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Oranges are the only fruit, suggests new research from Orange Marketing Board 0
pere floza 08.04.14 11:39am
pere floza
Prince George starts his scrounging degree

Prince George has taken the first steps on the road to full scroungership with a trip to New Zealand, where his parents practised the ancient art of feigning concern for a disaster of around three...

GingerClive 08.04.14 11:29am
Oscar Pistorius auditions for role in new thunderbirds movie.

Yes me lady...

godly1966 08.04.14 11:06am
Damien Hirst's autobiography will be 'ironically' full of spelling errors

To the equal delight of the art world and the frustration of most rationale print lovers, the notorious Turner Prize winner proposes to 'redefine' what we a perceive to be a 'well written book'....

Wrenfoe 08.04.14 10:30am
Tory sleaze to be graded 1 to 9 in new low-standards shake-up

In an attempt to tighten up on sleaze levels ministers are planning a new grading system which will more closely link higher level achievement of sleaze to the Jeffrey Archer gold standard set back...

Actual Size 08.04.14 10:22am
Actual Size
Miller sacked as Cameron realises her tale is not the same one Chaucer told.

moore soone Possibly some milage in a sub with Chaucer's tale is someone has time ! In the prologue, Miller claims that his tale is "noble", but reminds the other pilgrims that he is quite drunk...

Not Amused 08.04.14 9:44am
Not Amused
Rooney to miss the World Cup 3
Rootin Tootin 08.04.14 9:31am
Rootin Tootin
Few 18-35’s back Trident renewal, most prefer other brands of chewing gum. 0
Mork 08.04.14 8:46am
Prince Philip's Donegal Bay lobster recommendation declined by Martin McGuinness 0
medici2471 08.04.14 8:45am
Health watchdog issues obesity warning to anyone actually eating seven a day 0
Smart Alex 08.04.14 8:06am
Smart Alex
100-year-old message in bottle reads ‘You can pick up your trousers on Friday’

After a fisherman had discovered the bottle in his nets, researchers have managed to locate the tailoring business in Dubrovnik which sent the message to one of their regular customers, who, on this...

Tripod 08.04.14 7:55am
“We’ll miss her, whoever the hell she was”, say grief-stricken public... 0
Tripod 08.04.14 7:49am
Newsbiscuit Prosecuted For Failing To Disclose Salt, Fat & Sugar Content 0
Titus 08.04.14 7:32am
Pistorius wows jury with version of "Cry me a Reeva". 2
knacker 08.04.14 7:25am
101 year old message in bottle says 'warn Britain about war'

Riyal Mail would have taken longer...

throngsman 08.04.14 7:16am
To get rich surround yourself with fools soon to part with their money 0
Dumbnews 08.04.14 2:54am
English patient link to MH370

Speculation that the crew and passengers of MH370 might have fallen into a deep coma increased today after the discovery of a floating DVD cover of the "The English Patient" in the Southern Indian...

blacklesbianandproudofit 07.04.14 10:46pm
Met Police to investigate Royal Mail sell-off and Maria Miller's expenses

more corruption soon...

Sir Lupus 07.04.14 10:11pm
Sir Lupus
Internet of Things gets its own pornography.

It’s a harmless image, you might think. A tall, well appointed Zanussi Fridge, brand new, it’s door left wide open, it's light on and inside nothing to preserve its modesty than a strategically...

CulchaVulcha 07.04.14 10:05pm
Sir Lupus
Disappointment as dumped microwave oven found in ocean 1
throngsman 07.04.14 10:04pm
Nigeria declared Africa's largest economy, safe to respond to those emails now 1
RobArmstrong 07.04.14 9:57pm
MPs told to 'stop talking' to reduce carbon emissions

After the Environmental Audit Select Committee presented it's ground-breaking recommendation today that HS2 should 'go slow' to reduce carbon emissions, a range of other brilliant suggestions are...

Squudge 07.04.14 9:29pm
sponge finger
[closed] Universe mourns death of polymath Peaches Geldof

The Solar System is in mourning today with the shock news of the untimely death of writer, broadcaster, artiste, model, role model and all-round genius, Peaches Geldof. Peaches, aged 25, was found...

Lenny Bee 07.04.14 9:12pm
Pauline Quirke 'Clifford never tried it on with me'. There's a reason for that. 0
MADJEZ 07.04.14 9:04pm
Pistorius apologises for killing girlfriend/Denies killing girlfriend. 0
MADJEZ 07.04.14 8:47pm
Jersey demand return of Bergerac in bid to quell crime wave

The workshy tax dodgers of Jersey want the reinstatement of the ‘boozy’ Detective to help stamp out the crime that has literally not engulfed the island paradise. Often seen tearing across the...

theinvisiblecitychannels 07.04.14 8:43pm
Ukraine Latest- UK Foreign Office on 'Easter Break'

"Everyone is away for a month. It would be too expensive to recall them to comment on Ukraine " [from twitter @FOInternleftholdingthebaby]...

Dun Dunkin 07.04.14 7:55pm
Dun Dunkin
Ukrainian Govt to install locks on all offical buildings after 9th takeover 1
Bigglesworth 07.04.14 7:09pm
Kettled Sheffield runners "died of exhaustion" 0
Ref Minor 07.04.14 5:32pm
Ref Minor
Escape to the Continent to get second series, Putin to host

'It's been a runaway success,' said the Russian president, referring to his successful annexation of Crimea, 'and it has generated such a lot of media interest that when the BBC approached me about...

throngsman 07.04.14 4:25pm