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HMRC insist they have still got what it takes to take what we've got 0
andhrimnir 21.03.13 6:51pm
Chancellor picks up Wrong Suitcase and Unveils Cheese Sandwich to the Nation. 14
OliverMcPhee 21.03.13 6:43pm
sponge finger
Planck satellite shows evidence of exhausted pre-historic moth 1
charlies_hat 21.03.13 6:34pm
The All New Jeni B
ITV's "The Big Reunion" to reform the now Middle-aged Mutant Ninja Turtles

Just watched an episode of TMNT on youtube. A middle-aged version could be amusing, I'm imagining a lot more pizza and Rafael would likely have a Harley...

OliverMcPhee 21.03.13 6:05pm
Sir David Nicholson: "I will not resign!"

Embattled NHS Chief Sir David Nicholson remained defiant today, insisting he was still “the best man for the job” despite recent video evidence which shows him personally ejecting patients whose...

blacklesbianandproudofit 21.03.13 5:52pm
Anger as AA faces being downgraded to 'A'

British motoring organisation the AA risks being downgraded to A-status, it was revealed today. For years the organisation - the 'Automobile Association' - has come to the rescue of Britain's...

Bravenewmalden 21.03.13 5:35pm
Poor Christian nations – Vatican can’t put off supporting them any longer 0
Midfield Diamond 21.03.13 4:12pm
Midfield Diamond
English government declares 19th September 2014: Thank f*&k they've gone day 0
irreverendJ 21.03.13 3:30pm
Japanese Quotation Marks Finally Given The All-Clear By Writers' Guild......

and Noise Abatement Society. "Chong-Chong."...

Jesse Bigg 21.03.13 3:06pm
Schools exempt homeopaths from need to concentrate 0
cinquecento 21.03.13 2:56pm
Benedict admits resignation was to give hint to Rolling Stones 0
sydalg 21.03.13 2:46pm
George Michael's new release straight in the number 2 slot 5
charlie_shat 21.03.13 1:46pm
Royal Mail to borrow a stamp from everyone

With a surprise item at the end of the budget, Chancellor George Osborne has announced a plan to revitalise the Royal Mail based on the hideously unpopular Cypriot savings-grab. As MPs in Cyprus...

GreenCross 21.03.13 1:16pm
Network Rail to sell off Rail Business – Future lies in Malls

More people are using railway stations for shopping and eating than to catch trains, independent research for Network Rail has revealed. Trends consultant, Justin Bright was not surprised: “Their...

Napierboy 21.03.13 12:46pm
Charity warns it could be murder, as Cludo mansion is exempted from bedroom tax 0
Ian Searle 21.03.13 12:09pm
Ian Searle
Britain 'relieved' as China turns out to be equally moronic

Britain, the formerly quite capable island near Europe, has spoken of its relief at seeing television pictures of teenage girls in Beijing going hysterical over a brief glimpse of David Beckham...

Oxbridge 21.03.13 12:02pm
Female execs who break through glass ceiling advised to put knickers back on 5
LensCap 21.03.13 11:54am
Further Boost To Tory Victorian Theme, With Penny Off A Pint Of Beer.....

"Thankee your worship."...

Jesse Bigg 21.03.13 11:53am
Dawsons creek
David Bowie asked to construct new persona for George Osborne

Friends of George Osborne are believe to have approached David Bowie for help in creating a new persona for the beleaguered chancellor. The sight of a sober suited and pasty faced Osborne standing...

roybland 21.03.13 10:56am
Vaginas told to 'shut up and let someone else get a word in edgeways' 9
LensCap 21.03.13 10:51am
Gaddafi condtion 'not as bad as first thought' 0
blacklesbianandproudofit 21.03.13 10:41am
'Death sucks' says Harry Reems 0
Oxbridge 21.03.13 10:35am
Exclusive photo of George Osborne and advisors planning 2013 budget

21.03.13 9:39am
Celebrities starting to mourn the loss of free tabloid publicity

As the dust settles on the arguments over press regulations, well known personalities up and down the country are now pondering a future without the libellous, salacious and often fictitious...

Perks 21.03.13 9:15am
Eton old boys reunion cancelled due to clash with G20 summit 0
LensCap 21.03.13 8:58am
Researcher Identifies Sherlock Holmes Descendant - And He's A Policeman

A researcher working for satellite TV's 'Ancestry Channel' announced yesterday that he'd successfully identified the last remaining blood relative of legendary Baker Street sleuth, Sherlock Holmes,...

Martin Shuttlecock 21.03.13 8:11am
Golgeau Treize
Cameron and Osborne to get futility treatment on NHS 4
LensCap 21.03.13 8:01am
Chancellor’s Budget: Independence for Liverpool

The Chancellor has today astounded critics by proposing that the City of Liverpool is to be forcibly given independence from the UK. He further announced the construction of a 20 mile wall in the...

Sinnick 21.03.13 5:11am
deleted 0
Yikes 21.03.13 5:02am
Chancellor Assists British Film Remake Industry by Scrapping Pastiche Tax

Roger Moore soon...

mugwump 21.03.13 1:19am