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Pope bashes Bishops for final time before he disrobes and relinquishes his ring 0
jenlon 15.02.13 10:45pm
UK Teachers flood to CERN on news of a 2 year break

News of a 24 month hiatus stimulates surge in School Teachers applying for work at the Large Hadron Collider Mrs Bensham (37) from Guildford, is one of a number of geography teachers who have turned...

Newsquelch 15.02.13 10:24pm
Frantic scramble through meteor wreckage as search for children to adopt goes on

Frantic scramble through meteor wreckage as search for children to adopt goes on...

jenlon 15.02.13 10:13pm
SA police backtrack - six small meteorites found in Pistorious bathroom. 0
Al OPecia 15.02.13 9:56pm
Al OPecia
Pistorious to be given a head start on the Jury. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 15.02.13 9:55pm
Al OPecia
oops - wrong room 0
Squudge 15.02.13 9:23pm
"I aimed high but her legs were too long", claims Pistorious 0
topfotogmw 15.02.13 9:18pm
Romanian orphanages no longer overcrowded, reports Comigel 25
cinquecento 15.02.13 7:37pm
Food chain found to contain actual chain

Boffins from the Food Standards Agency confirmed today that the food chain, vital to the proper functioning of the UK food industry had been largely replaced with an actual chain due to "an error"....

BAJDixon 15.02.13 7:27pm
German geneologist finds traces of Horst in DNA 0
Scronnyglonkle 15.02.13 7:11pm
Pistorius: I start on the B of BANG BANG BANG BANG 0
ginty 15.02.13 6:54pm
poof news website NewsBiscuit apologises for clit of typos

We have to cunt it out said a spokesman. We have to make sure there is not another cock up bottom out the editorial process and make sure commas appear in the right places. It’s a simple matter...

lane-avenger 15.02.13 6:49pm
Lens Cap
Pistorius trial to be held in kangaroo court 1
LittleSpender 15.02.13 6:45pm
If DA14 was going to hit Earth - would they tell us?

Just heard Obama has cancelled all appointments tomorrow for an urgent inspection of a US Tirpitz Class Nuclear submarine, apparently. Impact is expected just before the start of the One Show - at...

lane-avenger 15.02.13 6:42pm
Modesty prevails as Maradona names his second son "That Cheating Little Bastard" 0
ginty 15.02.13 5:41pm
Pistorius claims he was just watching planets and shooting stars 0
Sinnick 15.02.13 5:30pm
Gove to Introduce Historical Economic Policy

In a clear sign of his growing political influence, Education Minister Michael Grove has been given sweeping powers over economic policy. The radical changes are based on Grove’s intention to...

Iggy Pop-Barker 15.02.13 5:18pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
Pope applauded for early withdrawal 0
custard cream 15.02.13 5:09pm
custard cream
North Korea 3rd nuclear test blast cap lands in Russian Urals

more soon....

Falouan 15.02.13 4:56pm
North Korea remain tight lipped after missile lost 'somewhere over Russia'. 0
pinxit 15.02.13 4:26pm
Oscar Pistorius breaks down in court, luckily he is an AA member

Queen 'amused'...

Reg Herring 15.02.13 3:56pm
Eastleigh Labour Candidate Tired of Continual Response "Are you joking?"

Apparently the public are particulalry amused by the irony displayed in his satirical decision to stand for Labour...

Titus 15.02.13 3:50pm
Lampard to pen screenplay for Legless in Gazza. 0
Drylaw 15.02.13 3:42pm
Man buys pet skunk - You know it makes scents 0
Smart Alex 15.02.13 3:22pm
Smart Alex
Twitter to Bring Authors to Book

Lovers of literature have been shocked by the latest changes to Twitter, after the microblogging website announced a tightening of its 140-character maximum rule for postings. Now all mentions of...

Iggy Pop-Barker 15.02.13 2:31pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
Papua New Guinea in uproar after traces of lamb found in Shepherds Pie 0
LittleSpender 15.02.13 2:23pm
79% of life on Earth destroyed by DA14 impact

The (sole remaining) scientist at the Asteroid Tracking Centre apologised for the mis-calculation, and explained there had been a lot of problems with the computer since they had outsourced to Capita...

lane-avenger 15.02.13 2:12pm
Backbench Tories who voted no to gay marriage now against bi-elections 0
Perks 15.02.13 1:45pm
Better chance of being hit by a meteorite than winning Russian lottery

remember-it could be Yuri...

Lucy4 15.02.13 12:57pm
Subscribe to the Asteroid Preference Service - Avoid Unsolicited Impacts

- and will probably be about as effective as the TPS...

Titus 15.02.13 12:12pm