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Breaking News: Chemical Romance dissolved. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 23.03.13 3:57pm
Al OPecia
UK ordered NOT to expel Devil

British taxpayers are to continue funding the "luxury lifestyle on benefits" of a dangerous foreign criminal who is making some people's lives "hell" The ECHR in Strasbourg ruled that if we cast Mr...

Flash! Aa-aaaa! 23.03.13 3:27pm
Big Ben
“Diet lard” released to combat obesity epidemic

Lard companies have jumped on the socially responsible bandwagon by releasing “diet lard’, a new product for fat people who don’t really like salad but like lard. Diet lard is being produced...

Yikes 23.03.13 2:33pm
Paddy Berzinski
New Strain of Strep Hits South Africa

Doctors are reporting that the latest disease ‘out of Africa’, is quite choosy about its victims, and unfortunately has only one symptom and that is hardly noticeable. Nevertheless, there are...

Big Ben 23.03.13 2:28pm
Big Ben
Church of England accidentally launches jihad against Methodists 0
sydalg 23.03.13 1:40pm
Bad weather forces Spring to conclude under Duckworth-Lewis method

Unseasonably bad weather has forced the cancellation of Spring after less than 30 days. People throughout the UK have been advised to stay indoors until Summer, with the rest of Spring to finish...

Yikes 23.03.13 1:32pm
Hot cross buns sign up for anger management course 2
Ian Searle 23.03.13 1:32pm
Ian Searle
Lack of wisden blamed for poor Neato entry 0
godly1966 23.03.13 1:15pm
Skeleton staff to continue to operate Sellafield

Following the re-opening of the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant after severe weather conditions forced its shutdown, the skeleton-staff left in charge of the plant has in fact been reduced to...

Dick Everyman 23.03.13 12:58pm
Javed Miandad to be first father & son to play in Pakistan cricket team 0
godly1966 23.03.13 12:45pm
Old Kent Road most affordable area of London according to Monopoly board survey.

Results also suggest prices haven't risen since 1933...

Ian Searle 23.03.13 11:58am
Ian Searle
English Cricket Team "invisible due to spring weather". More soon. 0
Al OPecia 23.03.13 11:35am
Al OPecia
British Summer Time to be sued

A group of American tourists has launched a class action against the UK government after it was revealed that British Summer Time is actually colder than whatever the other season is called...

deceangli 23.03.13 11:34am
china and russia in bidding war over cyprus

for oil reserves found closed to the shore (should probably have some pictur eof a sun tan oild bottle bobbing on the water)...

4ty2 23.03.13 11:13am
Greece to sell Cyprus to pay off national debt. 13
Ostsee 23.03.13 11:06am
West Korea avoids conflict with the North by pretending not to exist.

Diplomats in the Republic of West Korea were being lauded last night after seventy years of peaceful coexistence with both the Southern Republic of Korea and the Northern People's Democratic...

bonjonelson 23.03.13 10:19am
'iKorea' - New App Aids On-Line Purchase Of Cheap Asian Flat-Pack Furniture 0
Titus 23.03.13 10:07am
Korea in towards End of Daewoos.

Apocalyptic concerns of many Americans over Anderson Air Force Base on Guam being within range of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, were definitely not eased today when Brian Cox coaxed them...

Big Ben 23.03.13 9:14am
Midnight Dreary
A Cross Tick

Increasingly, Nowadays, Found, Lurking, After, Maliciously, Entering, Skin...

Big Ben 23.03.13 8:52am
Big Ben
Keen Justice Just Isn’t (2)

As a result of his recent verdict in the Sheard versus Simpson (deceased) case, Judge Roger Keen was galled at having to explain the justice system yet again, to common plebs who are miserably...

Big Ben 23.03.13 8:32am
Big Ben
Keen Justice Just Isn’t

As a result of his recent verdict in the Sheard versus Simpson (deceased) case, Judge Roger Keen was galled today at having to explain the justice system yet again, to common plebs who are miserably...

Big Ben 23.03.13 1:00am
Street Violence As Central Korean Protestants and Catholics Clash 0
Titus 22.03.13 11:26pm
Breaking News: East Korea declares war on West Korea.

The secretive East Korean micktakership has declared war on West Korea following some 75 years in waiting, submerged under the Sea of Japan, waiting for the "Western Limperialists" to show their hand...

BewsNiscuit 22.03.13 10:36pm
Australia PM Gillard sorry for 'shameful' decades of enforced Fosters 14
Midnight Dreary 22.03.13 10:29pm
Middle-aged man letting go dream of rock stardom

About to enter his fifth decade, accountant Norman Lehman is beginning to relinquish his dream of super star rock celebrity. Norman looks back with disappointment to the days when his band, The Old...

roybland 22.03.13 10:06pm
Baker arrested for skimming 8.33333333333333333333333333333333333333% of profits 2
LensCap 22.03.13 10:05pm
'Missiles too ineffectual at killing to solve problems,' claims Obama.

In a state visit to Israel President Obama has expressed dismay at the continual use of missiles in the conflict, saying, 'they are a totally inefficient device of murder.', Touring the destruction,...

Hooch 22.03.13 9:53pm
50+ adults re-live their youth by 'Swimming with condoms'

Whilst many of today's trendy youngsters dream of 'Swimming with dolphins' in US-style theme parks, the 50+ generation is increasingly remembering youthful days spent in local rivers and canals...

antharrison 22.03.13 9:42pm
Big Ben
Dawn French wins Churchill dog look a like competition

Take a look....

custard cream 22.03.13 9:38pm
4 suffer horrible death as Digby, biggest dog in the world, has a surprise shit 1
LensCap 22.03.13 9:37pm
The All New Jeni B