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Sons Ask Their Ma's To Mind The Shop While They Compete In Quiz 0
Titus 25.10.13 1:23pm
False Widow spider husband ‘still alive’

Life insurance company to sue following web of lies as husband is found alive and well in shed next door...

farmer giles 25.10.13 1:20pm
Paul Potts to star in James Corden biopic 1
Ian Searle 25.10.13 11:45am
World tennis to use Cilic Ban to clean up 8
Not Amused 25.10.13 11:30am
Not Amused
Obama awarded honorary rank of Stasi Obergruppenfuhrer 1
cinquecento 25.10.13 11:30am
Clocks to be known as Kcolcs on Sunday after government confusion

More to follow...

apepper 25.10.13 11:24am
Prince Charles's love of porridge misconstrued claim Palace 0
cinnahmon 25.10.13 9:23am
PM in heartfelt appeal to gypsy community as Nick Clegg disappears for two hours 1
sydalg 25.10.13 9:12am
Reagan administration had Mrs Thatcher "repeatedly" buggered

American secret servicemen repeatedly buggered Mrs Thatcher on visits to the White House, on Ronald Reagan's orders. She never found out. Details of how the CIA effected the buggery have been...

nickb 25.10.13 9:11am
Woman claims contaminated drugs 'masked her mind' 0
Oxbridge 25.10.13 9:02am
New cigarette range could help people quit hypnotherapy

Simon was a spending a fortune on it. Susan alienated all her friends with her addiction to it. Imogen says she used to use it as an emotional crutch whenever she had any sort of stress in their...

ronseal 25.10.13 9:00am
Recovery due to spending of redundancy payouts say ONS

Less later...

virtuallywill 25.10.13 8:43am
US Baffled By Merkel's Pretence That She Was Unaware Of Phone Hacking 0
Titus 25.10.13 7:58am
November to be the "most Novemberist" on record claims MET office 0
simonjmr 25.10.13 7:44am
We Also Watched You Pee, US Tells Merkel

The diplomatic scandal engulfing the US security services took a new twist last night as sources close to the CIA alleged surveillance operations did not stop at listening in on phone calls....

25.10.13 7:34am
"Jings, Why Did Ye No' Say Ye Wasnae Bluffin'? " Asks Unite Union 1
Titus 25.10.13 6:45am
CIA: 'We Didn't Need To Hack Merkel's Phone - We Just Hacked The Journalists'. 0
Titus 24.10.13 10:02pm
Mr Clever blames dyslexia for his becoming a Mister Man rather than a Mastermind 0
Smart Alex 24.10.13 8:57pm
Smart Alex
BBC to allow 'guessing the order of coloured pegs' as chosen specialist subject

(Official/unofficial?) Neat-O...

Idiot 24.10.13 8:15pm
Bishop confuses 'crib' for 'da crib'

The Vatican have suspended Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst amid fears that he has gone ‘gangsta’ on them. Parishioners attest to hearing the Bishop of Limburg using the ‘n’ word when referring...

Wrenfoe 24.10.13 5:16pm
custard cream
Obama Admits to Listening in to Calls to White House

Confirming the suspicions expressed by Western leaders such as Angela Merkel, Barack Obama confessed today to listening in to his telephone conversations with them. A relaxed Mr Obama said he could...

Iggy Pop-Barker 24.10.13 3:48pm
Iggy Pop-Barker
Maddie McCann apologizes for being late “I just got a McCheeseburger for 99p!"

Maddie McCann apologizes for being late “I just got a McCheeseburger for 99p!"...

en-hen-man 24.10.13 2:35pm
Muezzin loses job after his call to prayer replaced by Sunni and Shia CDs

More follows...

Crow 24.10.13 2:11pm
Shock As Angela Merkel Admits Using Ordinary Unsecured Phone For State Business 0
Titus 24.10.13 1:04pm
Portugese Police Now Accept 'There Was A Girl Called Maddie Who Disappeared'. 0
Titus 24.10.13 1:01pm
Police prefer 'bareback' encounters

Edinburgh's saunas have had their licences revoked by a constabulary intent on ‘going rogue’. A spokesman for Supt. Matt Richards stressed that while Police Scotland did not advocate the banning...

Wrenfoe 24.10.13 12:11pm
Tour de Yorkshire to kick off with “Get thisen off then”

With just 365 days to the start of the Tour de Yorkshire more details have been released of the struggles the riders will face. Organisers have already rejected an offer from famous Yorkshire artist...

rogerg 24.10.13 12:00pm
Union leaders at Grangemouth celebrate pay and pension cuts

Union leaders at the Grangemouth refinery said today that they were 'delighted' with the outcome of their negotiations with the owner of the refinery, which resulted in the end of their final salary...

John Wiltshire 24.10.13 11:50am
John Wiltshire
Single man with multiple personality disorder says he needs five-bedroom house 0
sydalg 24.10.13 11:41am
Scotland to become latest member of “Axis of Evil” if Salmond gets his way

An independent Scotland could wait until 2016 to declare its own nuclear weapon capability in a bid to accede the internationally recognised Axis of Evil. SNP leader and Scottish First Minister Alex...

24.10.13 11:40am
The All New Jeni B