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Aintree punters relish horse meet 2
charlies_hat 06.04.13 9:57am
Midfield Diamond
Grand National won by stolen XR3i

Liverpudlians were delighted to learn that, as a result of 40 horses being found standing on bricks following the overnight theft of their horseshoes by local commodity dealers, the 2013 Grand...

antharrison 06.04.13 9:29am
Fluffy bunnies unexpected victims of the Bedroom Tax

It has been discovered that from April 2013, rabbits on the Downs will incur penalties for having less than 20 bunnies in a chamber. This has set the hares running with terrible results in some...

Squudge 06.04.13 9:15am
Tesco offers free removal of injured horses at Grand National. More Soon. 3
JoeBradley 06.04.13 9:00am
Osborne inundated with offers to help him qualify for disabled parking place

I know there's a good ticker up but I just, you know...

nickb 06.04.13 7:09am
£53 to live on a week? Iain Duncan Smith diary of so-called hardship - Day 3

Oh the ignominy of it. Tried checking the Times online for weather updates and the internet wasn't there. Popped on the TV to try Sky for their weather and that wasn't working either. Phoned them up...

thisisall1word 06.04.13 12:53am
Amish man found wandering around without a documentary crew. 0
Maverick 06.04.13 12:12am
Animal rights lobby says protesting jumps races is "like flogging a dead horse". 0
Maverick 06.04.13 12:10am
Voyeur to sue Facebook

'It's a travesty' claims Marcus Wild, referring to the popular social networking site's popularity. 'It used to be only skilled voyeurs could act in a deviant manner whilst looking at people's...

topfotogmw 05.04.13 10:55pm
Trident Deterrent To Be Replaced By Eric Joyce 0
Mike Turbine-Hamilton 05.04.13 10:15pm
Mike Turbine-Hamilton
Traffic chaos as French chefs converge on roads near Aintree 0
AReader 05.04.13 10:10pm
"Unwarranted Concern" About The Number Of Bs In Britain

"Britain has just as many as Belgium, Bhutan and Zambia" said Roland Davidson, spokesman for the Toxic Chemical Corporation. "France, Germany and Switzerland have none at all, and they're doing just...

Titus 05.04.13 9:26pm
Children with measles easily spotted, says Chief Medical Officer. More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 05.04.13 9:20pm
Osborne parking "a product of Westminster culture", says Mick Philpott 1
sydalg 05.04.13 9:15pm
1leonardo create 35 billion "winks" in latest round of quantitative teasing 1
1leonardo 05.04.13 9:01pm
Finish dishwasher tablets declared weapon of destruction 0
custard cream 05.04.13 8:03pm
custard cream
"Chavettes Day" scheduled for Aintree 2014 following huge success of 2013 pilot.

more chavettes soon, unfortunately...

BewsNiscuit 05.04.13 7:46pm
'Surgical paralysis? - I've already had my spine removed', says Clegg 1
custard cream 05.04.13 7:42pm
Al OPecia
Terrible news for Swansea kids: first measles, then they realise they’re Welsh 0
Tripod 05.04.13 6:45pm
Geordie Shore to be replaced by the classier Great British Shag Off, says MTV. 0
dominic_mcg 05.04.13 6:37pm
Kim Jong Un daring us to laugh at his haircut, say terrified South Koreans 0
sydalg 05.04.13 6:27pm
Man slowly mutating into sofa described by doctors as 'comfortable' 0
Smart Alex 05.04.13 6:22pm
Smart Alex
Reward offered after Go Compare singer found stabbed to death in street

£50,000 to whoever did it...

blacklesbianandproudofit 05.04.13 6:01pm
Local man shares his anti-technology writings on his blog 0
Dumbnews 05.04.13 5:46pm
Michael Barrymore launches new swimwear range 1
victimms 05.04.13 5:08pm
Kinks claim Di Canio is just a Dedicated Follower of Fascism

sorry, i know it's dragging on a bit...

bonjonelson 05.04.13 4:40pm
Nothing wrong with fascist principles claims Referees’ Association

Following the uproar over his appointment as new Sunderland manager, Paolo di Canio has received support from an unexpected source. The national Referees’ Association has issued a statement...

Midfield Diamond 05.04.13 3:30pm
Bank of England Planning for Potential British Exit from Pound Sterling

Sir Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, has revealed that he has been asked to draw up plans in the, increasingly likely scenario, that Britain will have to leave the Pound., Great Britain...

thisisall1word 05.04.13 3:25pm
Di Canio refuses to talk about football, will only discuss fascism...

The new Sunderland manager won’t discuss the on-pitch exploits of his team, preferring to offer a stiff-armed salute and the prospect of “blood, sweat and tears”. When asked about next week’s...

Tripod 05.04.13 2:25pm
Carlos Tevez punishment of 250 hrs playing for Man City described as very tough. 0
JoeBradley 05.04.13 1:38pm