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Creepy Colleague Hanging Around Reception, Probably Waiting to Talk to You

Despite being past 5.30pm, leaving time for employees of Hartman & Felix Insurance Brokers of Holbeach, Lincolnshire, a socially incompetent member of staff is loitering in the foyer, possibly...

Teenwolf 18.01.14 12:58pm
Government sacks police and saves money getting mystery writers to solve crime 0
Ian Searle 18.01.14 11:53am
Ian Searle
Twitter literally explodes due to massive trend of the word 'paedo'

Much much more soon...

MADJEZ 18.01.14 11:23am
Vatican Confirms 'Defrocking' of 400 Priests

Vatican officials confirmed, under heavy scrutiny at the United Nations Sub Commitee on Cross Dressing held in Geneva this week, that almost 400 priests had their dresses, blouses and other items of...

John Roughty 18.01.14 9:09am
John Roughty
Swiss cheese prevert who came out as gay now prefers cottage cheese 0
irreverendJ 18.01.14 8:30am
Gaga asks Putin "Ever loved a Russian queen?" 0
Dick Everyman 18.01.14 7:35am
Dick Everyman
Bank of Toyland 'to be sold off'.

The Bank of Toyland should be made to sell off its one and only branch, claims a self-employed taxi driver who goes under the name of Noddy. The news will come as a welcome boost to Labour leader Ed...

Boutros 18.01.14 12:21am
Worlds oldest pornography stash found.

Archaeologists carrying out a routine survey of a cave system in the Dordogne have been stunned by a find that pushes the recorded history of onanism back to over 90,000 years ago. Examining a...

FlashArry 17.01.14 10:47pm
Dick Everyman
Fridge really takes the bacon by sending spam e mails 0
irreverendJ 17.01.14 10:24pm
US Government to face Health and Safety charges over Hiroshima 0
Squudge 17.01.14 8:32pm
Quantun Uncertainty Resolved By Substituting a Parrot For Schrödinger’s Cat

Python team awarded Nobel prize for physics...

Titus 17.01.14 7:57pm
Labour government to punish banks if there aren't any biros at the counter... 0
deskpilot3 17.01.14 6:51pm
Andrew Mitchell STILL unable to explain why he resigned....

over "baseless" allegations...

deskpilot3 17.01.14 6:49pm
Miliband "not mad enough" to propose breaking up 0
deskpilot3 17.01.14 6:47pm
Vladmir Putin outed as gay 0
needabettergig 17.01.14 6:44pm
Bernie Ecclestone steps down ... now only 4ft 2 1
Kramaring 17.01.14 6:20pm
Marx Brothers Biopic announced "Long Walk to Freedonia". More soon. 1
Al OPecia 17.01.14 5:10pm
Ed Miliband attacks tree monopoly, pledges to to remove brances

D'oh! [i]Branches[/i] not brances, More to follow...

apepper 17.01.14 4:51pm
"Benefits Street" to be demolished to make way for HS2. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 17.01.14 4:34pm
Al OPecia
Old hat 1
Gerontius 17.01.14 3:29pm
Midfield Diamond
Last fish to fight in Cod War served up with chips and peas... 0
Tripod 17.01.14 2:34pm
Hollande visits partner in hospital. Stays in for surgical removal of bedpan.

plus de badinage a Un....

blokefromstoke 17.01.14 2:07pm
Final Striking Miner Dies

There was sadness on the streets of Easington today as the news broke that Terry Hatcham, the last miner to stay on strike, had died following a heart attack., Mr. Hatcham, who worked at the local...

james_doc 17.01.14 1:36pm
Ref Minor
NSA launches its own mobile phone and internet service provider

The National Security Agency today announced that rather than secretly intercepting text messages and emails, it was going to become a public internet service provider and mobile phone telco. When...

steve_l 17.01.14 11:58am
Broadband companies to offer free public transport

Some of the UK’s biggest internet providers are set to offer new customers free public transport when they sign up to a broadband wi-fi contract. Customers who agree to access the internet using ...

Dracula 17.01.14 11:51am
Well-off housewives slam ‘Benefits Street’ claimants as ‘downright lazy’

Britain’s large population of wealthy middle class housewives have today raised their concerns about the UK’s ever-growing population of ‘spongers’. The hotly debated topic, highlighted in...

Jesus H 17.01.14 10:58am
Al OPecia
Transport Minister: Pedestrians to use gutter if pavement unsafe due to cyclists

Cyclists should be free to go on to a pavement to avoid hazardous stretches of road, Transport Minister Robert Goodwill has told police. Responding to criticism from pedestrians, he expanded upon the...

weematt 17.01.14 10:04am
Sadomasochists to charter plane to Nigeria 0
Sinnick 17.01.14 9:38am
Larry diagnosed with depression

The universal indicator of happiness, Larry, took his own life after a long battle with depression, a Coroner's Court has ruled. Despite maintaining a front of happiness for several years, Larry...

jamsieoconnor 17.01.14 9:04am
Osborne calls for minimal wage rise for low-paid workers

Surely a typo...

Ironduke 17.01.14 1:48am