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Cameron - British satellites will spot debris 'if we're allowed near'

PM David Cameron has defended the failure of British satellites to spot stuff floating in the sea while the search continues for the missing airliner. 'We would obviously use our satellites but every...

throngsman 23.03.14 10:13pm
Syrian pilot was Tweeting, says Turkish Air Force

Amid a diplomatic furore, the Turkish Air Force has admitted to shooting down a Syrian fighter plane. 'We received credible intel that the pilot of the Syrian jet had tweeted that he'd just had a...

throngsman 23.03.14 10:06pm
Health and Safety requires Jagger to wear "I'm not the corpse" tag at funeral 0
sydalg 23.03.14 9:36pm
Pension Fund Managers 'really regret not sending George Osborne a Xmas card'

Apologies for using the tabloid spelling of Christmas, but the ticker space is too bloody short - has this been mentioned this week?...

throngsman 23.03.14 9:23pm
Not Amused
Boris - 'apparently UK is part of Ukraine, the first part' 2
throngsman 23.03.14 9:14pm
Internet overloaded with pictures of satellite pictures of distant rubbish... 0
deskpilot3 23.03.14 8:56pm
Shoplifter in Currys blames GP for telling him to keep taking the Tablets.

There's a joke in there somewhere...

deskpilot3 23.03.14 8:54pm
Sales exec “closely identifies” with WW1 soldiers

“The parallels are uncanny. WW1 troops had an enemy with almost identical weapons and tactics – the Germans. We’ve got CoreSoft, who produce an almost identical software solution to us. Our...

deceangli 23.03.14 7:19pm
Next on BBC One - "A Question of Ballet", hosted by Mickey Flanagan 0
Andy Gilder 23.03.14 7:18pm
Andy Gilder
Hansel & Gretel develop Type 2 diabetes; lifestyle blamed

“It turns out that living in a house made entirely out of confectionery isn’t particularly healthy”, said a perplexed Kevin McCloud. “Have to say, though, this house is delightful – quirky,...

deceangli 23.03.14 7:15pm
Jokes about Climate Change 'Just More Hot Air'

"I like jokes as much as the next person but you have to think you are killing the planet by unnecessary creation of co2. " said one worried ecologist...

Dun Dunkin 23.03.14 6:57pm
Dun Dunkin
Hundreds and thousands to be renamed ones under pressure from OFT 0
throngsman 23.03.14 6:57pm
Pub man charged with treason over 'Becks Fools & Horses not that funny' remark.

More disappointment soon...

MADJEZ 23.03.14 6:50pm
BBC to make the arts "more mainstream". Phil Tufnell gets own Radio 3 show. 0
Andy Gilder 23.03.14 6:20pm
Andy Gilder
IDS says Budget rewards those who worked hard to find a rich wife. 0
Andy Gilder 23.03.14 6:07pm
Andy Gilder
Disappointment after debris found to be Atlantis rather than missing plane 0
Bigglesworth 23.03.14 5:18pm
Football pays tribute as Wenger celebrates 1000th excuse

Some of the biggest names in football have been paying tribute to Arsene Wenger as he prepares to celebrate his 1000th excuse since becoming manager of Arsenal in 1996. The Gunners face Chelsea in a...

bookiesfriend 23.03.14 4:38pm
Not Amused
Venice celebrates independence with deep-fried Cornettos 0
sydalg 23.03.14 4:20pm
An independent Venice would scrap road tax promises Lodovico Pizzati 0
Smart Alex 23.03.14 2:16pm
Smart Alex
President Vladimir Putin says Ukrainians not capable of governing themselves

Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that Russian scientists have determined that the long term exposure to the fallout from the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster has left Ukrainians too...

joecrit 23.03.14 2:02pm
Holding buttercups under chin “more reliable than conventional market research”

In a randomised double-blind crossover trial it has been shown that holding a buttercup beneath the chin is a more reliable indicator of a consumer’s dairy spread preferences than telephone...

deceangli 23.03.14 1:59pm
Plane crashes as 'Curse of Row 13' strikes again

Despite what the so-called sceptics might have to say, the world has woken up this morning to the news that the infamous 'Curse of Row 13' has struck again, after a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 737...

Oxbridge 23.03.14 1:54pm
Russia masses think tanks on Ukraine border in propaganda war 0
Not Amused 23.03.14 1:38pm
Not Amused
Object spotted by satellite could be part of a satellite 0
Underconstruction 23.03.14 1:02pm
Historic All Party agreement on "UK Sense" policy

"Today we are announcing that the senses of Entitlement, Fair Play, Indignation, Injustice and Superiority will be encouraged to prosper and grow in British society." With those words, David Cameron...

Not Amused 23.03.14 12:33pm
Not Amused
Debris spotted in west London positively identified as the wreckage of Arsenal 5
Not Amused 23.03.14 11:18am
Real blowjob cheaper than tickets to see Russel Peters joke about blowjobs 1
Dumbnews 23.03.14 11:17am
Kevin the Swan
Newsbiscuit announce forthcoming switch to dot/dash encryption of posts.

Morse soon...

Ironduke 23.03.14 10:56am
Russia: Crimea move was a complete accident 0
Bigglesworth 23.03.14 10:47am
Glenn Miller found in search for missing jet 3
farmer giles 23.03.14 10:33am