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"Miracle pill" for manic depression dismissed as "bi-polo mint" 1
sydalg 06.02.14 7:33am
Mexican castaway brings out Crewmate Recipe Book 0
sydalg 06.02.14 5:26am
Greggs cream pie offer comes to a sticky end after ASA ruling 0
andhrimnir 05.02.14 10:52pm
Independant Cornwall to float currency. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 05.02.14 9:32pm
Sex pest teacher interferes with Thomas the Tank Engine. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 05.02.14 9:17pm
Al OPecia
Clegg fails to raise Lib-Dems from induced coma. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 05.02.14 9:12pm
Al OPecia
FIFA outrage over World Cup sex for 80p claim. 'Where's our cut' says spokesman.

More money making soon...

MADJEZ 05.02.14 8:57pm
Rebellious mathematician orders even number of items using Amazon Prime.

No more soon...

deskpilot3 05.02.14 8:47pm
New Sky drama 'Fleming' sure to be a hit with Fast Show fans.

A R S E !

MADJEZ 05.02.14 7:25pm
Secret code-breaking centre cracked German Enigma machine

Bletchley Park, an estate in Buckinghamshire, was a secret government code-breaking centre during the Second World War, it has been revealed. Furthermore, it's believed that Bletchley code breakers...

roybland 05.02.14 6:38pm
Aston Martin recalls 17,000 cars.

Recently released test footage from the 1960's, reveals a potential Health And Safety issue...

rob box 05.02.14 6:30pm
rob box
Boris Bikes vote for strike action on weekend

By an overwhelmingly four to one majority London's Boris Bikes have voted for strike action this weekend. The ballot had a ninety eight per cent turn as the bikes push for better conditions, one bike...

Scronnyglonkle 05.02.14 6:28pm
Fedup Somerseters….

….Ready to go Dutch? They do things differently there...

Jesse Bigg 05.02.14 6:27pm
Jesse Bigg
Well I'll be....! Why do cockneys never finish their....? 3
Son of Barnabas 05.02.14 6:11pm
Not Amused
Newest facebook app offers more ways for you to show off 0
Dumbnews 05.02.14 5:33pm
Scarlet Johansson reveals she ' loves helping people ' up to a point

Actress, millionaire and soft drinks spokesperson Scarlet Johansson has released a statement today explaining her controversial break with humanitarian charity Oxfam, revealing her work for the...

Rowan van den Berg 05.02.14 4:37pm
Rowan van den Berg
Coalition to cut conjunction use. No ifs and buts 1
Not Amused 05.02.14 4:08pm
Son of Barnabas
Give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach him to fish he can live in Somerset. 7
MADJEZ 05.02.14 4:02pm
Son of Barnabas
'Look Back’ videos backfire as users realise how 'rubbish' their friends are

Thousands of Facebook users have been left disappointed today, after a newly-released feature enabling users to view a 90-second clip of their friends’ ‘highlights’ since joining the network,...

Jesus H 05.02.14 4:01pm
Jesus H
Blub blub blub.... blub blub blub...

blore bloon...

Bigglesworth 05.02.14 3:58pm
Son of Barnabas
"Beware the March of Brides" warns Mendelssohn 0
Son of Barnabas 05.02.14 3:56pm
Son of Barnabas
Waterboys, and Wet, Wet, Wet to headline at Glastonbury this year.

List includes The Beach Boys, The Levellers and A Flock of Seagulls...

Ian Searle 05.02.14 3:52pm
Tinie Tempah's latest single fails to chart. Changes name to "Massive Strop". 0
Son of Barnabas 05.02.14 3:51pm
Son of Barnabas
"Beware the Tides of March" warns Environment Minister.

More in a month!...

BewsNiscuit 05.02.14 3:48pm
Gove's Scots Accent found after 30 years missing

A Scottish accent belonging to the Education Secretary, Michael Gove, has wandered into a police station in Glasgow after being missing for nearly 30 years. In a statement, the strong Aberdeen...

blokefromstoke 05.02.14 3:38pm
ITV to replace Coronation Street with Silk Road

The nation’s favourite court venue is soon to be eclipsed by a fresher, more illicit, state-side soap opera. By swapping Weatherfield for sunny California, TV executives are hoping to rejuvenate...

Wrenfoe 05.02.14 2:37pm
"Beware the 'ides of March", warns man who skins animals 0
sydalg 05.02.14 2:21pm
50's Stereotypes welcome reintroduction of Common Entrance Exam

1950’s stereotypes everywhere have given a ringing endorsement to Education Secretary Michael Gove’s plans to extend the Common Entrance Exam to states schools in an attempt to disabuse “uppity...

blokefromstoke 05.02.14 2:19pm
Sir Lupus
Study finds most Daily Mail journalists have why-oh-why chromosome 0
sydalg 05.02.14 2:19pm
Talking snake discoveries cast doubt on bible

Archaeologists have announced that the earliest talking snakes were only in the middle-East long after Biblical times. "The first talking snakes date back around 3000 years; coincidentally when sock...

apepper 05.02.14 2:06pm