sends letter to Jesse from B.U.R.M.A. 1
yussle 14.04.12 6:54pm
Government introduces new High Speed Handcart link to reduce travel time to Hell 0
Ian Searle 13.04.12 9:31am
Ian Searle
London Transport bans adverts for BLTs which claim bacon can be cured 0
Ian Searle 13.04.12 9:28am
Ian Searle
Clegg designs new bath on pram wheels to help country go downhill quicker

With hilarious consequences. If you are an old man who was injured during a reckless experiment with two friends, you make be entitled to Compo-sation...

Ian Searle 13.04.12 9:27am
Ian Searle
Your handy guide to the horses that might get shot at this year's Grand National

With the countdown underway to Sunday's Grand National, our pundit considers the form for Britain's favourite waste of horses. Heardthekneepopinbootle: 12-1. Much fancied last year, has let herself...

14.04.12 6:06pm
Run on stamps prompts fear of saliva shortage

Ronald Dart of Sussex realised that he could save a considerable amount by posting the invitations to his daughter’s wedding early. With stamps going up by 15p at the end of the month, and two...

nickb 13.04.12 5:35pm
Jealous middle-aged Frenchman shoots Brick-layer 1
Yikes 13.04.12 10:13am
Drop in number of children taken into Mothercare 1
weematt 13.04.12 9:31am
North korea confirms testing weapons of mass self destruction. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 13.04.12 9:36am
New suburban housing trend identifed as Mock Solar

If you can't afford the investment of a 28 metre photo-voltaic generator and don't understand feed-in tariffs, there's an exciting new option. New Mock Solar solar panels add thousands to your house...

ronseal 13.04.12 10:27am
Naked man who invaded pitch and assaulted several players had vicious streak 1
weematt 13.04.12 9:34am
Standard Fireworks deny any involvement in North Korean space programme 3
Scronnyglonkle 13.04.12 9:33am
Some people are gay. Run over them.

An advert encouraging London buses to run over gay people waiting at bus stops and using zebra crossings has been pulled by TfL., Core Issues Trust, the organisation behind the advert say that...

Gerontius 13.04.12 11:20am
North Korea hails successful submarine launch

or "North Korean vegetarians applaud successful rocket lunch"...

Yikes 14.04.12 9:09am
North Korean Rocket Test Proves Great Success

AngryGammon 13.04.12 12:26am
Apple Creates New Dessert

Taking as their motto “every problem is an opportunity”, culinary-minded boffins at Apple have used the latest iPad’s notorious tendency to overheat to create a new product: the iPud. In the...

Iggy Pop-Barker 13.04.12 1:38pm
Straight Man Sits Through Entire Episode of 'Antiques Roadshow'

State College, PA-When his remote control batteries died, Michael Caswel, 28, was in a difficult position. The TV was stuck on the semi-popular PBS appraisal program., “I almost got up to change...

spaceinvader 12.04.12 10:48pm
Clegg promises “Media will stop going on about Titanic” after 100th anniversary

As the relentless media frenzy continues as the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic looms into view, a triumphant Nick Clegg announced last night that the Government had reached...

Stan 12.04.12 9:36pm
Auction house to publish Munch app: iScream 0
nickb 12.04.12 9:24pm
New research suggests Badgers responsible for Titanic sinking

The countryside alliance today published a research paper which appears to prove that far from being sunk by an Iceberg, The Titanic was, in fact scuppered by the actions of Badgers on their way to...

Bismarck 13.04.12 9:32am
GB nation "old as time" opens to the world

In an extraordinary outpouring of emotion and fellowship, US president Obama and Chinese Premier Hu Jintao today broke decades of mystery by crossing together into the closed country of Great Britain...

Drylaw 12.04.12 8:26pm
Bono launches charity for men who ‘can’t urinate while someone is next to them'

Pop philanthropist Bono has finally found a new cause to back, with no room for people to accuse him of hypocrisy. Drawing on his own reluctance to tinkle the ivory when there’s anyone within...

15.04.12 11:24am
Al OPecia