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West Wales basking in unseasonable good weather.

Aberystwyth mayor Dai Gwyn-Jones said 'torrential rain, 20 foot waves and temperatures barely above zero. It's like summer's come early'...

MADJEZ 07.01.14 1:33pm
Drivers Requested to Hold Breath to Reduce CO2 Emissions

In an attempt to further reduce emissions from vehicles, the Department of Transport has issued further details of its plans for the M1 in Derbyshire., As well as reducing the speed limit from 70...

james_doc 07.01.14 1:01pm
Midfield Diamond
Public told to avoid Aberystwyth. Because it's s**t, not 'cos of weather. 0
MADJEZ 07.01.14 12:56pm
Chaos as Government sends in the Army to minimise effect of striking law workers

There was controversy in the country’s law courts yesterday following the deployment of the Army in place of striking barristers. The lawyers walked out in protest at proposals to cut Legal Aid...

Midfield Diamond 07.01.14 12:41pm
Midfield Diamond
Government Cuts To A & E Departments Could Lead To Situations Like…...

…"Burns Night" only, says leading expert...

Jesse Bigg 07.01.14 11:43am
Hopes fading for quantum physicist swept out to sea by huge particles 4
Smart Alex 07.01.14 11:41am
Hands-behind-head driver pleads "Girlfriend's head was in my way" 1
weematt 07.01.14 10:14am
Islamic paraplegic hip-hop artist who's bisexual destined for Guardian feature 0
David K 07.01.14 1:20am
David K
Important changes to your Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to increase the premium by any amount at each renewal. If you do not notice the increase for a period of time, tough shit and no you can’t have a refund. Now that we have...

blacklesbianandproudofit 06.01.14 11:16pm
Sir Lupus
Economy almost half cut, Osborne proudly announces 0
Not Amused 06.01.14 10:09pm
Not Amused
'No, no - thank you!' says Iraq‏

While Fallujah teeters on the brink of defeat, the Iraqi populace were united in their appreciation of being ‘left up s@*t creek’ by the international community. Rather than be troubled by the...

Wrenfoe 06.01.14 10:04pm
Pensioners in mass panic after receiving PM's backing

All over the country old people stopped doing funny things for news cameras after hearing David Cameron give them his vote of confidence. "That's it then" said Sidney a retired ferret-smuggler from...

vulture1 06.01.14 9:57pm
Environment Agency Announces Hosepipe Ban for Flood Hit Areas

The Environment Agency today confirmed that a hosepipe ban is to be enforced across the South West of England and Wales, following record breaking rainfall figures in recent weeks. 'There should be...

John Roughty 06.01.14 8:47pm
John Roughty
Don lives happy everly after 0
Smart Alex 06.01.14 8:32pm
Smart Alex
Schumaker now in stable condition longer than Jesus was 0
irreverendJ 06.01.14 8:18pm
YouTube bloopers video shows moments when things went right 0
Dumbnews 06.01.14 7:40pm
Am I old enough to take up rambling?

As the excesses of the festive season take their toll, many people are planning to get outdoors and take more exercise in the coming weeks. And the question on many people’s lips is ‘Am I too...

medici2471 06.01.14 7:26pm
Australia in match fixing probe

The Australian cricket team has denied allegations of match fixing after beating England by just 281 runs at the SCG, President Alan Isaac said the ICC take such allegations very seriously and will...

Gerontius 06.01.14 7:11pm
Cameron to debate whether sideboob is porn or not 1
David K 06.01.14 7:09pm
B.L. Zebub dismissed from one Hull of a job

Hull unemployment exchange welcomed its newest signer on this morning in the form of local resident Mr B. L. Zebub. Having recently been ejected from his position within the Church of England’s...

irreverendJ 06.01.14 5:40pm
Tristan Shout
Barristers strike chant "What do we want?" dismissed as leading question 0
Ian Searle 06.01.14 5:33pm
Ian Searle
Juicer Weekly magazine just pulp fiction 0
custard cream 06.01.14 4:22pm
custard cream
Health Secretary harvests 'hearts and souls' from X Factor contestants

Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, is urging contestants on the X Factor to stick to their words and literally give 'their hearts and souls' in an attempt to reduce the organ transplant waiting list....

Plot126 06.01.14 4:20pm
Mexico launches law suite over UK's copyright infringement with 'waves' 0
irreverendJ 06.01.14 3:14pm
Aberystwyth seafront waves goodbye after making quite a splash on frontpages 0
irreverendJ 06.01.14 3:10pm
UK seaside resorts launch freak wave fests

The future of Britain’s seaside towns received a boost yesterday with the announcement by the national tourism agency, VisitBritain that freak wave fests are to head a list of new attractions. ...

Dick Everyman 06.01.14 2:53pm
Dick Everyman
George Osborne owes the Littlewoods’ catalogue £25bn

The Chancellor today admitted to what is now looking like ‘an horrendous Christmas overspend’. Threatening to cut the welfare budget after the next election, Mr. Osborne confessed that he may...

Wrenfoe 06.01.14 2:44pm
Obama Proposes Gun Control for the Under-Threes and Monkeys

In a controversial proposed legislation, Barack Obama has announced measures to limit firearm access for the Under Threes. Citizens under the age of 3 and four months may soon be limited to the...

Rowan van den Berg 06.01.14 2:16pm
Prince William's yatching trip ends up at the udder Cows 0
irreverendJ 06.01.14 1:45pm
Cameron to introduce "Atlantis style" flood defences 0
Bigglesworth 06.01.14 12:12pm