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Lib Dems surprise U-turn on votes for prisoners 0
dvo4fun 07.02.13 8:58am
Dentists to Sponsor Plaques

The financial crisis faced by London’s Blue Plaque scheme, which honours dozens of the capital’s historic residents, may be saved after an offer of sponsorship by the British Dental Association. ...

Iggy Pop-Barker 06.02.13 11:49pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
Leftovers of Henry VIII found round back of Mr Wimpy

It was today confirmed that a half-chewed carcass found behind Mr Wimpy in Hampton Court are indeed the leftovers of Henry VIII. Although much is known of the whereabouts of Henry VIII's wives'...

kga6 06.02.13 11:26pm
Scandinavia found to contain 29% Norse 1
Smart Alex 06.02.13 10:35pm
Supermarkets withdraw all food as crap is found in everything 0
roybland 06.02.13 10:33pm
BBC deny claims of 'Match-Fixing of the Day'

Following a lengthy investigation by Europol into football match fixing, the BBC's only remaining sports show 'Match of the Day' has been implicated as a major player in the crime. 'Their...

Perks 06.02.13 10:30pm
Twitter's Vine lifts user IQ rating to 17

more in six seconds...

roybland 06.02.13 10:20pm
PM says those coming out in favour of gay marriage 'didn't have to go that far'. 0
One Line Only 06.02.13 8:22pm
One Line Only
" Tesco's are pussys ..... Since 1999 I've made billions flogging dead horses. "

George Lucas...

rob box 06.02.13 8:21pm
rob box
Dog identity chips found in Tesco beefburgers. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 06.02.13 7:15pm
Al OPecia
Gina rhinhart says finders keepers to this and future generations of Australians

The worlds richest(and fattest) woman Gina Rhinehart has responded to accusations that she is a spoilt rich girl and should use australias vast natural resources to benefit the entire population of...

marknixon 06.02.13 7:05pm
Government to legalise uncivil partnerships. More soon.

They will be exclusively between a man and a woman...

Al OPecia 06.02.13 7:05pm
Al OPecia
Worlds longest cat dies in US and Canada 0
andhrimnir 06.02.13 6:52pm
First gay marriage called off after squabble over who gets to be the bride 2
Nowherefast 06.02.13 6:33pm
Midfield Diamond
Richard Of York Grave Beneath Itinerant Vehicles 0
Nails UK 06.02.13 6:18pm
Nails UK
Church leaders overjoyed as gay bars get license to ordain priests

From September 2013 gay bars throughout the UK are to be allowed to conduct ordinations in line with equal opportunities and to address the Government’s call for recognising diversity. Licenses...

Dick Everyman 06.02.13 5:30pm
Dick Everyman
Tories in three-way split over gay marriage

A number of leading Tory ministers have told David Cameron that destroying working class families by cutting benefits and throwing people on the scrap heap has received widespread support at...

Gerontius 06.02.13 5:21pm
Midfield Diamond
All men must be neutered by 2016 say local authorities

From April 2016 every female in England will have to microchip their male counterpart or face prosecution say local authorities., The move is aimed at cutting the number of stray men found wandering...

Geraldine Wiley 06.02.13 4:44pm
Position of King's bones suggests wintry weather here to stay 0
Drylaw 06.02.13 2:28pm
Richard 111 to receive posthumous lifetime award for work with children 0
Drylaw 06.02.13 2:24pm
Skynet attack foiled by Captcha 2
cinquecento 06.02.13 1:15pm
Tesco admits 'we've already been chipping dogs for years' 0
cinquecento 06.02.13 11:25am
HMRC investigating why religious figure modellers only make small prophets. 0
weematt 06.02.13 11:24am
Philippa Langley announces engagement to car park skeleton 0
Nowherefast 06.02.13 10:59am
Archeologists find remains of Chris Huhne's moral conscience in Southwark

Investigators in Southwark have held a press conference today announcing the discovery of Chris Huhne's moral conscience. The remains of morality were buried 10 years ago when the Member of...

Perks 06.02.13 10:48am
Government announce dog chipping as replacement for speed cameras

In a cost-cutting move today the Government has commenced the first of its new 'two for the price of one' policies. Noting the overwhelming number of canine passengers in cars caught on speed...

weevie 06.02.13 10:27am
Fabric of Universal spacetime found to be corduroy. 3
wallster 06.02.13 10:04am
pere floza
Cameron defends his new BBC natural history epic ‘Great Britain’

Hitting back at criticism from viewers and some newspapers David Cameron has defended his new BBC natural history series, ‘Great Britain’. Complaints were received that the series, which follows...

Dick Everyman 06.02.13 9:59am
Dick Everyman
“Richard III is just the first of many finds”, says Kevin ‘Bonekicker’ Baxter...

With the discovery of someone who might or might not have been Richard III (but probably was) beneath a car-park in Leicester, archeologists who have relished their ‘Indiana Jones’ moment are...

Tripod 06.02.13 9:43am
NHS Online forms to have boxes “pre-ticked”

The new IT system currently being rolled out across all NHS Trusts in England is to have all the correct boxes pre-ticked, in a move designed to improve performance. Many trusts are also struggling...

rogerg 06.02.13 9:18am