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Government U-turn on murder

More to follow...

apepper 07.02.13 9:09pm
Gove plan for A-level U-turn 'baccalaureate'

Education Secretary Michael Gove is planning to replace core GCSE A-level qualifications with one A-level in U-turn Studies. 'It'll be a sort of baccalaureate in chopping and changing,' said a...

roybland 07.02.13 8:58pm
Judge holds Dale Cregan in contempt for continually winking at him.

MADJEZ 07.02.13 8:10pm
Shock as little known celebrity makes BBC series that doesn't feature railways 0
custard cream 07.02.13 8:03pm
custard cream
DNA tests confirm, recently imported meat contains 0.0006% Polish fingers 0
hero2zero 07.02.13 7:46pm
The NHS is the envy of the world, agree Burma, Saudi Arabia and North Korea 0
Ian 07.02.13 7:11pm
Man plans Valentine's Day box of chocolates surprise

A thirty-eight-year-old Swindon man is planning to surprise his girlfriend on Valentine's Day with a wrapped box of chocolates. Brian Palette said he had been thinking about a Valentine's Day...

roybland 07.02.13 6:55pm
What Richard III REALLY shouted: "A burger! A burger! My kingdom for a burger!

Yet more horse burger and Richard III posts to follow, almost certainly. Yawn...

Titus 07.02.13 6:36pm
Lens Cap
Rough sleepers to be issued with sand paper 2
custard cream 07.02.13 6:30pm
Lens Cap
Judge rules 'Huhne told me to do it' is an acceptable defence 0
custard cream 07.02.13 6:16pm
custard cream
Waiter who put willy in judge's soup fined for perverting the course of justice 5
wallster 07.02.13 6:05pm
Tipping Point voted UK's least suspenseful TV quiz show 0
custard cream 07.02.13 6:01pm
custard cream
Aircraft crashes into Rolf Harris as pilot fails to see the big picture. 0
wallster 07.02.13 5:54pm
Terry Venables found guilty of impersonating Ray Winstone 0
custard cream 07.02.13 5:39pm
custard cream
Govt. set to save millions through new 'policy scrappage scheme' 0
charlies_hat 07.02.13 5:10pm
Reincarnation fan makes will leaving everything to himself 0
custard cream 07.02.13 4:52pm
custard cream
Gove to re-sit GCSEs 0
Duncan Biscuit 07.02.13 3:49pm
Duncan Biscuit
Huhne’s application for the Chiltern Hundreds found to be signed by his ex-wife 0
Duncan Biscuit 07.02.13 3:49pm
Duncan Biscuit
NHS to reduce the number of hospitals that are below average

A Coalition Health Ministry spokesman, Michael Moroney, has issued a statement expressing deep concern that 50% of hospitals had mortality rates that were less than average. “We just cannot have...

JoshSpringer 07.02.13 3:28pm
French Tesco's horseburgers are 29% beef

The French division of Tesco are investigating claims that some of their horseburgers are contaminated with beef. "Zis iz un outraage.", said a customer...

apepper 07.02.13 1:54pm
Dogs to have chips. Cat owners ask if they can have the fish. 5
weematt 07.02.13 1:48pm
Water rates rise blamed on fake tan glut

The overwhelming presence of fake tan in Britain’s water supply has left treatment plants struggling to cope, according to a report by the utilities companies. Some parts of Liverpool now appear to...

07.02.13 12:13pm
Dick Everyman
Rolf Harris dope tests positive, authorities not clear what it is yet 0
charlies_hat 07.02.13 11:01am
Scottish Scientists print first Human Stem Cell Square Sausage


gaijintendo 07.02.13 10:26am
Monopoly refresh: drone replaces battleship, top hat still ensconced 0
cinquecento 07.02.13 9:59am
Dignitas deny branches in Colchester, Blackpool, Thurrock .... 0
FlashArry 07.02.13 9:16am
Gove plea: "Don't judge me on this one failure but on my overall performance."

more later today...

dvo4fun 07.02.13 9:14am
Facial reconstruction project shows Jolly Roger was a miserable git 1
charlies_hat 07.02.13 9:07am
1000 motorcycle exhaust silencers dumped outside Scotland Yard. Police baffled. 0
wallster 07.02.13 9:05am
Lib Dems surprise U-turn on votes for prisoners 0
dvo4fun 07.02.13 8:58am