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New series of 'Educating Yorkshire' to be sponsored by Benson & Hedges 2
Mandy Lifeboat 19.10.13 10:50am
Preston man gets 20 million replies in response to ad on UninformedDating.Com 0
AReader 19.10.13 10:47am
Special feature: Penguin Classics Top 10:

Official Penguin Classic charts, released at London Zoo. 1: Amusing juxtaposition with Charlie Chaplin image, 2: Pingu vomiting scene, 3: Popular chocolate bar, endorsed by the late Derek...

nickb 19.10.13 9:58am
Not being able to say "fairer than that" recognised as illness

People with the condition of dikaioteriapoaftipuphobia, or the inability to say "fairer than that", are suffering in silence and are often victims of prejudice. Doctor James Miller of the institute...

apepper 19.10.13 8:07am
Music instrument store robbery thwarted by a 'Guitar Hero' 0
Dumbnews 19.10.13 2:16am
Palace milkman finds Queen's Commonwealth Games message stuffed inside bottle.

"As I appear to have what I can only presume to be the Queens' message on this rather damp and smelly rolled up slip of paper with a bit of ribbon round it, I can only hazard a guess at where her...

Boutros 18.10.13 11:32pm
Apple sponsors new drama series - Game of Phones. 0
Maverick 18.10.13 10:57pm
Muslim Free School Derby mislead me, claims EDL parent 2
medici2471 18.10.13 7:47pm
Bag lady gets a bit handy in court 0
davetwojackets 18.10.13 6:05pm
Lonely pensioners should huddle together for both warmth & company says BG Chief 0
Ref Minor 18.10.13 5:19pm
Ref Minor
Cameron fury at texts asking if he had over-stayed his welcome in Downing Street 0
cinnahmon 18.10.13 4:39pm
SNP to award Nectar points to all YES voters 0
cinnahmon 18.10.13 4:34pm
Child's Condition Described As "All White" After Tumbling Over In Snow

Hat tips all round including all sensitive and definitely-not-racist football managers...

Titus 18.10.13 3:00pm
Man mugged for his wig says it was a hairy experience

. Again with the tip of the hat to Smart Alex...

Flugelbinder 18.10.13 2:58pm
Child Has Felt Picture Making Toy Stolen - Details Still A Bit Fuzzy

Huge hat tip Smart Alex!!...

Flugelbinder 18.10.13 2:52pm
Breaking news: Unfinished artwork stolen - details still somewhat sketchy 2
Smart Alex 18.10.13 2:50pm
Prisoners Denied Vote on Bedding Supplies After Blanket Ban 1
Flugelbinder 18.10.13 2:47pm
Supreme Court rules prisoners must be allowed own category on 0
Ref Minor 18.10.13 2:34pm
Ref Minor
Protester Complains She Was Seduced My Man 'Posing As Undercover Policeman'.

"I would never have let him get me pregnant if I had realised that he was just another tedious protester, with no job, no home and no prospects" said the woman. "He convinced me that, as a police...

Titus 18.10.13 2:31pm
Ref Minor
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to be renamed after successful DNA test. More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 18.10.13 2:03pm
Man loses magnifying glass - details still a bit hazy 2
Smart Alex 18.10.13 1:58pm
"Hunt For Lonely People" Slogan Misleading Claims MP 5
Flugelbinder 18.10.13 1:45pm
Paul McCartney Covent Garden gig "not part of traffic congestion solution" 1
Ref Minor 18.10.13 1:41pm
Thousands Of Decorating Contracts Delayed As Firemen Call Off Strike 0
Titus 18.10.13 1:14pm
Parent Accused of Racism After Calling Son a 'Cheeky Monkey'

Mrs Deborah Falden, 32 of Northants, has been accused of racism after calling her 7 year son Peter a 'Cheeky Monkey'. Mr Bill Harrow, headteacher of the primary school that Peter attends said "Mrs...

Flugelbinder 18.10.13 1:12pm
Coalition to introduce a 20 month Price Freeze On Sweaters, Jumpers and Cardigan

No 10 has today announced dramatic measures to help keep the country warm without impacting fuel bills. In a counter offensive against the energy suppliers and in response to recent price increases...

Deimos 18.10.13 1:09pm
Govt advises pensioners on winter survival

“What’s the problem with all these moaning pensioners?” says Joe Propaganda “I’d be like a pig in shit if it was me! Look, everybody knows most pensioners are past their use-by date and...

farmer giles 18.10.13 12:08pm
farmer giles
Hodgson Given List of Innocuous Words To Avoid

Following the non-event published in every paper, and leapt upon by every anti-racism group, the non offence caused by Hodgson to anybody has lead to the England Manager being coached on how he...

Flugelbinder 18.10.13 11:17am
Literate ecstacy user suffers withdrawals after e book confiscated in drugs raid 0
irreverendJ 18.10.13 10:59am
'I just hate old people', admits Ian Peters, British Gas MD

The Managing Director of British Gas, Ian Peters, has today confirmed plans to 'remove' a record number of adorable grandparents in the lead-up to Christmas, in a desperate bid to rid his home town...

Jesus H 18.10.13 10:53am
Jesus H