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Quantum physicist attempting DIY worries about the true nature of particle board 0
Smart Alex 27.03.14 11:03pm
Smart Alex
Particle or wave? "Make your fucking mind up light!" says Hawking. 0
Maverick 27.03.14 10:44pm
Inquiry to turn energy market "upside down". Now to be known as "the Big 9" 0
Andy Gilder 27.03.14 10:00pm
Andy Gilder
Coldplay release 'somewhat long-winded' cover version of 'D-I-V-O-R-C-E' 2
Idiot 27.03.14 9:17pm
Skeleton found in carpark "only a pretender" 0
sydalg 27.03.14 9:08pm
obesity report ain't over until the fat lady sings, says Susan Boyle 0
throngsman 27.03.14 9:04pm
Russian leaders in fear of rendition as US prepares new Guantanamoski 0
Dick Everyman 27.03.14 9:04pm
Dick Everyman
'Big six' call for an inquiry into calls for an inquiry into the energy market

The ‘big six’ energy firms have called for an inquiry into the calls for an inquiry into competition in the industry. A report by Ofgem has asked for an investigation by the Competition and...

James Pluside 27.03.14 9:02pm
UK software house launches 'map my invasion'

Following on from the success of 'map my run', 'map my walk' and 'map my pub crawl' a British software house has launched a new product aimed at megalomaniacs everywhere. 'It's really challenging...

throngsman 27.03.14 8:19pm
Obesity ‘now the norm’, says sylph-like Eric Pickles... 0
Tripod 27.03.14 7:26pm
Witness tells police it was "2 inches max" 2
Underconstruction 27.03.14 7:23pm
Dangerous Dongs Act "might have stopped Clifford" 0
bonjonelson 27.03.14 7:16pm
Which Is Best: "What Comparison Site?" Or "Comparison Site Choice"?

Total doff of hat to Dumbnews...

Titus 27.03.14 7:15pm
ATOS assesses itself as unfit to work

ATOS, the organisation contracted by the government to assess benefit claiment's ability to work has assessed itself and found it to be unfit. 'We looked at all of the evidence and concluded that we...

throngsman 27.03.14 7:12pm
Korean hairdressers warned to keep holiday discussions short 0
Underconstruction 27.03.14 6:45pm
New review site launches to review review sites 0
Dumbnews 27.03.14 6:02pm
Poodles fall foul of Dangerous Dog's Act

A rogue Standard Poodle has been seized by police from Luigi’s Famous Travelling Circus after a serious incident at a matinee performance in Shanklin on the Isle of Wight. In a statement to the...

Dick Everyman 27.03.14 5:15pm
Dick Everyman
Martin and Paltrow to renew their conscious uncoupling vows in 2015

“Our uncoupling brought us so close together”, Gwyneth told us, “we’ve decided to do it again when the kids are a bit older.”...

Adrian Bamforth 27.03.14 4:55pm
Adrian Bamforth
Beijing's overwhelmed fobidden city to limit visitors

BEIJING - Forbidden city, in the heart of Beijing will begin limiting how many tourist it admits, amid worries that its popularity is damaging the site, state media said on Wednesday, The site...

footinmouth 27.03.14 4:42pm
In the interest of balance, LBC will broadcast tonight's argument in the pub

However it is thought that David Cameron and Ed Milliband won't attend. Topics are undecided, but Eastenders is expected to cause a spat between Tracy and Davina, and the size of Max Clifford' knob...

throngsman 27.03.14 4:22pm
Shark gives florida student 2-hour ride and stars in youtube video

ORLANDO. Fla - A Hammerhead shark dragged a college Student in his Kayak up the Atlantic coast for a two -hour ride. Using a camera strapped to his helmet, the student was able to capture the ride....

footinmouth 27.03.14 4:10pm
Police issue new list 'of people not abused by Savile' because it's shorter 0
throngsman 27.03.14 4:03pm
Walkers to launch emotion flavoured crisps

Having exhausted almost every food flavour combination Walkers have now moved on to more esoteric varieties., ‘It was easy in the early days’, explained head of R & D, Mitch Rutland,...

beau-jolly 27.03.14 3:43pm
Vince Cables Gran
Airline safety experts reviewing colour of box

Airline officials are to meet in Basel next week to urgently review the colour of flight recorder boxes after it emerged that the black ones are really difficult to spot in vast oceans, particularly...

Underconstruction 27.03.14 3:42pm
"Satire" declared winner of Clegg-Farage debate. More soon.... 6
Andy Gilder 27.03.14 3:26pm
custard cream
Media surprise at actor from TV show appearing on stage in play by Shakespeare 0
Ian Searle 27.03.14 3:26pm
Ian Searle
Seventies star admits unconscious coupling 0
custard cream 27.03.14 3:23pm
custard cream
Twitter extends character count to 141 per tweet. Newsbiscuit accepts challenge 0
throngsman 27.03.14 3:19pm
ZZ Top "thrilled" with "Easiest Band To Find In Phonebook" award 8
sydalg 27.03.14 3:12pm
Clegg calls for Farage knob size to be made public

Nigel Farage should 'come clean' about the size of his knob, according to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. Following hot on the heels of their televised debate on whether Cameron and Obama could...

monkeyrepublic 27.03.14 2:19pm