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Fashion-conscious men brace themselves for latest retro style 0
DorsetBoy 3 years
Latest Facebook changes offers yet another way to say nothing 0
Dumbnews 3 years
Leading German physicist to be prosecuted by the RSPCA 0
bonjonelson 3 years

more/no more soon...

Schroedingers cats eyes may be installed on new motorways. 8
Iscariot 3 years

"You may see them or you may not" said an MoT spokesman."There is some uncertainty."...

Pop fans 'all a flutter' as 6music plans 'day of C90s' 14
3 years

Music fans are braced for a trip down memory lane on New Years Day, as 6music announced it will exclusively play old C90s for 24 hours. The decision was made after nearly 5 working audio cassettes...

"no bombing" rule withdrawn from swimming pools after anti terrorist accusation 0
Placey1 3 years

Brighton council today announced that it was removing the ' no bombing' rule from all swimming pools with immediate effect, after a complaint from Junior school deputy head Alan fairbourne that it...

God Particle: Pope to celebrate Mass for Higgs Boson. 2
Iscariot 3 years
Schrödinger's cat o' nine tails hurts ...and doesn't 0
Smart Alex 3 years
Tragedy strikes filming of North Korean version of 'The Cube'. 0
MADJEZ 3 years

Philip Schofield unavailable for comment.

North Korean Top Gear shows off new range of roof-racks for limos. 0
MADJEZ 3 years

Kim Jong il funeral hot tip for Best Choreography Oscar 0
apepper 3 years

More to follow...

Daily Mail TV critic spontaneously combusts while reviewing Xmas Eastenders plot 0
Ian Searle 3 years

The storyline involved an Asian setting fire to a house owned by some black people while gays attended a party on the premises. Luckily the Square’s resident Estate Agent wasn’t at the party and...

Head of Arab League observers in Syria report Assad's new clothes 'wonderful' 4
writinginbsl 3 years
Brian Cox's head officially designated a planet 0
dogwheels 3 years

The head of celebrity physicists Brian Cox has been officially designated as a new planet. The announcement was made after a meeting of the International Federation of Space Scientists in Geneva....

Rap community mourns as North Korea holds funeral for Lil' Kim 0
irregular apple 3 years
90 year old man leaves NHS hospital alive after 4 day stay. 4
MT Bucket 3 years
Amazon announces new Kindle 3D 0
bonjonelson 3 years

Amazon has announced the latest in its popular range of Kindle e-book readers, and the first e-book reader to offer not just a colour e-ink screen, but a three dimensional display. By viewing the...

Putin exonerated of rigging after providing Election Review with their findings. 1
MT Bucket 3 years
Indian Corruption Bill passed by 5 billion rupees. 1
MT Bucket 3 years
Scientists discover second Eiffel Tower in depths of Pacific Ocean 0
dogwheels 3 years

In what has been described as a "historic and game-changing" discovery, a team of scientists have found a second Eiffel Tower at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The team of boffins from the...

Diana Ross in legal tussle with Kim Jong-un over title ‘Supreme Commander’ 0
Mother 3 years
Tense moment as Prince Philip thanks heart surgeon Dr Singh. 5
MADJEZ 3 years
Osbourne visited by Chancellors of past, present and future. Sticks with Plan A. 0
MT Bucket 3 years
Lansley: "Look at the shiny Christmas tree, not the Tories destroying NHS" 0
MT Bucket 3 years
Prince Philip: Papworth was "worst foreign visit ever" 0
MT Bucket 3 years
Delegation of TV sets besieged during Syria visit 0
irregular apple 3 years
McDonalds to celebrate Morrissey's PETA award with reissue of McMiserable meal 0
irregular apple 3 years
Self styled 'Father of Creation' God wins custody battle for Jim Sherwood 0
irregular apple 3 years
Man in golden throne and robes laments "Christmas glitter" 4
virtuallywill 3 years

Kiss his ring....

Londoners "wont be allowed to ruin 2012 games" 0
dogwheels 3 years

Organisers of the 2012 London Olympic Games have pledged that efforts to protect competitors from the local population will not overshadow the month-long festival of sport. According to sources,...