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Downton Abbey cast on standby as funeral extras in case of poor attendance 0
sydalg 11.04.13 6:09pm
Thatcher hearse driver dreading directions from the back. More soon.

Right here, right here, right....

Al OPecia 11.04.13 6:06pm
Paddy Berzinski
G4S condemn North Korea after losing re-education camp contracts. 0
reforse 11.04.13 6:05pm
Wirdespread Tory distress as Thatcher fails to rise on the Third Day

Senior party figures and Daily Mail and Telegraph have been showing distinct unease in the face of her unaccountable failure to reappear as predicted...

Tom55 11.04.13 5:37pm
Hawk-Eye technology to be used at Thatcher funeral to increase crowd involvement 0
custard cream 11.04.13 5:17pm
custard cream
Nana Mouskouri to bake world's largest moussaka to cheer up Greek nation 0
custard cream 11.04.13 5:07pm
custard cream
Oh shit, says Prince Philip, as 1980s female icon found dead after leaving Ritz

More soon. Trust me on this...

Oxbridge 11.04.13 5:02pm
South Korea to use new PSY single as deterrent to North Korea nuclear threat 0
custard cream 11.04.13 4:57pm
custard cream
Reading to install goal-line technology in the home goal only

Reading FC are to install goal-line technology - but only in their own goal. Their manager, 'Sad Dave' Crosby, said: 'It will be a waste of money putting anything to do with the ball in the...

John Wiltshire 11.04.13 4:31pm
Missing Greek billions found underneath Demis Roussos. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 11.04.13 4:20pm
Al OPecia
French President infuriated with his best mate, who was looking after his wife. 0
Al OPecia 11.04.13 4:16pm
Al OPecia
Thatcher Funeral Guest-list Leaked 3
JoeBradley 11.04.13 4:04pm
UK Civil Aviation Authority condemns "Fit For Work" pilot scheme.

The new government pilot scheme aimed at getting the long term sick or injured back into suitable work has be heavily criticised by several major organisations in the aviation industry. A...

Baldiebaldo 11.04.13 3:58pm
Nick Clegg ‘I am coming round on Thatcherism.’

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, last night shocked the country when he said he was beginning to agree on much of what Thatcher did in her time in Downing Street., In the past Mr. Clegg, a...

Hooch 11.04.13 3:20pm
Danny Boyle to create Thatcher closing event

Danny Boyle announced last night he was “enthusiastic” about the honour of marking Mrs Thatcher’s passing in Horseguards Parade. And Mrs Thatcher would approve of some of his cost-saving...

nickb 11.04.13 3:00pm
Disappointed lovers to use goal line technology to judge if its in or out 0
irreverendJ 11.04.13 2:59pm
Chart won't count 'Wicked witch' downloads by those born after Thatcher in power

Currently number 42,000 in the charts...

MADJEZ 11.04.13 2:11pm
'General Belgrano' to be re-floated and sunk again in tribute to Mrs. Thatcher. 0
sigmund 11.04.13 1:36pm
Thatcher statue in Trafalgar Square: 'Yes!' say pigeons 0
Oxbridge 11.04.13 1:34pm
M C Hammer under arrest for constantly telling people off 1
custard cream 11.04.13 1:30pm
Smart Alex
Funeral Guestlist Advised : Bring Your Dancing Shoes 0
deceangli 11.04.13 1:11pm
Transplant man dies of heart attack after discovering he got Thatcher kidney 0
sydalg 11.04.13 1:08pm
New Study from Cambridge University proves BMW owners reallyhave smaller willies

After a recent survey of a sample 700 BMW owners, average bell end length ranged from three quarters to one and a half inches less than normal drivers. A spokesman for the university commented, "...

Tom55 11.04.13 12:47pm
Controversial and divisive hate figure.... Jeremy Clarkson to attend funeral.

More on that bombshell soon...

MADJEZ 11.04.13 12:28pm
PMQs getting easier claims Daily Mail 0
Smart Alex 11.04.13 12:13pm
Smart Alex
Gorbachev to miss Thatcher funeral because "He can't be arsed". More soon. 0
JoeBradley 11.04.13 11:48am
Nissan & Honda recall cars due to fault with blind old biddy behind the wheel. 0
MADJEZ 11.04.13 11:41am
Bananas "split" over Thatcher effect.

Never done one of these before...

nickb 11.04.13 11:31am
Paris Brown considers new career as football manager 2
Ian Searle 11.04.13 11:00am
Margaret Thatcher Has Been Respectfully Requested ...

[i]not [/i] to sit up in her coffin and shout "No no [i]no[/i]! That is [i]not[/i] the way this funeral should be organised."...

Titus 11.04.13 10:57am