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Heaven on strike

Bob Crow brings heaven out on strike Heaven is staging a series of twenty-four hour stoppages after Bob Crow balloted angels over terms and conditions, according to reports. Crow is said to be...

Gary Stanton 13.03.14 10:56am
Midfield Diamond
Latest UKIP scandal reveals plan to form new political party

Highly skilled investigative reporters interviewing sacked employees of the organisation revealed today a secret plan to form a new political party. "We thought all they were doing was organising a...

vulture1 13.03.14 10:43am
Cameron Worried Re Cosmetic Cost Rises….

…Miners advise, a shift down t'pit...

Jesse Bigg 13.03.14 9:53am
Jesse Bigg
A nation remembers WW1 Glove-Puppeteers

While English professors and people who mourn the loss of pipe-smoking focus their attention on the poets of 1914-18, some contemporary historians feel more should be done to commemorate the loss of...

Wrenfoe 13.03.14 9:47am
Man City 'Quadruple' dream ridiculed by Chinese maths teacher 0
Lenny Bee 13.03.14 9:30am
Lenny Bee
Kraft Cheese Wins An Award…...

…From a flat-pack company...

Jesse Bigg 13.03.14 9:24am
Jesse Bigg
Pistorius working hard to bring back "down to earth" paralympian 0
Bigglesworth 13.03.14 9:23am
New Council Set Up In West Yorkshire, Despite Problems Over Name…..


Jesse Bigg 13.03.14 9:19am
Jesse Bigg
Church 'Worried About Reverse Chancel Charges'

In a twist of fate, the Dioceses of Shrewsbury which recently served a Chancel Repair Liability notice on private houses within a parish church boundary has found itself served the same notice from...

throngsman 13.03.14 9:06am
Petrol stations help in search for missing plane, collect clues when you fill up 0
Bigglesworth 13.03.14 8:28am
Howzat? Pistorius hits own stumps with cricket bat

Defence lawyer makes silly point as experts hit case for six...

Damien_H 13.03.14 8:12am
Barista Spontaneously Turns American

A man from West Yorkshire has become the first European to spontaneously turn American, a phenomenon long predicted by biologists. Professor Stephen Tucker of the University of Birmingham explains....

deceangli 13.03.14 8:11am
Norfolk Fire Station Blaze - Firefighters Submit Repair Tenders

The Chief of Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service is surprisingly pragmatic today, given that one of his own fire stations has burned to the ground as a result of failing to follow its own advice to fit...

throngsman 13.03.14 8:11am
Miliband Gives Definite Promise That He Will Only Pretend To Offer EU Referendum 0
Titus 13.03.14 8:08am
'Oh, That Plane,' says Malaysian Air Traffic Control part 2

'We don't really read emails,' admitted a Malaysian controller after it was revealed that an offshore oil worker sent them an email reporting an aircraft burning in the sky off the coast of Vietnam...

throngsman 13.03.14 7:34am
Wigan to host World π day celebrations 1
Sinnick 13.03.14 7:29am
Flight MH370 spotted on hold circling Heathrow

'It could be days before we know where they've been,' said an airport controller, 'and this fog's going to delay it further.'...

throngsman 13.03.14 7:17am
Let's EU the Time Warp again...

The government is being challenged today to consider a referendum on the proposed experiment to align the UK timezone with Central European time, starting on 30th March. The change would put clocks...

Squudge 13.03.14 6:49am
Boeing admits 777 not all it's cracked up to be 1
throngsman 13.03.14 6:47am
Article debunking viral article as a hoax goes viral 0
Dumbnews 13.03.14 3:55am
Higgs Boson team 'last hope' in search for Malaysian plane 0
pere floza 12.03.14 11:19pm
pere floza
Witness claims "They all look alike to me" in case of quintuplet slaying 0
Bigglesworth 12.03.14 10:53pm
Boatload of 'creepy PE teachers' bound for Asia

As part of an elaborate exchange program to raise international teaching standards, Shanghai has agreed to import sixty of the UK’s finest educational perverts in exchange for sending us their...

Wrenfoe 12.03.14 10:26pm
Chris Tarrant's chance of recovery fifty-fifty 1
bookiesfriend 12.03.14 10:05pm
All badgers to be booked on Malaysian Airlines flights 2
sydalg 12.03.14 10:03pm
Level of Education Secretary in UK 'shocking' says Chinese Minister

The National Union of Teachers has invited the Chinese Secretary of State for Education to visit the UK to help raise the standard of Secretary of State for Education in this country. Dao Wong flew...

bookiesfriend 12.03.14 9:57pm
Poundland shares rise rapidly on floatation, still a pound each 0
throngsman 12.03.14 9:48pm
G4S Deny They Were Given Responsibilty For Looking After Malaysian Airliners 0
Titus 12.03.14 9:39pm
Rebekah Brooks 'I lie all the time, and that's the truth' 2
throngsman 12.03.14 9:37pm
Rebekah Brooks defends her testimony

In an impassioned rebuttal of the prosecution allegation that she was replying to questions using a script, Ms Brooks roundly defended her testimony. 'I have never, ever attempted to rehearse or...

throngsman 12.03.14 9:34pm