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Whatsapp sold for £11 billion LOL 0
Underconstruction 22.02.14 12:35pm
Severe setback for Brooks as new evidence emerges

The case for the defence of Rebekah Brooks was dealt a severe blow today as sensational new evidence emerged. A former editor of a rival tabloid, identified only by the code name "Deer's Organs"...

GingerClive 22.02.14 10:16am
Clegg suggests a coalition in Ukraine and offers help.

more later...

virtuallywill 22.02.14 10:05am
Judge tells Moyles, "Get a job" 0
GingerClive 22.02.14 9:49am
Blair to Brooks - 'Smoke some crack, it's going to get tough' 1
Electrelane 22.02.14 9:47am
"Civil War Poker" breaks out somewhere East

A frightening new game of "Civil War Poker" has broken out in eastern nations and experts warn it is threatening to spiral out of control., After an innocuous start with a shouting match in...

GingerClive 22.02.14 9:44am
BBC4 Screens European Police Dramas with a Plot

“Wots all this stuff wiv no shootings, fire bombs and car chases”, said channel hopping Darren Chav from the Woolwich Towers Housing Estate. “I’s all in foreign an it got writing on the...

Guillermo De Snookio 22.02.14 6:07am
Lens Cap
11 car pile up on M25 officially designated a "Brooksie"

More Ginger Japes at 1...

blokefromstoke 22.02.14 12:14am
Cardinal Wolsey charged with treason - More soon 3
sydalg 21.02.14 11:06pm
Winter Olympians overtake WW1 'Team Haig' medal haul 0
Underconstruction 21.02.14 11:00pm
Rebekah Brooks' defence testimony in detail

At the Old Bailey today, Rebekah Brooks has declared in her defence that she was "unaware" that she had been the editor of a national newspaper, or indeed that a profession known as "journalism"...

NewBiscuit 21.02.14 10:55pm
custard cream
Battery hens awarded AAA status 0
Underconstruction 21.02.14 10:02pm
German two man luge athlete tests positive for viagra 0
Scronnyglonkle 21.02.14 9:57pm
'Modern Family' groper. HAVE YOU NOT SEEN Sofia Vergara's tits police ask.

..and you groped Sarah Hyland.*ZkmZ43P0f51nru2iw-yBy9LBJDpvPwb6nqn3s1ARI_/15554190areyoushaved225200835937pm.jpg...

MADJEZ 21.02.14 9:54pm
Mitchell "I asked policeman if he had seen SEB" 0
Underconstruction 21.02.14 9:51pm
Battery hens catching 'human flu' in overcrowded China

Scientists have found that battery chickens in China are picking up a new strain of flu from humans who are being kept in overly cramped and unhygienic conditions. The first reported case of human...

Slante Dangle 21.02.14 9:49pm
Slante Dangle
Judge in Moyles tax trial 'Would you buy a used car from this man?' 0
MADJEZ 21.02.14 9:26pm
Pussy Riot hope new record deal will herald less-shit balaclavas. 0
MADJEZ 21.02.14 9:24pm
Jenson Button engaged to model. Now has complete set.

More models may be required next season...

MADJEZ 21.02.14 9:23pm
Relief as compromise found in Ukraine. "Surrender, or you will be shot"

The International Community breathed a sigh of relief as important people signed pieces of paper. "There, now calm down everybody and go home" a spokesperson said while another added "Or we will...

vulture1 21.02.14 7:37pm
Slightly Smaller and Pink Version of The Lego Movie Announced

After the success of The Lego Movie, the company behind the brick based computer animation hit has revealed that the girl friendly version will hit cinemas within months., "Lego believes that...

thisisall1word 21.02.14 6:11pm
"International Waters" demarcation line to be redrawn further inland says EU

As much of Britain is now under water the EU has recently ruled that the current international water line must be relocated considerably further inland. A government spokesman briefing a gaggle of...

bu11d0g 21.02.14 5:39pm
Slante Dangle
..."Ring is finally open" following opening ceremony Putin confirmed today... 0
bu11d0g 21.02.14 5:15pm
Scottish men's curling team loses in Sochi. More soon. 3
dominic_mcg 21.02.14 4:43pm
Not Amused
Job Seekers told "You can't afford to die!"

Prime minister and king of the bottom holes David Cameron has today informed those on Job Seekers that the government can no longer afford to carry out state subsidised funeral services for people...

fabled_able 21.02.14 4:10pm
Britain's blokes with brooms swept aside by men with bigger and better stones. 0
irreverendJ 21.02.14 3:49pm
Ryanair wins contract to run immigration detention centres

Following passengers calling police to be released from a delayed Ryanair plane after 11 hours without water or food, Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that the “no frills” air carrier has...

Sir Lupus 21.02.14 3:26pm
Sir Lupus
Visiting real celebrities cheaper than Madame Tussauds ticket. Parents discover. 1
MADJEZ 21.02.14 3:23pm
Tony Blair solves riddle of 'Who is more immoral than a Murdoch journalist?'

Since the dawn of time, or at least since the police started taking bribes, ancient man has asked - is there anything more evil than Rebekah Brooks? Now modern philosophers, through the scientific...

Wrenfoe 21.02.14 3:19pm
Sir Lupus
'Immigrants are breathing our air' claims Daily Mail

Since border controls were recently relaxed, record numbers of immigrants from Eastern Europe have been coming to the UK and using up air intended for hard-working British families. Hospitals have...

Smart Alex 21.02.14 3:06pm
Smart Alex