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CNN news anchor asks a sensible question about missing flight MH370. 0
Schoolboy 09.04.14 7:08pm
Cameron caught off guard as things go quite well for a fortnight 0
Schoolboy 09.04.14 7:05pm
Fall predicted in parents naming children after fruit. 0
Andy Gilder 09.04.14 6:26pm
Andy Gilder
Russia furious over unannounced test of PM's full confidence 1
Bigglesworth 09.04.14 6:22pm
Met unveil lottery process to decide who to charge next over Blakelock killing 0
RobArmstrong 09.04.14 4:18pm
Commons Standards Committee Given New Powers Including Waterboarding

A new 'beefed up' Commons Standards Committee will be able to ask more questions of MPs with the option of using enhanced techniques like waterboarding to extract information. A source said "The MPs...

Dun Dunkin 09.04.14 2:49pm
Dun Dunkin
Parents shocked to find real students aren't like the ones in the BT ads 0
gnarlyb 09.04.14 1:34pm
Old woman goes swimming despite fear of getting hair wet 0
gnarlyb 09.04.14 1:32pm
Miller finally runs out of fuel and plummets from a great height 2
Kevin the Swan 09.04.14 1:07pm
DEFRA to recommend Guinea Pig cull to stop spread of Ebola 0
Andy Gilder 09.04.14 12:38pm
Andy Gilder
Pistorius's Dramatic Courtroom Performance Demonstrates Why He's Named "Oscar". 0
Titus 09.04.14 12:24pm
US+NATO Threaten To Get 'Really Upset' If Russia Continues To Take Over Ukraine 0
Titus 09.04.14 12:21pm
Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb to check expense claims

Captain Flack overseeing Hat tip to nickb...

Coco 09.04.14 12:11pm
Vampires lap-up Miller blood but remain unquenched

As the final succulent drops of Maria Miller's blood dripped from the salivating mouths of tabloid editors, staff from The Sun, Express and Daily Mail turned their lustful gaze towards their next...

Lenny Bee 09.04.14 10:17am
Lenny Bee
Breaking News: The Miller's Stale

More sin.. er.., soon, I s'pose...

BewsNiscuit 09.04.14 9:54am
Royal protection officers fooled by Windsor banquet 'Ice Cream Bombe' 0
Lenny Bee 09.04.14 9:04am
Lenny Bee
A friend in need proves to be a friend David Cameron can do without

More backs stabbed soon...

vulture1 09.04.14 9:03am
Pistorius apology timed at 40 seconds, or 10 seconds per bullet 5
NewBiscuit 09.04.14 8:28am
Government's token woman cashed in 0
Actual Size 09.04.14 8:22am
Actual Size
Royal Nipper Breaks Wind in Front of Commoners

It was revealed today that Prince George had suffered several outbreaks of flatulence whilst attending a nursery attended by normal people. Mobs of fawning sycophantic reporters were issued with a...

Rumour Control 09.04.14 7:36am
Rumour Control
Miller runs out of fools and plummets from a great height

. (sorry Kevin)...

Squudge 09.04.14 7:26am
Ebola crisis - Daltrey 'mystified'

Roger Daltrey, leader of a veteran rock band, says he is overwhelmed by the correspondence regarding the Ebola breakout in Africa. 'As a performer I'm used to handling a lot of enquiries daily,' he...

throngsman 09.04.14 7:16am
Prince Geoge In high-Level International Dialogue

Titus 09.04.14 7:13am
Miller’s Parliamentary Ping Not Enough to Enable Recovery

Specialised searching equipment aimed at determining false claims for second homes in the Indian Ocean, has revealed several sub aquatic relatives living at immense depths beneath the surface of...

Rumour Control 09.04.14 7:11am
Rumour Control
Cameron was watching The Miller's Tail as she left

No more Chaucer soon...

Not Amused 09.04.14 7:06am
Not Amused
Breaking News: More Pings Picked Up. Morse Soon? 0
BewsNiscuit 09.04.14 6:53am
After long day staring at computer man relaxes by staring at computer 0
Dumbnews 09.04.14 2:19am
Retro Headphones a flop at Tech Fair 0
camz 08.04.14 11:36pm
Maria Miller reportedly claiming for a second set of parents. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 08.04.14 11:22pm
Ridiculous Bible film fails to offend Christians

A new film which depicts Moses leading the Israelites to the promised land on the back of a dragon has failed to arouse the anger of Christians, who are just glad to see a film featuring God. "We...

Adrian Bamforth 08.04.14 10:24pm
Adrian Bamforth